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Log Date: Saturday, Mar 28, 2015
Entry By: Captain Dennis


Carib Dancer Captains Log 28 Mar - 4 Apr 2015

Air Temp.  72-78+ F
Water Temp. 75-77 F
Visibility 75-100+ft

Captain Dennis
Instructor David
Instructor Celeste
Engineer Jacob
Dive Master Ramon
Chef Patricia

Esteban, David H., Robert, David F., Rebecca, Kim, Denise, Jody, Stella, Richard, Jeff, Chad, Margot, Alexandra

Sunday – Lobster No Lobster, Crab Reef
Monday – Cut-N-Run, Hole In The Wall, Tunnel Rock
Tuesday – Cobia Cage, Cave Rock, Split Coral Head
Wednesday – Monolith, Cut Thru City, Austin Smith
Thursday – Pillar Wall, Closemon Reef, Plane Wreck
Friday – Barracuda Shoals

Saturday March 28th
The Carib Dancer departed her home dock of Elizabeth On Bay in the late afternoon for a smooth ride out to the Exuma Islands.

Sunday March 29th
Our first dive of this weeks adventure was Lobster No Lobster.  To start we did see Lobster, Big Caribbean Spiny Lobster.  We also saw Rays, Groupers, Colorful Sea Fans and Low Relief Lettuce Coral.  Fish like Threespot Damselfish, Blue Chromis and the Juvenile Longfin Damselfish were seen all over the dive site.  Next stop was into the Exuma Sound and Crab Reef where as soon as we moored up about 60 Horse-Eye Jacks gathered under the Carib Dancer.  We saw Queen Triggerfish, Sand Divers, and Yellowline Goby and even had a Sharks swim near.  

Monday March 30th
After the night dive last night the Carib Dancer made the short trip across the Exuma Sound to the Island of Eleuthera.  Our first dive site was Cut-N-Run where guest and crew enjoyed swimming around a huge anchor wedged into the top of the wall, encrusted with colorful corals and sponges.  Just a short swim away to the north we took pictures and video of us swimming around an old plane.  Diving Cut-N-Run was a Great way to start a Monday.  How did you start your Monday?  Next stop was Hole In The Wall.    The best way to describe this dive site is from the mooring pin, swim about 25 feet to the west and you will see a hole in the reef.  When you swim down into this hole you will exit through a Hole In The Wall about 90 feet.  The wall itself is covered with colorful corals and sponges like Bushy Sea Whips, Deepwater Sea Fan and Artichoke Coral.  And dont forget about all the fish we encountered.  To finish this Monday off guest enjoyed swimming around Tunnel Rock, where I took some excellent video of guest and Eels, Yellowhead Jawfish, Lobsters and Hundreds of Colorful Christmas Tree Worm.  Plus we saw a few Squid.

Tuesday March 31st
Diving the Cobia Cage, which sits just off Eleuthera on the edge of an amazing wall, is WOW!   The structure was is huge starting in about 15 feet of water and the bottom is anchored in about 70 feet, the cage is about 50 wide in the center.  It looked like we were diving around an alien spaceship.  There wasnt any Cobia in the cage at this time but we did see stingrays and lots of fish.  We dont get to dive the Cage and Wall here often so when we have the opportunity we splash on the cage.  After the cage we headed to Cave Rock which a shallow site that has an abundance of Marine Life on the rock and surrounding Coral Heads.  I took some video of countless Blue Chromis, Sunshine Fish and Juvenile Creole Wrasse.  We also had a Diamond Blenny that stayed out in the open on a relatively bare area, the gold head and diamond on the dorsal obvious.  Its always nice to find the small creatures and juvenile fish, which I enjoy, do most of all, but it was time to see a few big fish.  To enjoy these larger animals we headed the Carib Dancer south to Split Coral Head.  Our mooing on this dive site is between an Excellent Wall Dive and a Huge Coral head that is split down the center.  Because of the location that we are moored we can enjoy the wall and the sallow Split Coral Head, between the two are about 10 Caribbean Reef Shark that was swimming within a foot sometimes inches away from some of the guest and crew.  When it was al done everyone enjoyed the Sharks, so we stayed for another dive and night dive on Split Coral Head.  We saw Eels, Squid, Sharks, Filefish and more Hamlets then I could count.  But it was the Caribbean Reef Sharks that stole the show and made everyone excited.  

