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Turks & Caicos Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Apr 04, 2015
Entry By: Turks & Caicos Aggressor Crew


Air temperature:  78° - 82°
Water temperature:  78° - 79°
Visibility:  40 - 70 feet

2nd Captain:  LOWEL OROURKE
Engineer:  ROB SMITH

Kristen & Stephen, Stephen, David, David & Katy, Don & Rita, Shelly & Howard,Stephen & Mary Ann, Michael & Karen, Jorge & Patrice, Kay and Secil

Turks & Caicos French Cay, West Caicos, Northwest Point

After a calm crossing back to Turks& Caicos from our time spent in the Silver Banks of the Dominican Republic, we welcome guests for our first diving charter back. This week there are many old faces and a few new ones. Its always good to see old friends and make new ones. Once they get their equipment put away, they are shown to the cabins where they will sleep away the excitement from each days diving. We give them safety and yacht briefings, and then they got a good dinner with dessert before going to rest up for the next days excitement. We depart the marina late that night and by the time the guests awake the next morning we are anchored at French Cay, ready to start the weeks diving.

The first dive of the week would be Rock-N-Roll. The guests would see many Caribbean reef sharks, spotted eels, lobsters, and even an early morning turtle. Two dives would be done here so that guests can see all the site has to offer. The after noon dives would be the same. There would be 3 dives at the same site. Two during the day so the site could be learned, then a night dive. This is how the whole week would go. The after noon dive would be at G-Spot(named after the shape of the wall), where the guests would see spotted eagle rays, more sharks, more eels, and a couple huge Cubera Snappers.

As the week progresses we see more sharks and quite a few more eagle rays. After a day of diving French cay we move to west Caicos where the wall comes straight up to a nice sandy flat area. During the next few days we dove the Spanish Anchor, a site with a 200 year old anchor believed to be of Spanish origin. We also dove gullies, a site that has a few large sharks and the occasional Eagle Ray. Here the divers saw sharks, eels, puffer fish and a friendly turtle. At Magic Mushroom the group went to see the lobster hotel where they found 7 lobsters all packed into one coral tower. Then along the wall eels and many sharks were seen. One afternoon a small group took a snorkeling trip up the cove on west Caicos and was able to wander the shoreline while snorkeling. Here they saw a few lobsters, a giant barracuda, but mostly just had a relaxing swim by the beach.

Before the week ended we would move up to Northwest Point along Provo. Here they would dive the dome a large structure that was used for a pilot series of a reality game show many years ago. The show failed, but left us a structure that is encrusted with coral, sponges, and swarms with snappers, jacks, and this trip we even saw a giant old Puffer fish. The structure itself also has hundreds of blennies lining the sides. Its always fun to look at all of them poking their heads out to see what all the fuss is about.

We ended the week going back to Caicos shipyard and marina where the guests would lounge on the sun deck until a relaxing cheese and wine party with the crew. Then they would head off to a nice evening dinner on the island to get a little local fair. All in all it was an awesome first week back from the Dominican Republic.