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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Mar 21, 2015
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Charter 21-28 March 2015

Air Temp: 80-85 degrees F

Water Temp: 70- 82 F/ 27-28 C

Exposure Suit: 3mm full to Board shorts

Saturday. A hot sunny day in Cayman as 16 out of 18 guests arrived for the start of an Epic vacation aboard the Cayman Aggressor IV. Welcome to all, a lot of newbie live aboard divers this week – prepare to be spoilt! The Beer Cooler was quickly discovered as folks settled in, set their gear up and got to know each other. John forgot to pack his Mask – they are not called the Abysmal Eight (Four) for nothing! Two frequent flyer Cayman Aggressor Addicts Doug and James missed their connection, and we have some missing luggage! No problem mon, we will get them on Sunday. A welcome briefing and a delicious BBQ dinner as the sunset across Georgetown.

Sunday, Setting off early in the morning to Seven Mile Beach, and the wreck of the Doc Poulson. A picturesque tugboat in 50ft of sand, lots of healthy soft corals and sponge life, head shield slugs in the sand, an eagle ray, a turtle and a moray eel. The perfect start to super week. Now the gills are wet let’s check out a big wreck, the Kittiwake. The Disney of Wrecks, purpose sunk 4 years ago, she is a diver’s playground. Openings everywhere, easy entries and exits, plenty of interesting items left in the wreck to pose with and the search for the Aggressor Fleet plaque. Congrats to eagle eye Rob! Just as lunch was served, some luggage turned up YAY, very happy Dawn, and the two Canadians finally arrived in dinghy style! Sting Ray City here we come. The most fun 12ft dive you will ever do. Perfect conditions, flat calm, clear skies, crystal clear water. Everyone had a great time, Alain acquired a lasting memory from a particularly friendly ray, we had a good dozen rays scooting all around us, and a few natural ray wranglers made for great photos and video! Pull that anchor up and let’s head to Little Cayman.

Monday, after a beautiful overnight crossing, we awoke to the smell of bacon and pancakes on Little Cayman. Randy’s Gazebo was our first splash on Bloody Bay. Natural chimneys inviting you inside, to drift down and out on the wall at 100ft. A Nassau grouper inspecting us all as we made our way towards the Gazebo. Giant sponges, Lobsters and Huge Channel Crabs delighted photographers. The top of the wall in only 35ft bathed in sunlight and color, lettuce leaf sea slugs abound and reef life in full swing. The Meadows and Shark encounters were the topic of the afternoon. Exploring natural caverns under the reef, reef sharks escorting us, Nassau Groupers being cleaned and not caring about cameras almost in their mouths. Fun Fun Fun.   First night dive of the week and Blood Worm madness!!, slipper lobsters, crabs, shrimp, baby squid and sleeping turtles to be topped off with hot towels and a hot chocolate with rum mmm mmm.

Tuesday, after a solid nights sleep, we awoke refreshed and ready to dive Lea Lea’s Lookout. An island of coral just off the wall, sponges and tasty morsels turtles love to eat, squid and The Great Room, spectacular as always and a well fed Green Moray Eel in a cleaning station!  Thanks Alan again for a delicious lunch on the Sundeck to set us up for siesta time before the next site. Dropping in on Marilyn’s Cut, working our way along the edge of the wall all the way up to the junction of Bloody Bay and the Jackson Bight – big topography change! Free swimming Green Moray, Black and White Eel, turtles, Grover the Grouper in fine form and an Octopus right under the ladders happily devouring a Conch, in the middle of the day! 3 Fathom Wall was an aquarium as always. Schools of Snapper, Grunts and Chubbs all combine to make this an amazing dive. A Sunset Dinner cruise to Cayman Brac and a night dive on the Wreck of the Russian Frigate. Octopus! Giant Channel Crabs, a Slipper Lobster, Scorpion Fish Almost everyone got in on this dive and one word WOW.

Wednesday, We spent the morning diving and exploring the Wreck from the night before. Amazed at where we were last night. But by day we can penetrate this wreck, carefully going through both sections of the hull. A very chilled out turtle made an appearance, Oscar the Goliath Grouper was also about. Fun shots with the guns and the ever-beautiful sponge life. Congratulations and a Cake for Paul who knocked off his 100th Dive on the wreck this morning! Burgers fresh of the Grill as we motored back over to Little Cayman. Bus Stop! Drifting down a sand chute under the reef to emerge out through a curtain of sponges into the blue, a quick scan around to find our hosts, yes, there they are, three sharks patrolling the wall. Some great Shark activity on the dusk dive, some close encounters were had, apparently James looked a little nervous! Yellow Headed Jaw Fish and the famous Sailfin Blennies provided endless entertainment in the shallows.

Thursday: Wake up calls at 5:45am! Yes a Dawn Dive J Nancy’s Cup of Tea, the best way to wake up in the Cayman Islands, underwater with the Sharks, Black Corals, reef life slowly waking up. Hunting ancient anchors now part of the reef. Before you know it you are surrounded by fish and you have no idea where they came from. Another Nancy’s dive after breakfast then it’s off to our final stop on Little Cayman –Great Wall. Bloody Bay Wall at its best. The steepest and sheerest wall you will dive. Covered in an array of sponge life, black corals, a yellow coney was spotted, turtles an eel, and of course Freddy the Grandfather of Cayman Groupers! Two perfect dives, with a last lingering look over the wall, we all reluctantly made it back on board, stowed gear away and headed back to Grand Cayman.

Nooooo! Friday already. As always, Friday comes far too quickly. But we still have two dives. First dive of the day is on Big Tunnels, a crew favorite. Giant Archways and tunnels through the reef, tarpon and a turtle mecca. Can we please stay? Devil’s Grotto, is our farewell dive of the week, an iconic Cayman Site. Where it all began. Shallow swim throughs, natural light filtering down illuminating schools of Tarpon. A great spot for nudibranchs and scorpion fish. The perfect way to end a perfect week of diving in the Cayman Islands on board the Cayman Aggressor IV.

Thank you everyone, for making the effort and coming down to spend your week of diving with us. A really fun group, great to have 4 of the Abysmal Eight on board, Ron and Ronnie and great father son dive team, all the Canadians, Dawn and Rob, the girls.. thank you to all. Well done to Tom and Michelle for using a bit of Grey Matter and completing your SSI Nitrox, Paul on logging his 100th Dive with us. A special mention to John, Robbie and Tom.. who finally figured out that Scuba Diving is much easier with Fins on!   Thanks for bringing the perfect weather and for cleaning out the Beer Cooler! We will see you all again one day to Eat Sleep and Dive on the Cayman Aggressor IV.

Safe Travels and Diving

Capt and Crew

Cayman Aggressor IV.