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Belize Aggressor III :


Log Date: Saturday, Mar 14, 2015
Entry By: Belize Aggressor III Crew


Belize Aggressor III Captain’s Log

Mar 14-21, 2015




Avg. Sea State: light chop to choppy

Avg. Winds: 10-15knots

Avg. Water Temp: 79F

Avg. Air Temp: 86F

Avg. Visibility: 100ft +



Capt. Jay

Capt. Chris

Chef Anna

Stewardess - Vanessa

Engineer - Fermin

Divemaster - Max


Sun Mar 15, 2015

Sandy Slope & Long Caye Wall:

The week started off with a sighting of 3 Eagle Rays in formation, and then a solitary Eagle ray gliding over the sandy bottom…what a welcome our guests got to Belize! We also saw several flounder in the sand, 2 hawksbill turtles, a lot of lobster, some squat anemone shrimp, yellow headed jawfish, spotted drum, neck crabs, Nassau groupers, creole wrasse and bar jacks.


Mon Mar 16, 2015

Half Moon Caye Wall & Long Caye Ridge

Today we saw 3 Caribbean sharks while an Eagle ray swam above as the sharks circled around. In the sand and grass beds we found southern stingrays, flapping dingbats, pipefish, pipehorse, and we managed to do a selfie with a friendly Nassau grouper.


Tuesday Mar 17, 2015

Blue Hole & Dos Cocos

We spent our morning visiting Half Moon Caye, where we checked out the nesting grounds for the Red Footed Booby birds. We did a dance off with a booby bird that was flapping its wings around. Then we headed over to the Great Blue Hole Free to check out this World Heritage Site. At Dos Cocos we encountered a free swimming moray, mating trunkfish and durgeons, hawksbill, black corals, gorgonians, creole wrasse, mackerel, rainbow runner, tarpon, lots of barracuda, scorpionfish, mackerel, and jacks.

Wednesday Mar 18, 2015

Site X & Cathedral

Wednesday we had fun with turtles. A little hawksbill swam amongst the crowd of divers and hung out for a little while. It allowed us to take selfies with it and even dropped down and sat on Capt. Chris’ fins. We also saw some Eagle Rays, morays, flounders, sponges, and a Caribbean Reef shark down the wall.


Thursday Mar 19, 2015

Chain Wall & Painted Wall

If Wednesday was fun with turtles Thursday was fun with sharks and rays. We saw a total of 3 Caribbean Reef sharks swimming together and 4 separate sighting of Eagle Rays. The sharks and 1 Eagle ray let us get up close and personal…very exciting dive! We also saw some southern stingrays and an octopus on that dive.


Friday Mar 20, 2015


Friday we finished off the week at Quebrada with a pre-breakfast and post-breakfast dives before heading back to the dock. We got to see the early morning transition of marine life waking up with the sunrise. There was a shark off the wall, a little hawksbill just waking up and heading up for a breath of air, moray eels, lots of creole wrasse scurrying about, and all the angelfish, parrotfish, jacks, wrasses, snappers, groupers, hamlets, and damselfish making the reef come alive.


Congrats to Beth and Roy on getting Nitrox certified, and congrats to our IRON DIVERS, Cliff and Phil.


Thank you from the crew of the Belize Aggressor III. Hope to see you again soon…EAT, SLEEP, & DIVE!