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Belize Aggressor IV :


Log Date: Saturday, Apr 25, 2015
Entry By: Sun Dancer II Crew


Sun Dancer II
April 25-May 2-2015
Water Temp: 82-84 F
Vis: 80-150 Ft
Weather: Wonderful!

Crew: Captain Eddy, First Mate John/ Engineer, Divemaster William Bubu, Divemaster Abelito, Chef Carlos, Stewardess Elia, Assistant Chef Barbara and Onboard Assistant Conway!

Dive Sites Visited:
Sunday: Long Caye Ridge and Julie Jungle
Monday: Site Y & Long Cay Wall
Tuesday: Chain Wall & Sand Box
Wednesday: Half Moon Caye Wall & East Cut
Thursday: Black Beauty & Johns Place
Friday: Front Porch

This week we welcomed our new friends aboard the Sun Dancer II: Stephen, Thomas, Robert & Theresa, Murat, Miguel, Clara, Cynthia,   Patrick, James, Philis who I dove with five years ago, Eric, a family of three Steven Karla &Jill, and Dr. Liz, who been diving with us for many years now, also Dr. Don Pivonka, if there is anything that we know about Don is that he still love our old leather Couch in between every dive.

They were all very excited to be here, as we were to have them, a great way to start the week meeting new friends and seeing those that had been with us four five times before, and are already planning their next stay with us. Everyone got their gear set up and settled into their staterooms while a special meal was prepared by Chef Carlos. After the safety briefing and crew introductions, the divers got to know each other better before enjoying a delicious meal in the beautiful salon area of the yacht.  

The Bliss of the first morning of the week, found many up and around enjoying the beautiful Sun rise at light house reef with the blue water of Belize sparkling and inviting everyone in to enjoy. Right after breakfast it was really impressive to see how quickly everybody was in their wet suits ready to go diving, and so the dive adventure for the week began.

We started with what we call a check out dive at Long Caye Ridge a special site that offers the opportunity to swim over and around sand or the beautiful reef and wall. We made sure that everyone was weighted properly and had a dive buddy, even though we knew they were all experience divers, but never the less we had two DM in the water and two DM on deck to care for all and any needs.

It all went as suspected great check out dive, they all got a chance to see some exciting sea creatures and admire the wonderful reef structures that this site had to offer, we had the privilege to swim with a few big Groupers and enjoy the beautiful soft corals along with all the Sponges and Schools of Creole Wrasses. The next dive we moved over to Julies Jungle where we had a great afternoon and night dive as well, here we saw a few Big Tarpons, A large Green Moray, Green Back Turtle, a few friendly Barracudas and a variety of macro stuff, so everybody was just as excited as before or even more.

The following day we dove at Site Y followed by Long Caye wall, these two sites offers the convenience for divers, to enjoy the Wall, flat sandy bottom or the crevasses, and some of the most beautiful soft and hard coral formation which was truly enjoyed by all this week. We saw Spotted Eagle Rays, Southern Sting Rays, Turtles, Green Morays, friendly Reef Sharks and so many amazing little creatures that were on every dive, including two big Lobsters that were out on the sand bottom marching around challenging and defying divers and whatever came along.
We offer a night dive every night as part of the charter, and there was much to see on this one, King Crabs, Squids, Lobsters, big Basket Stars and many other nocturnal creatures such as four to five foot Tarpons that come out and feed on the surface dwellers around the vessel, and occasionally over a divers shoulder as they will use a dive light as a snack spotter, and of course two really nice Octopus!

Tuesday morning we made it over to one of our favorite Island and dove at site Chain Wall, again this site lives up to its expectations, we had three Reef Shark that stayed with us for the whole dive, giving divers all the opportunity that was needed for Photos & videos. This was an awesome dive, we also saw two Spotted Eagle Ray, a few Southern Stingray, Hog Fish and Gray Engel Fish feeding in the shallow area, Sand Box for the afternoon was just a perfect way to end the day of diving. The night dive was one of the best for the week, the highlight on this dive was a very friendly Octopus, Reef Squid, Spotted Eel and a Scorpion Fish.

Wednesday we dove at Hall Moon Caye Wall & East Cut, the geography on these sites are a bit different from the others, with more possibility of encountering Spotted Eagle Rays, bigger Groupers, Barracudas, schools of three to four foot Midnight Parrot Fish, Sail fin Blenny, Pipe Fish, big Hermit Crabs in the sand and of course a Reef Shark here and there on the wall. We got to see Two Spotted Eagle Rays, many Stingrays with a Bar Jack next to their side with hopes of getting a free meal along with the Ray and thousands of Garden Eels, among all the different creature that was spotted, over all it was a brilliant day of diving.
For the rest of the week we venture over to the Island of Turneffe dove at Black Beauty, Johns Place & Front Porch, again much was enjoyed even the elusive Spotted Toad Fish, we also had a Green Moray free swimming around for just about the whole dive, what was even more impressive was to see a hundred year old Loggerhead Turtle gliding down the Reef Giving opportunity for photos and videos as he effortlessly move through the water, some even had the privilege to swim with bottlenose Dolphins. On the night dives little was left to be desired to admire. We all thought this was a great way for this week to end everything was just perfect, really hard to beat, There was harmony in the air and everywhere, and that my friend, had a lot to do with it all, so we want to thank you all in a very special way.  
From all the crew of the Sun Dancer II, we love you and hope to have you aboard with us again in near future. Thank you! And be safe, we will always remember you!!