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Log Date: Saturday, Mar 14, 2015
Entry By: Carib Dancer Team



Air Temp. 75-80+ F

Water Temp. 75-77 F

Visibility 80-100+ft



Captain Dennis

Instructor David

Instructor Celeste

Instructor Jacob

Chef Brent



Jim, Karl, Philippe, Roland, Noel, Michel 1, Norbert, Michel 2, Tony, Uta, Patrice



Sunday – Lobster No Lobster, Crab Mountain, Aquarium

Monday – Whales Tail Wall, The Wreck of the Austin Smith

Tuesday – Wall City, Jeep Reef, 3 Peaks, Parrotfish Reef

Wednesday – Danger Reef, Blacktip Wall

Thursday – Pillar Wall, Crab Reef, Madison Avenue, Washing Machine, Barracuda Shoals

Friday – Blue Hole


Saturday March 14th

After our guest boarded the Carib Dancer departed our home dock of Elizabeth on Bay for the Exuma Islands. Our guest enjoyed a smooth ride and a clear sky full of stars for the ride out to our anchorage just off Highborne Cay in the Exuma Islands.


Sunday March 15th

Our first stop of the week was Lobster No Lobster, where we enjoyed bright colorful Coral and Sponges, Stingrays, Snappers, Trumpetfish, Spotted Drums and Several Caribbean Spiny Lobsters. Next we made our way out into the Exuma Sound and Crab Mountain. With the clear water of the Exuma Sound, I was able to get some excellent video of guest while they explored Swim Thru’s and Canyons and a Wonderful Wall. One of the biggest surprises was a Great Barracuda about four feet in length swim very close to several guests and he did a quick look into the camera. My favorite part was as I was ended the dive with my dive buddy, one of the guest Jim we saw a Huge Caribbean Spiny Lobster, one of the biggest I seen around the Bahamas. He was just walking out in the sand not hiding from anything. See that huge lobster good way to end a fun dive. To finish the day we headed back to the Great Bahama bank and the dive site called Aquarium. There’s so much Marine Life on this site it really does feel like you’re underwater in your own aquarium. Guest swam up close to Lobsters, Stingrays, Jawfish, Angelfish and a couple of Caribbean Reef Sharks.


Monday March 16th

As the Carib Dancer was heading south towards our first dive site our guest enjoyed a very colorful sunrise over the Exuma Sound. As crew on the Carib Dancer we get the opportunity to enjoy a lot of Sunrises and Sunset, yet as other Sunrise was happening the crew stopped what they were doing and along with a few guest enjoyed todays Sunrise, a Great way to start a Monday Morning! Soon we were at our first dive site called Whales Tail Wall. One of my favorite times to dive is first thing in the morning so I was very happen to be on the schedule for this mornings dive. Of course I made the schedule, we won’t say anything about that for now. While underwater I guided guests through one of the longest swim thru’s we have in the Northern Exuma Islands exiting the wall into the Blue Clear Water around 90 feet. Then back up the wall near Black Coral, Elephant Ear Sponges and as our guest Karl notice Big Bright Purple Tube Sponges. As we were waiting for the last few divers to surface we notice just a few feet from the Starboard Side of the Carib Dancer a very large Loggerhead Turtle on the surface swimming towards a couple of diver near the yacht. The Turtle swam a couple of feet in front of the divers then slowly descended a feet away facing our guest, which was very nice. It was time for a little underwater excitement. We made way north to the Wreck of the Austin Smith where guest experienced diving with nine Caribbean Reef Sharks ranging from 3’ to about 6’ in length and come just inches away from guest. Plus we saw Nassau and Tiger Groupers, Angelfish, Trumpetfish and a young Spotted Moray Eel.


