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Turks & Caicos Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Apr 11, 2015
Entry By: Turks & Caicos Aggressor Crew


Air Temperature  78 - 86 degrees
Water Temperature  78 - 80 degrees
Visibility  50-100 feet

Captain    Amanda Smith        
Engineer     Robert Smith
Video Pro    Kelly Currington
Photo Pro    Shea Markwell    
Chef        Ailsa Kelly

Sarah & Corey, Emily & Bruce, David, Bill & Michelle, Erik, Stefan, Kim, Don & Elaine, Shelly David & LInda, Tammy, Becky & Chris,

Northwest Point, West Caicos

This week we start the week at the Caicos Shipyard and Marina. The guests arrived all at once, a group from Ohio, and proceeded to get their gear set up before being shown to their staterooms and getting settled in.  After the safety and boat briefings they were treated to the first meal of the week. Ailsa created a great meal of beef tenderloin, with potatoes and vegetables. Once dinner was over the guests sat around for a little while chatting before heading off to bed. Early the next morning we sat off for our first day of diving.

When the guests awoke, we were close to northwest point along Provo. Our first dive would be at Eel Garden. Here the guests would check out their buoyancy and be introduced to the wonderful wall of the Turks & Caicos. On this dive they would see a couple sharks, and even a few eels. Here we did 2 dives before moving on to the dome. This structure was left behind by a failed reality show where swimmers had to free-dive into a cage and gather fake pearls then  exchange gathered bracelets for breaths of air so that they could stay down longer in order to collect pearls. Along the wall here there is a vertical swim though that we do our turn around on before making our way to the dome encrusted with lots of small creatures.

The next day we changed out day a little to give the guests a chance to do a dawn dive the dive site Black Forest / Amphitheater. As we jump in we would see many large lobsters out in the open then drop down along the wall. The wall appears to be dug out with a scoop where there is an area thats dug out and appears as a sitting area for a show of sharks and all the other large creatures that swim by. We would do another dive here and then go to Stairway where the divers would see a lot of sharks, and even a couple turtles wandering along slowly. During lunch we moved to West Caicos. This area has a more sandy bottom and often theres a lot of small critters in the small coral heads scattered. Our first dive would be at stairway. Here the guests would see a large Green Moray, and a large Broad Banded Moray. An odd eel that has a flat face with forward facing eyes. As we came back from the last dive of the day a group of 4-6 sharks would spend time swimming in and around the group, giving the divers quite a show.
The next morning we would dive at the driveway. The divers were treated to the site of a Jawfish with Eggs, Juvenile Spotted Drums, and spotted Morays. After a big lunch of Burgers Hot Dogs and Grilled Vegetables we went on our next dive, Brandy Wine. On this site is a giant anemone that is purple when you see it, but if you place a light on it changes to a brilliant pink. Here the guests saw lots of jawfish with eggs, sharks and french angel fish. During the night dive 2 of the guests tried the night sea lights with yellow mask cover. This is using black light to illuminate certain fish and coral. Its like using a black light in an aquarium, but you get to see even more.
When the guests awoke we would do a dawn dive where the divers would watch the reef and wall come to life as if watching a city wake up. When you go in its dark and the night creatures are out, but half way through they hide out and the morning crew comes out. We would do another dive there at Gullies where everyone would get to see sharks, turtles, and even a really small spotted drum. Then we would move to Magic Mushroom, so named after a piece of coral that jets out of the water and at high tide reveals the shape of a mushroom. The guests would spend a lot of time here looking for small critters in the sandy flats. Finding Jawfish, Squat Lobsters, Sexy Crabs, and on the large side, a few peacock flounder.

After lunch and the fourth dive, the boat and its guests made its way to finish the day at French Cay. An area that differs from the rest of the dive sites with corals littering the flats, giving creatures great and small places to hide, and feed. The first dive here would be at the G-Spot, so named for the shape off the wall. Here there are lots of sharks, both nurse and reef. on the dive the reef sharks came around, there were both green eels and spotted eels. The next morning we would do the same dive site again. Here we would see sharks again, a large turtle feeding and on the second dive of the morning a huge eagle ray would join the group. After lunch we would move up to 1/2 mile. So named because its a 1/2 mile from French Cay. Here the divers would see lots of eels, and schools of fish. A few sharks as well.

After the 3rd dive we would move back to West Caicos and dive a site called Spanish anchor. this dive site has a wonderful swim through that has a 200 year old Spanish anchor ornamenting the exit. along the wall are tons of lobsters and crabs. After the night dive here we pulled away and made our way up west Caicos and around to Northwest point to a divest called Shark Hotel. Early the next morning for the final dive the divers would get to see quite a few sharks(apparently they had not yet checked out), a couple rays, some more eels, and big puffer fish.

With the diving over, we headed back slowly to Turtle Cove Marina where some of the guests relaxed and enjoyed the sundeck, while others left to enjoy the splendors of Provo and go to the beaches and even a little shopping. The week would come to an end with a relaxing cocktail party to reminisce about the week. That night dinner would be on the island.  guests would go to relax in a waterfront bar and spend some last minute time relaxing. It was a great week, with great guests and fun was had by all.