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Log Date: Saturday, Apr 04, 2015
Entry By: Carib Dancer Team


Air Temp. 75-80+ F

Water Temp. 75-77 F

Visibility 75-100+ft



Captain Dennis

Instructor Celeste

Instructor Jacob

Dive Master Ramon

Chef Brent



Alice, Bruce, Kathy, Nicki, Chris, Paula, Denny, Patti and Karl



Sunday – Flat Rock, Aquarium, Crab Reef

Monday – Cut-N-Run, Hole In The Wall, Tunnel Rock

Tuesday – Cobia Cage, Cave Rock, Krackin

Wednesday – Monolith, Split Coral Head, Jake’s Hole

Thursday – Cut Thru City, Austin Smith, Barracuda Shoals, Plane Wreck

Friday – Blue Hole


Saturday April 4th

The Carib Dancer departed her home dock of Elizabeth on Bay for the Exuma Islands. As we headed east we were traveling directly towards a very bright full moon along with the calm seas made for a wonderful night on the water.


Sunday April 5th

We started our first day of five dives visiting Flat Rock Reef, The Aquarium and Crab Reef. Between these sites we saw hundreds of fish and creatures as well a variety of corals.   We were able to get some good pictures of Bulb Tunicates, Harlequin Sea Cucumber, Channel Clinging Carbs, Stingrays, Lobsters, and a small Shark. Add several Nudibranchs and it was a perfect day underwater.


Monday April 6th

There are lots of things I enjoy about living and working in the Bahamas, one is when Mother Nature steps in with a little wind we have a huge variety of places and dive site we can chance plans keep diving. Today Mother Nature added a little too much wind from the east so the Carib Dancer, her guest and crew made there way east to the Island of Eleuthera. Eleuthera runs north and south so it gives us great protection from those east winds. Seas were calm, visibility good and our first dive we splashed was Cut-N-Run. Guest and I were able to get some good pictures of the plane wreck as well as a huge anchor that encrusted into the top of the wall. Next we headed to Hole In The Wall. There are several things I enjoy about this site but my favorite is about 45 feet, swimming down into the hole on top of the reef and exiting at 90 feet into the Bright Dark Blue of the Exuma Sound. After exiting the wall slowly ascend the wall taking pictures of Colorful Sea Whips, Black Coral, Basket Sponges, Mackerel and A Huge Loggerhead Turtle. We ended the day with a late afternoon and night dive on Tunnel Rock. Tunnel Rock is an excellent site for Yellowhead Jawfish, Snappers, Ray’s lots of small creatures and another Big Loggerhead Turtle, plus an Octopus. Diving Tunnel Rock was a good way to end an excellent day of diving off the Island of Eleuthera.


Tuesday April 7th

The students of the local school in Eleuthera study the underworld that surrounds this beautiful island. The raise coral monitor the reefs and they raise Cobia. The top of the Cobia Cage starts in about 20 feet of water and the bottom of the cage is around 75 feet anchored to the sandy bottom. It also about 30 feet wide and when you look at this structure underwater it looks like a UFO. It wasn’t hat long ago hat the students finished repairing the cage from a storm so currently there are no Cobia inside the cage. However seeing this Huge Cage is worth the dive on it own, but we have Large Black Groupers, Roughtail Stingrays and lots of other Marine Life in the area, because a beautiful wall is a very short swim from the Cage. After the Cobia cage we headed to Cave Rock and The Krackin. We encountered Flamingo Tongue’s, Lettuce Sea Slugs, Fairy Basslets, Rosy Razorfish and more Snappers then we could count.


Wednesday April 8th

We enjoyed swimming along the wall at a dive site called Monolith, where we encountered Mackerel, Tiger Groupers and a couple of Sharks. After seeing and talking about Sharks for a few days it was time to see some up close. For that type of encounter we headed south to the dive site call Split Coral Head. When we dive Split Coral Head we can spend time on a wonderful wall or a huge shallow Coral Head that’s split down the center, which is also covered with hundreds of small creatures. Between the wall and the coral head is a sandy where we encountered about 9 Caribbean Reef Sharks that swam with in a few inches of some of the guest and crew. Everyone was very excited after spending some time underwater at Split Coral. We finished the day at Jake’s Hole, which is a very colorful shallow reef that is full of Marine Life. We saw several variety schools of fish, Too many to count of Channel Clinging Crabs, Spotted Spiny Lobsters, small Spotted Moray Eel, a Green Moray Eel about 4 feet in length and guest Paula saw her Octopus.


Thursday April 9th

We explored the Swim Thru’s and Canyons of Cut Thru City for a pre-breakfast dive. We really need to spend more time here, it’s too much fun, but we need to travel back to the Exuma Islands and The Wreck of the Austin Smith. Like Split Coral Head, The Wreck of the Austin Smith is where we encounter several Caribbean Reef Sharks. No matter how many times I do this dive I get excited to be in the water with these beautiful, powerful animals that swim inches away. They always swim near us so slow and graceful, they almost look like pets, but we know they are the real deal! The aquarium like reef system of Barracuda Shoals was where we spend the early afternoon. As soon divers entered the water from the Carib Dancer three Sharks greeted them underwater. Then it was Groupers, Snappers, Gobies, Blennies and Rays. Several guest said it right when they commented about just staying here all day. But the ide was changing and it was time to visit the crew’s favorite late afternoon and night dive, the Plane Wreck off Ship’s Channel Cay. We never know what we will see here and Spotted Drums were seen near the anchor line. In the grassy area, several Flame Box Crabs, a few small Gobies and Rays.


Friday  April 10th

We ended the week diving the Blue Hole. We always see a variety of Marine Life while diving the Blue Hole and today was no different. As an example I was doing some doing some minor adjustments on the mooring line when I look next to me was a Large Roughtail Stingray almost completely covered with sand and I didn’t see him until 10 minutes after I was there. Along the wall many Rough Fileclam, Spiny Fileclam and Atlantic Thorny-Oysters were easily found. We had Mackerel swimming overhead, Angelfish, Groupers and more Rays around the hole. It was a Fun Relaxing dive to finish our week in the Bahamas.


The Crew would like to Thank Everyone For Joining Us On The Carib Dancer In The Bahamas!!!


Come Join The Adventure And Explore The Bahamas With The Carib Dancer Crew!!


Best Fishes,


Captain Dennis & Carib Dancer Crew