Tuesday March 17th

Tuesday on the Carib Dancer started with an early morning ride south to the Exuma Land & Sea Park and our first dive site Wall City. Wall City is a collection of several very high profile coral heads with small passageways between the coral heads, like walk ways between tall buildings in a city. These large coral heads sit on top of a magnificent wall. Guest enjoyed Huge Colorful Coral Heads with a variety of Marine Life. Because we were now inside the Exuma Park, which is a no take, no fishing, no shelling Marine Park the School of Fish Larger, Lobster, Rays and even Conch are bigger. After that wonderful deep dive on Wall City it was time for something shallow and the Best Dive Site for that in this area is Jeep Reef. The average depth for the Bright Colored Corals of Jeep Reef is only about 25 feet; because of this shallow depth we were to enjoy long bottom times, some of the guest well over an hour. We were able to get pictures and video of Small Tropical Fish, Lobsters, Angelfish, Crabs, and even 4 Big Nurse Sharks lying side by side. The tide was starting to change and so it was time to depart Jeep Reef. We decided to head west to 3 Peaks Dive Site. As we pulled up to our mooring at 3 Peaks, a Hawksbill Turtle was on the surface. Seeing that Turtle before even getting secured to the dive site we felt it was going to be a good dive and it was. While underwater we saw, a multitude of Wrasses, Blennies, Hamlets, Nassau and Tiger Groupers and our Hawksbill Turtle that greeted us as we arrived. Only one dive at 3 Peaks, we set our sights of Parrotfish Reef for the late afternoon and night dive. We did see more then our share of Parrotfish but also enjoyed a Beautiful Shallow Coral Reef and lots of Creatures. Just a few of the Creatures we encountered were Red Snapping Shrimp, Pederson Cleaner Shrimp, Star Horseshow Worm and a couple of Bearded Fireworm. With the reef just under the Carib Dancer guest enjoyed a Huge Variety of Marine Life while spending a lot of minutes exploring Parrotfish Reef.


Wednesday March 18th

Before leaving the first land and sea park to be established in the world, back in 1958 we visited one more dive site called Danger Reef. The dive site is named after Danger Cay, which is located near a passageway from where vessels can go to and from the Exuma Sound and The Great Bahama Bank. Because of the shallow reef around Danger Cay boat Captains need to know the area. The reef itself is beautiful with many high profile coral heads to swim around. When exploring around these high profile coral heads we always see a variety of creatures and visited by large Black Grouper, Schools of Horse-Eye Jack, Snappers and several Caribbean Reef Shark. We could spend all day diving this area. One of our guests Uta came up from the dive with a big smile saying they just videoed a Turtle eating for 20 minutes, then was followed back to the Carib Dancer by a Shark, which is an excellent way to start the day. Blacktip Wall was our first afternoon dive where we enjoy swim thru’s and canyons and hundreds of creatures. We never know what we will see while diving Blacktip Wall. Most of the time it’s big animals and schools of fish, which we always love seeing. But when we take the opportunity to slow down underwater we experience diving with creatures were Beaded Anemone, Fireworm, Red Night Shrimp and Channel Clinging Crabs.


Thursday March 19th

Pillar Wall is where guest and crew started exploring for the first dive on this terrific Thursday. I always enjoy diving Pillar Wall, it must be the Black Coral Fans, Colorful Elephant Ear Sponges, Queen Angelfish, Mackerel and Schools of Atlantic Spadefish. After a long dive on Pillar Wall we headed north to Crab Reef where we saw Secretary Blenny, Bluehead Wrasses, Scrawled Cowfish and other Marine Life including Crabs. Continuing on a northern heading the Carib Dancer next stop was Madison Avenue. Our guest, Pat, needed a dive buddy so she joined me on Madison Avenue to help search for small things in this large underwater world. We saw a lot in our long dive, marine life such as Yellowhead Jawfish, Queen Angelfish, a few Caribbean Spiny Lobsters, Medusa Worm and Spotted Moray Eels. It was time for a drift dive and the best drift dive in the Exuma’s is the Washing Machine. As we enjoyed the ride through the Washing machine part of the drift, everyone enjoy watching the Marine Life on a slow drift over Basket Star Reef. We ended the day on Barracuda Shoals. Diving barracuda Shoals during the day is great but diving this site at night is Amazing! We saw the normal nighttime creatures plus, Eels, Lobsters, Sharks, Squid and Octopus. And top it off one guest said they saw a Turtle as they finishing the dive.


Friday March 20th

The Blue Hole was the last dive of the week. A list of just some of the marine Life we hile diving the Blue Hole were several Stingrays, Roughfile Clams, Atlantic Thorny-Oysters, Hundreds of Fish, Spotted Moray Eel and a Huge Loggerhead Turtle.


The Crew would like to Thank Everyone For Joining Us On The Carib Dancer In The Bahamas!!!


Hope To See Everyone Again Soon…


Best Fishes,


Carib Dancer Crew