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Turks & Caicos Aggressor II (DR) :


Log Date: Saturday, Mar 28, 2015
Entry By: Turks & Caicos Aggressor Crew


Turks & Caicos Aggressor II
Captains Log
March 28 - April 4th, 2015

Air Temperature: 78 - 82 Degrees
Water Temperature: 78 - 79 Degrees

Captain: Amanda Smith
2nd Captain: Lowel ORourke
Engineer: Robert Smith
Chef: Ailsa Kelly
Driver: Shea Markwell
Stewardess: Eva Roman Castillo

Ladislava & Hubert, Jurgen & Britta, Andreas & Kerstin, Katharina & Mathias, Jens, Patrik, Diana, Carola, Peter, Sterrett & Janet, and Joan

Excitement fills the air as we prepare the boat for our final week of swimming with Humpback Whales. It has been a good season and we are looking forward to the last week with mixed emotion. Everyone is excited to go out, but none of us want it to be over. But, the show must go on.In the afternoon we greet our new guests aboard and show them where they will be set up with their gear, then take them into the vessel, and to their new homes for the next week. This week out guests include Ladislava, Hubert, Jurgen, Britta, Andreas, Kerstin, Katharina, Mathias, Jens, Patrik, Diana, Carol, Peter, Sterrett, Janet, and our returning guest, Joan. They all gathered together to get to know each other and the crew they would spend the week with, all getting along famously. Even this early we could tell it would be a great week.

Saturday after the safety briefing the guests were treated to Ailsas first meal. She prepared Chicken cooked in a mushroom cream sauce, Whole Grain Mustard Mashed Potatoes, and Steamed Broccoli.  That night after dinner many of the guests had retired to bed, and we left the docks to make our way to the silver banks. It would be a nine hour journey We had beautiful weather and flat seas for a peaceful trip.

The next morning we were still under way when the guests slowly started to awaken. They had a continental breakfast and made their way to the sundeck to watch for the north atlantic humpback whale. Around 9am we arrived at the mooring site and after getting tied up, the crew scampered around putting the tenders in the water and readying them for the weeks activities. While this was being done, Captain Amanda gave all of the safety briefings, and educational briefings. After a good lunch, it was times time for the first trip out of the week. This trip would give the guests a small taste of what would be seen during the week.

Through the week the guests would see a myriad of different whales and whale activity. one morning both boats joined together to trade off turns swimming with a singing male. The whale would sit in the water for 15-18 minutes at a time and sing while the divers floated and freedom down to get a closer look and to hear the amazing creatures song. This song is sung by all of the Northern Atlantic Humpbacks and over the years it changes so that at the end of a 7 year period the whole song has changed. It is unknown what the song is used for, but today it was successful at giving our swimmers an amazing experience. Another time one of the boats was able to witness a mother and a calf resting at the surface. shortly after coming across them the divers slid into the water and spent the next hour and a half swimming with the family. Eventually a male came along and nudged his way in, giving a little show to the swimmers before taking the mother and calf slowly away.

While swimming with and watching whales is always amazing, its not all the guests get to enjoy. Every Day Chef Ailsa would astound everyone with her international delicacies, Comforting and filling breakfasts, and creative afternoon snacks. Every evening as the crew prepared for dinner the guests and a different crew member would convene on the sundeck and watch whales as the crew member made their signature cocktail for an afternoon of cocktail whales. One afternoon the salon was even transformed into a mall with the guests able to get shirts, jackets, vests and other assorted clothing from our “boat”ique.

During the day however the guests were in awe of the majestic whales. Spending equal time on the tenders following the whales and watching them slap their pectoral fins on the water, as well as their flukes. Some of them would come to check out the boats. But the highlight is always watching the whales breach, some even followed by the calfs breaching over and over again. But the best moments of the week were the magical minutes were when we got everyone in the water to see the Humpback whales swimming in their natural environment. The whales would come close to the snorkelers and check them out, all while resting, singing, or playing.

This final week of whales for the season has been amazing, reminding the guests and crew alike why this is such a special place and why they are special animals.