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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Apr 25, 2015
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Water temp 81f+
Air Temp 80s
Vis 100ft+
Exposure Protection: 1-3mm wetsuit.  Shorts and Rash Guard!
With everyone on island and boarded by 5pm, it was the perfect recipe for a crossing over to Little Cayman.  There were lots of returnees this week with Drew, Kandie and Mike from Planet Scuba, and their gang joining us for a week of fun in the sun Cayman style.  BBQ dinner and the safety briefing before everyone settled in for a smooth over night cruise.  
 Good Morning Little Cayman, waking up to the Spanish Lake glass smooth, sea surface. Randys Gazebo was our first site and here we enjoyed descending into the blue, meeting the resident Nassau Groupers, cruising the drop off, exploring the chimneys and swimming through the archway  inhabited by a large nurse shark.  I think Bill is on a first name basis with the shark.  There were two turtles waking up and feeding on the reef, Wow, What a way to start the week.  Meadows is where the afternoon site and what a great afternoon it was. 2 dives to enjoy the shallow reef top and explore the swim thrus. Cosmo the friendly Nassau grouper came by so did several turtles, stingrays,  a two reef sharks and lots of fun was had  with a couple of Sailfin Blennies.  
 The early morning move to Lea Leas Lookout proved to be a GREAT ! choice, 2 dives on Lea Leas produced sightings of a large green moray eel hunting with one of our friendly groupers. Once we made it through the amazing swim thru, we cruised up and along the wall to find a couple of turtles munching on a sponge, GREAT photos all around for sure. During lunch we moved to a spot called Mixing Bowl/3 Fathom Wall.  All divers jumped in to check it out… Turtles! Turtles everywhere!!  3 hawksbill turtles and 1 green turtle were spotted out on the wall and in the shallows. Yellow headed jaw fish had their day on the red carpet with all the flash photography pointed their way.  What a glorious day underwater.  For dinner we set a course for the Captain Keith Tibbetts in Cayman Brac, for the night dive. WOW!! What a site to see at night, cruising along the stern of the ship we spotted 3 octopus out feeding, and cruising along one of the sponges was a very shy Engels Flabellina.
  Time to see the wreck by Day.  Everyone enjoyed a great dive on the Keith Tibbets, exploring in the daylight areas we could only imagine last night.   Crystal clear conditions, we could see the entire wreck from the dive deck, flat calm seas and clear blue skies. All divers enjoyed exploring the many different areas of the wreck. A tour through the Capt quarters, bridge, crew mess, engine room and control room gave everyone a good look inside the ship while still enjoying the missile launcher pad, bow and stern guns and radar mast. Back to LC for the PM dives.  Donnas Delight was a delight!  Turtles everywhere, even two large hawksbill turtles in a cave looking out over the wall.  Prime Real Estate!  Final stop for the day, my favorite site Bus Stop! You name it we saw it type of dive! Eagle rays, sharks, turtles, groupers, nurse sharks, stingrays, lobsters, channel crabs, green eels, spotted eels and Sail Fin Blennies!  A fun dusk dive with rivers of Creole Wrasse, more turtles and a Shark patrolling the wall just to make sure we all behave!  What another incredible day of diving CAIV style!
  A great turn out for the dawn dive on Nancys Cup of Tea!  We were met by Fric and Fro our Caribbean Reef Sharks drifting down and around the Pinnacle through the black corals.  Great shots and close encounters with these stealth like animals.  As the sun came up we found ourselves surrounded by more and more reef life, waking up and going about their business.    A few historic anchors embedded in the reef, a sleepy turtle and hungry divers!  Back on board for a well deserved breakfast, before exploring Nancys Cup of Tea some more.   The final site for Little Cayman was the “Great wall”.  Home to Freddy the original friendly grouper.  The wall here is truly incredible, covered in sponges, and corals in crazy formations.  Look left, right and down, seemingly never ending.  You cant leave Bloody Bay without a one on one session with Freddy, heart breaking as it is we have to leave him there, get back on board to make our way back to Grand Cayman.   But before we take off, we have a ceremony on the back deck for Amy, celebrating her 300th Dive!
  An action packed day, get ready for this.  Starting off at Babylon on the North Side of Grand Cayman with swimming pool conditions,  just a really big swimming pool!  The highlight here is the Pinnacle, we corkscrew our way up and around once, twice or three times.  Very healthy corals and sponge life, keep your eyes peeled for the big and small critters.  Hammerhead Hill is our next stop, one of my favorite walls.  Color everywhere you look, schools of reef fish swarming around the wall edges, a few lionfish, lobsters, a very friendly turtle not bothered by cameras.  Lunch on the sundeck before the most fun 12ft dive ever!   Sting Ray City!  Complete organized chaotic fun.   A dozen Rays came swooping in to check us out and put our divers through their paces.  Fun, Fun, and a few lasting souvenirs!  But wait there is more!  The wreck of the Oro Verde was for the late afternoon and night dive.  A scattered wreck, steaming with life, a green eel, lobsters, giant parrot fish by night and always octopus!   Fin, the super friendly nurse shark got close to Kandie!  Oh and Yellow Headed Jaw Fish with EGGS!
 Just 2 dives left to enjoy the first being the wreck of the Kittiwake. Plenty of places to explore with plenty of bottom time being that the deepest point is only 60 ft.  One last time to splash on Angel Fish Reef, a great spot for turtles, angel fish and our friendly Nurse Shark!  All thats left to do is wash our gear and get ready for a cold drink or two at the farewell party and a group dinner out on the island.  Congrats to Amy on clocking the 300th dive and Dottie knocking off her 400th Dive today!  Well done to Rob on completing his Advanced Open Water thanks to his Uncle Joe.  Thanks to Drew & Kandie and Mike from Planet Scuba, for bringing a wonderful group of divers again!  Thank you all for making this another wonderful week of Aggressor diving in the Cayman Islands
Until next time,
Cayman Aggressor IV Capt & Crew