Wednesday April 1st
Before heading back to the Exuma Islands, guest and crew did a pre-breakfast dive on Monolith.  This is my favorite time to dive.  Finding a small place on the reef or in this case wall and just wait and watch the Reef System come alive with Marine Life.  Add in some Mackerel swimming by and a Turtle surfacing about 35 feet from the stern of the vessel and it made for a good start today.  While guest enjoyed a fresh breakfast by Chef Patricia we made way to our next dive site, Cut Thru City.  Here we can swim in an out of several swim thrus and canyons, plus enjoy the top of the wall with hundred of creatures and fish.  My favorite part is going in and out of the swim thrus and canyons, we can almost get lost.  We are on a wall so we just had to swim back the opposite way we started and there was the boat.  A Caribbean Reef Sharks came near as well as Cero Mackerel and a large school of Horse-Eye Jacks circling under the Carib Dancer.  But the find of the dive maybe even the week so far was the Batfish our guest Kim saw, Good Job Kim!  Everyone enjoyed all the Marine Life but they wanted to see a few more Sharks.  While the weather was in our favor we headed west back to the Northern Exuma Islands and The Wreck of the Austin Smith.  While diving the Austin Smith we encounter about 20 Caribbean Reef Sharks ranging in size from 3 to 6 feet.  These Beautiful Powerful Animals swam close, in some cases it seemed less than an inch away.  It was an Amazing dive, not only with the Sharks but Huge Black Grouper, Nassau and Tiger Grouper and Angelfish.  We also enjoyed seeing Tunicates, Varies Sea Cucumbers, Neck Crabs and Flattened Helmet Comb Jelly.

Thursday April 2nd
Enjoying the Swim Thrus and Canyons of Pillar Wall was how we started our morning.  Even on the big wall with Schools of Fish when we slowed down we saw Arrow Blennies, Spotted Spiny Lobsters, Lettuce Sea Slug and Spaghetti Worm.  But the Rare Find was by Stella & Rich at 103 they saw a Golden Hamlet, which is the Paul Humanns Cover Shot.  Closemon Reef was our next destination. Because of the amount of Soft Corals on this site, when diving Closemon Reef its like swimming through a Sea Garden. Delicate Spiny Sea Rod, Corky Sea Fingers and Angular Sea Whip were just some of the Gorgonians we saw.  We finished the day on one of the crews favorite dive site for late afternoon and night, the Plane Wreck off Ships Channel.  We have always encountered some a variety of Marine Life while diving the plane.  Today was no different for the guest on the Carib Dancer.  While exploring the plane wreckage and grassy area around we discovered Juvenile Gray Triggerfish, Porcupinefish, Lobsters, Measled Cowrie, Pipefish and a few Longsnout Seahorses.  Not to bad for a Thursday afternoon.

Friday April 3rd
Its nice when you can find that dive site that makes you feel your diving inside your personal aquarium.  Barracuda Shoals is one of those dive sites and thats where the guest and crew of the Carib Dancer finished an excellent week of diving in the Bahamas.  As we enjoyed this last dive in an aquarium like environment we saw Schools of Fish, Rays, Atlantic Pearl-Oysters and a few Red-Tipped Sea Goddess.  While divers were underwater we had a small Hawksbill Turtle came up to the surface near the Carib Dancer.  It was an excellent way to end a wonderful week of diving!

The Crew would like to Thank Everyone For Joining Us On The Carib Dancer In The Bahamas!!!  

Hope To See Everyone Again Soon…

Best Fishes,

Carib Dancer Crew