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Turks & Caicos Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Apr 18, 2015
Entry By: Turks & Caicos Aggressor Crew


Turks & Caicos Agressor II
Captains Log
18 - 25 April 2015

Air Temperature  78 - 86 degrees
Water Temperature  78 - 80 degrees
Visibility  50-100 feet

Captain    Amanda Smith        
Engineer     Robert Smith
Video Pro    Kelly Currington
Photo Pro    Shea Markwell    
Chef        Ailsa Kelly

Michelle, Steven, Debi, Kelly, Nikki, Robert, Jim, Dawn, Ron, Kevin, Mike, Allison, Janet, Rob, Carol, and Kate

Northwest Point, West Caicos, French Cay

This week we start at Turtle Cove Marina. It is scheduled to be a beautiful week and we expect some good diving as well. We head out for our first day of diving and start at a site called the Eel Garden. Its a beautiful site that we love to start at. It has lots of eels, usually a turtle and a giant anemone that this week is out in full right at the entrance to a large coach in the wall. We do two dives here and move to the Dome for the two afternoon and night dives. The dome is a structure that was left behind after a failed game show in the 80s. On this site we would go to the wall and swim along looking at decorator crabs, sharks, and finally come to a large vertical tunnel that divers like to swim up to see what is hiding in the cracks all the way to the top of the reef. Then we make our way back to the dome itself and see a ton of Gobys, a few puffer fish, and make our way through the overhead environment that is the dome seeing eels, bearded scallops, and lots of yellow snapper hiding in the safety of the dome.

The next day we move over to Boat Cove early in the morning so we get to West Caicos in time for an awesome dive. Here the divers would see a lot more sharks. They are super friendly around the islands and like to get close. There was also a large turtle and an Eagle Ray seen by a few of the divers. After 2 dives here we would move to Magic Mushroom. This site is named for a coral head that at low tide peaks above the surface and appears like a mushroom magically appearing. The group this week decided to rename it Peek-a-boo Coral. We had a pretty funny group this week. At the Mushroom (Peak-a-boo) the wall is amazing a shear wall with logs of fans and large sponges. Then after the wall you come back to a bearing of 155 degrees off the mooring pin and find lobster hotel. an 8 foot tall split coral head with lots of lobsters, a giant clinging crab and this week we found a golden tail eel peaking its head out of one of the holes. In the afternoon a couple divers would go down and had the most amazing experience of getting to see first a giant Eagle ray, which are fairly common in these parts. But then they saw an even rarer site, a giant Manta Ray. The rest of the week was abuzz with hope of seeing it again.

Again early the next morning we would move sites to Whiteface or Spanish Anchor. A site that is one of our signature dives because of a 200 year old anchor that is believed to be of Spanish origin due to there not being any chain on the anchor. Here we would get pictures of all of the guests with the anchor that is encrusted with coral. Its a beautiful shot and very memorable. After 2 dives here we do a move over to French Cay, the crews favorite part of the week. Here the sharks are bigger and more friendly. The life in general is more abundant and friendly. We would dive at Rock-N- Roll for the last 3 dives of the day. Here the divers were treated to sharks (always), a couple turtles, and overall a lot of life and healthy coral. In the morning the boat would move to 1/2 mile so named because its…1/2 mile off the island. The divers would get to see an eagle ray here along with more turtles, sharks, and even a few juvenile drums. That afternoon we would go to the G-Spot, a site named after a shape in the wall that resembles a G. and a lot of deep sea grogginess. Luckily everyone found it with no problems and was treated to the crews favorite dive site. Barracuda, eels, rays, sharks, More turtles and more sharks. Plus there were quite a few Jawfish with Eggs in their mouths which are always a cool thing to see. The divers also go in on the night dive and a select few each night are able to experience the night seas florescence dive where with a black light and a yellow filter over your mask you see lots of tiny nudibranchs that would be impossible to find otherwise. Plus you see so much more including corals that glow yellow. Its a really cool experience.

That night we would travel a couple hours back to west caicos and dive the next morning at Elephant Ear Canyon. This site is the captains favorite site. The wall is beautiful, but the crowning glory is in the sandy flats where we found 3 seahorses, a plethora of shielded sea slugs, and some pipe fish and pipe horses, both dives here were spent in the flats looking for the smallest things we could find. Everyone got to see why it is captain Amandaa favorite spot.
Then we would move to Gullies to finish up the day. Here there would be a ton of sharks, and a school of juvenile barracuda learning to hunt. We would also see another Eagle Ray here.

For the final morning we would make our way back to Northwest point to a dive site called the amphitheater. Here it looks like someone took a giant sized ice cream scoop out of the wall to create… an amphitheater. We did 2 dives here and on the second dive during the day as all of the divers were coming up. The divers got to see the favorite creature, a Caribbean reef Octopus. When they all came up they were excited and energized from seeing such an amazing animal.

The week ended wonderfully, we had a nice cocktail party and the guests all went off for a night on the island before heading home. We had a great week, the weather was great the guests were fun and the diving was great.