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Log Date: Monday, Mar 16, 2015
Entry By: Komodo Crew


Komodo Dancer

Captains Log March 16 - 26

Captain: Kasim

Cruise Director: Rob

Steward: Rizal

Chef: Totok

Guests: Bill, Lisa, Klaus, Astrid,

Kerstin, Henrik, Dee, Wendy,

Gabriele, Linda, Doryce, Jeff, Ed,

Diana, Edwin, Lisa


Tuesday: Lahsera, Manta Alley, Padar Bay

Wednesday: Cannibal Rock (West), Rodeo, Cannibal Rock (East), Torpedo Alley

Thursday: Yellow Wall of Texas,

Cannibal Rock, Grandmas, Dragons Reef

Friday: Secret Garden, W Reef, Padar Bay

Saturday: Batu Balong, Makasaar, GLD Passage, Spanish Slope

Sunday: Crystal Rock, Castle Rock, Lighthouse Reef, GLL Bay

Monday: Rollercoaster, Rollercoaster 2, K2, Circus

Tuesday: Shotgun, Makasaar, Wainilu

Wednesday: Tatawa Besaar, Honeymoon Rock


Monday May 16

Air Temp: 32

Today is arrival day onboard the

Komodo Dancer and we have 16

wonderful guests from the USA and

Germany. It was late afternoon before everyone

was onboard and we were ready to

sail so no diving today but with great

excitement we headed south towards

Langkoi the southernmost tip of

Komodo Island.


Tuesday, 17th March

Air Temp: 30-31

Water Temp: 28

Visibility: 20

Overnight we anchored in Lahsera

our location of our first check dive of

the cruise. The first team in the water

did extremely well with dolphins,

napoleons, turtles, giant moray and

schooling Jacks. A great check out

dive for all in calm warm water with

great visibility.

During breakfast we headed to

Langkoi and Manta Alley the location

for our next two dives of the day. We

had two incredible dives in crystal

clear warm water. Sadly the mantas

were not about but on a reef as

exquisite as this it was no great loss

and all divers surfaced with huge

We then headed north to Padar Island

the location of our night dive. Padar

Bay never disappoints and tonight was

no exception. Highlights were

cuttlefish, Devil scorpion fish, marble

rays, Spanish Dancer, white tip sharks

and an array of nudis.  


Wednesday, 18th March

Air Temp: 31

Water Temp: 28

Visibility: 20+

In the early hours of the morning we

headed east to the south of Rinja

Island to a bay known as Horse Shoe

Bay. We began our day diving the signature

dive of the area Cannibal Rock an

incredible site full of life. Highlights

were frogfish, an array of nudis,

Hawksbill turtles and white tip reef

sharks. After breakfast we boarded the

tenders and went close to shore to

visit the Komodo Dragons. A truly

unique experience and an ideal

opportunity to photograph these

incredible reptiles that are found

nowhere else in the world. We also

got some incredible pictures of white-

bellied sea eagles and Brahminy kites

swooping down and collecting bits of

fish the crew threw to them.

We then dived Rodeo and it was our

guests first experience of current in

Komodo. A great dive site highlights

again were white tip reef sharks, nudis

and Banded Sea Snakes.

Due to popular demand we then

dived Cannibal Rock once again seeing

everything we had seen before as well

as Giant Travelly, red sea apples,

scorpionfish and so much more.

Our night dive on Torpedo Alley was

highly successful and full of seahorses,

rays, decorator crabs, cuttlefish,

carrier crabs and hunting Lionfish.


Thursday, 19th March

Air Temp: 32

Water Temp: 28

Visibility: 20+

We began our day diving Yellow Wall

of Texas a great wall dive littered with

Crinoids. A spectacular dive full of life

was enjoyed by all.

Our second dive was at Cannibal rock

a firm favorite with guests and crew

alike and nobody was disappointed.

We saw an array of nudibranchs,

painted lobsters, stonefish and an

enormous jellyfish.

We then dived Grandma Bang a great

site with large cuttlefish, turtles,

nudibranchs, scorpionfish and ribbon

After another visit to see the dragons

on the beach and a wonderful sunset

it was time for our night dive on

Dragons reef. A fun dive with slipper

lobsters, nudibranchs, cuttlefish,

crustaceans, conga eels and so much


Friday, 20th March

Air Temp: 32

Water Temp:


In the early hours of the morning we

headed north towards Padar Island

the location of todays diving. We

began diving at Secret Garden an

incredible dive with a slope turning

into a mini wall highlights were Giant

Frogfish, Mantis shrimps, blue spotted

rays, marble rays and nudibranchs.

