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Thailand Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Apr 04, 2015
Entry By: Thailand Aggressor Crew


Thailand Aggressor Captains Log                    4 - 11 April 2015
Myanmar - Thailand

*Air Temp.  30c
*Water Temp. 28c
* Visibility 25m

Captain: Toi
Cruise Director: Gabriel
Assistant Cruise Director: Clive
Dive master: Niko
Engineer: Bao
Deck hand: Rong
Deck hand: Chon
Chef: Phorn
Chef: Vinai
Steward: Jin

Guests – Devin,Joanne,Michael,Karyna,Adam,Jennifer,Eric,Eric,Gary,Jim,Kim,Kathryn,Sara


Sunday – Richelieu rock
Monday – Rocky one, Shark cave, South flanker
Tuesday – Black rock
Wednesday – Frog rock, Fan forest pinnacle, Crayfish cave, Eagles nest, Western rocky
Thursday – Eagles Nest Northern rocky.
Friday – Tachai pinnacle, Koh Bon

Saturday 4th April 2015
Our guests arrived around 17:30 so we got all passports sorted out, we set up the gear, welcome briefing then everyone headed to bed.

Sunday 5th April 2015
We all arose early for our 2 planned dives today as we need to head to immigration for our clearance, we decided to dive at Richelieu Rock and had a great couple of dives we saw our 2 resident Sea horses, then a large school of yellowtail Barracuda came cruising by and we were all amazed at the amount of jacks, there were hundreds. We also saw a cuttlefish laying its eggs. After our 2 dives we upped anchor and headed for Kawthaung…

Monday 6th April 2015
Our first dive we headed to Rocky , this site is one of the best sites on our trip for macro  and it never fails to disappoint on our first dive we found our 3 resident frog fish and 2 ornate ghost pipefish. The rest of our day we spent at 3 islets and had some great diving in the canyon and also on the sloping reef to the north we saw cuttlefish and squid in the shallows, one of our guests found a stingray sleeping in the sand and we found many species of morays, on the night dive we saw lobster and crabs out and about for the nights feeding after the night dive we upped anchor and headed to Black Rock for the day.

Tuesday 7th April 2015
Black Rock all day today this will be our last day at Black Rock this season and we all hoped for a great day, on our first dive we didnt see any Manta rays but this is not uncommon for the early morning dive, but one of our guides found 2 beautiful Ornate Ghost Pipe fish and we saw octopus and a school of Batfish along with a small school of Barracuda, sadly no mantas today but we had a great days diving with 5 eagle rays and two Black tip sharks came in close we also saw our 2 resident frog fish and then a new smaller one was found.. We only did 4 dives today as we have a long journey south for our days diving tomorrow.

Wednesday 8th April 2015
Our First dive of the day we headed for Frog Rock we hoped to find the very rare Pineapple fish that we found on our last trip here, and we were not disappointed it was in the same cave as last trip. We also found cuttlefish mating and a lot of morays out hunting. On our second dive we headed for fan forest pinnacle where we found Octopus and a lot of jacks. We then headed further south to Western Rocky  group of Limestone pinnacles. We had sot dive some awesome finds here with a Spiny Seahorse and a pair of Harlequin shrimps. For our night dive we did the North reef at Western rocky where we had some morays out hunting and some Lobsters out foraging for food. Our guests decided on an early night and we planned to Dive at Northern Rocky.

Thursday 9th April 2015
Only 2 dives today as we need to head to immigration, we decided to stay at the western Rocky group of islands and to dive the very east side its a sloping coral reef down to 30m or 100ft we were very lucky and one of our guides found a Juvenile  Pinate Batfish these are very rare in our waters and the first one we have encountered this season, we also found Harlequin shrimps again and a few nudibranchs, for our second dive we headed to Northern Rocky, the dive site was teeming with fish including a huge school of yellow snapper along with Oriental Sweeetlips and some Andaman sweetlips. After the dive we upped anchor and begun our journey to Kawthaung for our land tour and immigration.

Friday 10th April 2015
Our last day of diving today and we decided to start at Koh Tachai, We had a huge school of Big Eye trevally circle us then closely followed by a large school of barracuda, we also saw hundreds of Fusiliers that were swimming on the edge of a thermocline, for our second and third dives we decided on Koh Bon where we saw 2 large Napoleon wrasse then we were treated to a show by a couple of mating octopus, we also saw some Emperors feeding on glass fish. Our group all had a great weeks diving and we had many special finds. Tonight we have our slideshow and video show accompanied by our traditional BBQ.  

Saturday 11th April 2015
Time to go everyone… We had a great week with some amazing guests and we hope to see you all soon again.