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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Apr 11, 2015
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Water temp 81F/27C

Air Temp 82F/28C

Vis 100ft+

Charter 11-18th April 2015

Start your engines for another week onboard the Cayman Aggressor IV. We had the pleasure of being joined by 16 guests from the USA, Israel and even Egypt! (A special guest from the Red Sea Aggressor). Almost all were boarding the vessel at 3pm except for Mac & Dustin who missed their flight! No worries they got another flight and touched down in Cayman later in the afternoon. Once all guests were here we let loose the lines and headed out to West Bay, introductions, briefing and dinner on the way. Already this is kicking off to be an entertaining week, plenty of cheeky folks already giving the crew and each other a hard time. We love it.

Sunday, The Doc Poulson was our first site. The small tugboat shipwreck always provides plenty of critters and the resident green moray! Stingrays and garden eels in the sand, a curious turtle all make for a perfect start to a week of diving in Cayman. Hopping over to the Kittiwake, a two year old purpose sunk wreck in 50ft of water. A divers playground with easy entrances and exits throughout the wreck. Schools of silversides being chased by jacks and snapper, recompression chambers, engine room, crew mess, chart room… lots to see. Only time for one dive here then it’s off to Sting Ray City, the most fun 12ft dive you will ever do. Lots of rays today, ready to tussle with our divers for a piece of squid. A few lasting souvenirs and photos. Get ready for one more dive on Hammerhead Hill, North Wall of Grand Cayman. An impressive wall, with an enticing blue so watch your depth! A large green turtle delighted divers, lots of fish life and activity along with the knarly shapes and formations of sponges and corals. Back on deck, it’s happy hour and time to set off for Little Cayman.

Monday, After a wonderful crossing to little Cayman, we nestled into a spot along the infamous bloody bay wall, Randy’s Gazebo. First divers in make reports of a juvenile turtle munching on a sponge down below, the visibility was pristine on this wonderfully calm Monday morning. When divers surfaced again they had tales of friendly grouper that were able to be petted like the family Labrador.. WOW !! how cool is that !! . After 2 dives on Randy’s Gazebo we moved to a site called the Meadows for the afternoon and night dives. The Meadows produced close encounters with shark, turtle, eagle ray, and a couple of pipe horse in the sand. Jumping in for the night dive we found many critters creeping along the reef trying to hide from our lights.

Tuesday, After a short cruise along Bloody Bay we arrived at Lea Lea’s Lookout. What a beautiful site this is, a long Crevice cut into the reef heading out onto the wall, we were greeted by our resident friendly Grouper who just wanted to swim along with the group. Along we went until we cut back into the reef through an area known as the Great Room, drifting up through the swim through and back on top of the wall. We saw schooling neon damsels, two turtles having breakfast, several lobsters, and a school of file fish. After a delicious lunch on the sun deck we rang the bell again for our second site of the day, 3 Fathom Wall, which is the site that separates Bloody Bay Wall and Jackson Wall. The top of the wall starts at 18 feet. We cruised along the top and down a nice sandy swim through, leading out onto the coral encrusted wall, lots of schooling fish on this site along with a couple of sleeping rays nestled into the sand. Lo and behold right under the boat we came across a fully grown Loggerhead Turtle, eating all he could find on the reef, this male looked like he had just came in from a long journey, everyone experienced this 150+ year old creature and took many photos of him munching and kicking his fins all over the reef! He stayed around the boat long enough for us to alert those still onboard on the boat so they could jump in and take a look. This was by far the largest turtle that most of us had ever seen! Next up was a dinner cruise over to Cayman Brac, for a spectacular night dive on the Russian Destroyer, sank in 1996. A wonderful artificial reef, lots of sponges, sea fans and colorful sea whips. Among all the beautiful scenery we saw not one, not two but three octopus dancing along the wreck changing colors and trying to blend in with the wreck,all in all a great way to finish a world class day of diving!!!

Wednesday, A hearty breakfast of Eggs Benedict thanks Kingsley! Then time to splash in on the Wreck of the Tibbetts. Always impressive to see where we were diving the night before, daylight revealing all the ships secrets. An impressive view of the bow from 90ft in the sand, cruising through Havana Alley to surprise a small octopus, checking out the gauges and dials still in Russian, more turtles, and colourful sponges and fishlife living on the radar tower. A quick trip back to Little Cayman for a dive on Donna’s Delight, delightful!. A ‘cave’ recessed into the wall revealed not one, but two large green moray eels cohabitating. A shear yet lively wall, covered in sponges, of all shapes and sizes, black corals and a myriad of macro life if you take the time to look. Last stop of the day – Bus Stop! A fantastic place with a mini wall only 15 feet on the top, a sand strip called Shark Alley and the main wall with various swim throughs working their way under the reef to emerge out on the wall at 90-100ft. Reef Sharks, groupers, Yellow Headed Jawfish, Sailfin Blennies and juvenile flounders, trumpet fish and drumfish. So much to see.   We also had a dusk dive to experience the change in activity, last minute hunting, hiding, courting, a very busy time of the day underwater. Dinner and a glass or two of Vino as we’ve no more diving today.

Thursday, Super spectacular dive at 6am on Nancy’s Cup of Tea. Winding around the pinnacle to discover Sweetlips the Goliath Grouper! Two of our resident reef sharks were up and about very curious to see what the fuss was all about. Anchors dating back to the 1600’s embedded into the shallow side of the reef, schools of chromis and wrasse waking up and racing about, what a great way to start the day. For the folks who wanted to sleep in, not to worry, as we dived the same site again after breakfast. The final Dive site for this trip to Little Cayman was the very special Great Wall. Home to Freddy the King Pin of the friendly groupers. A couple of long relaxing dives to explore this sheer, straight, seemingly endless wall. Squid! Also an octopus who quite liked the look of Dave’s Go Pro, even tried to pull it into his lair! Great Footage! Time for Happy Hour and to set sail back to Grand Cayman.

Friday, Waking up on West Bay ready to dive Round Rock/Trinity Caves. Divers were rewarded with very different topography, cuts, overhangs and the maze of ‘caves’ open at the top, so lots of light filtering down. Some Eagle Ray pursuing was going on and lots of video action. Congratulations Ken on knocking off his 100th Dive this morning! A presentation followed the dive on the swim platform. Last but not least was Devil’s Grotto. Always a favourite of the week with long shallow swim throughs, large tarpon hanging about, plenty of schooling fish and lots of sunlight to make everything just pop!

Has it really been a whole week? All too soon we are heading back to the dock, rinsing our gear, filling in logbooks, lunch on the way. Cocktail Party and an awards ceremony before dinner and a night out on the town.

Congratulations to Kalia and Ken for clocking their 100th Dives with us. Thank you to all, a crazy mix of New York, Texas and Israel! A perfect blend for a fun week of Eating, Sleeping and Diving aboard the Cayman Aggressor IV.   Safe traveling and safe diving.

Cayman Aggressor IV Capt and Crew.