We then dived W Reef, 3 submerged

pinnacles with highlights being white

tip reef sharks, ribbon eels, giant

morays, giant frogfish and a host of

other marine life.

After lunch we decided to dive W

Reef once again and continued to have

as great a dive as we had earlier in the

After an afternoon snack it was time

to visit the island and take a walk to

the Pink Beach a great hike on a

beautiful deserted beach.

We then geared up for our night dive

at Padar Bay highlights of which were

Spanish dancers, solar powered

nudibranchs, cuttlefish and free

swimming slender tailed eel as well as

a giant tun and decorator crabs.


Saturday 21st March

Air Temp: 32

Water Temp: 26-28

Visibility: 20-25

We began our day diving Batu Balong

an incredible pinnacle dive on a mind

blowing reef absolutely full of life.

Huge schools of Antheas, Giant

Trevally, groupers, white tip reef

sharks, Napoleons and orangutang

We then headed to Makasaar Reef in

search of mantas. Nobody was

disappointed as all teams saw between

20 and 30 mantas each. It was a

privilege to dive with Diana (USA)

who had never seen a manta before

to share her excitement is why we do

what we do on board the Komodo

Dancer. During lunch we headed north to Gili

Lawa Durat the location of our next

two dives. After lunch we dived GLD

passage a nice drift ending with

incredible coral, highlights were leaf

scorpionfish, ribbon eels, sorpionfish

and large schools of various reef fish.

We then did a hike for those with the

energy to the summit of GLD. Breath-

taking scenery and a glorious sunset.

Our night dive was on Spanish Steps a

great dive with Spanish Dancers,

decorator crabs, Longfin Squid and

Green Turtles.


Sunday, 22nd March

Air Temp: 33

Water Temp: 26-28

Visibility: 20-25

We began our day diving Crystal Rock

and Castle Rock two pinnacle dives

with big schools of snappers, Trevally,

Sweetlips and tuna other highlights

included, white and black tip reef

sharks, grey reef sharks, pygmy

seahorses and so much more.

After lunch we dived Lighthouse Reef

an incredibly beautiful coral slope with

great nudibranchs, cuttlefish, white

and black tip reef sharks, Jenkins rays

and marble rays.

We then did our night dive at GLL

Bay highlights were crustaceans,

nudibranchs and a bobtail squid.


Monday, 23rd March

Air Temp: 33

Water Temp: 25-28

Visibility: 12-20

In the early hours we headed to Banta Island the location of todays diving.

We began the day diving

Rollercoaster 1 and 2. A great drift

with notorious up and down currents

on a superb wall. Highlights were

ornate and robust ghostpipe fish,

longfin squid, pygmy seahorses and

orangutang crabs.

After lunch we dived K2 a superb wall

and slope dive highlights were leaf

scorpionfish, ornate ghostpipe fish and

Our night dive was at Circus where

we hoped to find Stargazers and we

were highly successful. Other

highlights included Bamboo cat sharks,

bobtail squid and a variety of free

swimming morays.


Tuesday, 23rd March

Air Temp: 32

Water Temp: 26

Visibility: 15-25

We woke up back at GLD ready to

dive the famous drift dive known as

Shotgun highlights were spotted eagle

rays, many cow tail rays, a manta,

marble rays and black and white

tipped sharks.

We then due to popular demand

went back to Makassar where we dive

with innumerable mantas.

We then headed to north rinja and a

site known as Wainilu the location of

our 3rd as well as our night dive. A

muck diving site with highlights of

devil scorpionfish, file fish, ornate

ghostpipe fish, cowfish, blue ring

octopus, frogfish, nudibranchs and a

wide array of blennies and gobies.

Surely a critter lovers paradise.


Wednesday, 25 March

Air Temp: 33

Water Temp: 26-27

Visibility: 20-25

We began our final day of diving at

Tatawa Besaar a superb drift across

incredible coral. Highlights were

Mantas, crocodile fish, cuttlefish and a

never ending array of reef fish.

We then headed to Honeymoon Rock

a pinnacle dive and the location of our

final dive of the cruise. Highlights

included crocodile fish.

We then had lunch and a rest before

our hike on Rinja island with the

dragons. After this it was time to

return to Labuan Bajo as sadly this

great trip has come to an end. Many

thanks to our wonderful guests for

making this trip truly special.

IRON DIVERS: Dee, Linda and Astrid

well done ladies.