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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Apr 18, 2015
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Water temp 82F

Air Temp 82F/28C

Exposure protection: Board Shorts and Rash Guard or Shortie Wetsuit

Vis 100ft+

Get ready for another awesome week of Cayman Islands diving. Our group this week came from around the USA and even one Australian. Great to see familiar faces back on board, Jenn and her Dad Ed, Dan, Joyce and John and Bill. Welcome back and warm welcome to the new folks. Once everyone was onboard and settled in, Captains briefing followed by some of the best BBQ Ribs on the island. Randy has attempted 4 times in the past to get to Little Cayman, weather keeps getting in the way. So this week we decide to head over on the first night. A great crossing all is well until Bob had a little mishap, so back we go to Grand Cayman to get this taken care of. A late night arrival back at the Dock, a few stitches and all is well. A few guests waking up in the morning thought that Little Cayman looked remarkably like Grand Cayman!

Sunday. With the change of plans the wreck of the Doc Polson was up first! A shallow tugboat wreck in 50ft of water with an easy 20 yards swim to the drop off. Plenty of critters around today, everyone enjoyed getting back into the water and getting wet a perfect spot to check those camera’s and for our check out dive! Stingray City. Was the afternoon site here we enjoyed 1 hour of hilarious fun! This was organized chaos at its finest however everyone had a great fun time with battle scars to prove it and Ed ending up winning a free T-Shirt for his hickey of the week! A short cruise east put us on Babylon. We all agreed this is one of the best dives in GCM with a shear wall and incredible drop off!

Monday. After a calm crossing we ended up on Bloody Bay Wall! Randy finally made it! In honour of the occasion our first site here is Randy’s Gazebo. All divers enjoyed descending into the blue, cruising the drop off exploring the chimneys and swimming through the archway several turtles, a yellow ray, nurse shark and plenty of reef critters. A slight current on the north side today, but the water was clearer than clear.. Incredible! Meadows was the afternoon site and what a great afternoon it was. 2 dives to enjoy the shallow reef top and explore the swim thrus. Cosmo the friendly Nassau grouper came by so did an eagle ray, several turtles, school of squid, and of course our reef sharks. The night dive produced all the usual suspects including channel crabs, sleeping turtles, lobsters, squid and of course octopus, not just one but three! What an incredible day of diving CAIV style!

  1. Lea Lea’s Lookout was our AM site. Here we get to enjoy the crevice that runs from the 20ft shallows out to the wall at 100ft! Today we had incredible visibility and a little current so the reef life was booming! Spotted drums, friendly groupers, schooling jacks, chubbs, chromis and tangs, more lobsters than we could all eat!! Another delicious lunch up on the sundeck, then jumping on in at the Mixing Bowl! Turtle Mania! Small and large all feeding on sponges and corals, happy for us to get close enough for great photos. Yellow Rays, Grover the friendly Grouper, a large green Moray Eel, schools of school masters and grunts, so much to see there is no need to travel far. A sunset dinner cruise as we made our way over to Cayman Brac and the wreck of the Koni Class Frigate for a super night dive, lobsters, Oscar the Goliath Grouper, two Octopus, giant Channel Crabs all looking for dinner amongst the large shipwreck.

Wednesday.   A special day dawning today, being the 10th Wedding Anniversary for Janet and David. Congratulations. What better way to start the 11th year off than a relaxing dive on the frigate sunk off Cayman Brac. Turtles feeding, stingrays hunting and lots of silly antics around the Gun Turrets! Burgers in Paradise as we motored back across to Little Cayman’s Bus Stop. At the end of lunch a very special small ceremony. Janet and David renewing their wedding vows with Dan conducting the proceedings.   David stopped sweating as Janet still said yes! Then a yummy wedding cake for dessert. Crystal Clear water with a lot of action. Reef sharks out on the wall, exploring swim thrus under the wall, Sail Fin Blennies were a highlight back in the shallows. A macro delight. A special dive tonight with a Dusk Dive, see the reef wind up to wind down for the day. Dinner and a few drinks, star gazing on the sundeck and cheesy dive movie night in the salon.

Thursday, An early pre-breakfast dive on Nancy’s Cup Of Tea was a great way to start the day and breakfast always taste So much better! The incredible “ Tea cup ” pinnacle shear wall, swim thru’s and a swim over to the old anchors made for a fun morning of diving! As did the turtles and very curious reef sharks coming in nice and close! Everyone got great shark footage! Sadly that time of the week is approaching and we have our last site on Bloody Bay Wall, The Great Wall is exactly that, a “Great Wall” a shallow 25ft top of the reef leads out to the shear vertical drop off down to 6000ft! Freddie the Labrador Nassau grouper came by, a spotted drum, turtle and a yellow spotted ray, a green eel and a black and white spotted eel! With perfect calm windless conditions we started the trek back home to Grand Cayman… for almost an hour we were entertained by a small group of Pilot Whales!! Yes you read that correctly J they were cruising under the bow, coming up for air and circling back for more… truly incredible.   What a way to top off the week.

Friday. Just 2 dives left to enjoy. Starting on the NW Point, Big Tunnels is a great place to check out the schooling Tarpons, amazing reef formations, archways and array of sponge and coral life. Another Tarpon hotspot and swim thru mecca is Devil’s Grotto - our last dive of the week. Always a favorite. All that’s left to do is wash our gear and get ready for a cold drink or two at the farewell party and a big congrats go out to Dan and his 500 Dives! Also to Janet and Dave on their anniversary. Thanks to D E and R Dive Adventures for choosing us again, it was great to spend another week with you all, thanks to everyone on board this week for making this another entertaining, safe week of Aggressor diving in the Cayman Islands.

Until next time……

Cayman Aggressor IV crew.