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Aggressor Adventure Travel
Belize Aggressor III :


Log Date: Saturday, Apr 18, 2015
Entry By: Captain Jay Roberts


Belize Aggressor III - Captains Log Apr 18-25, 2015



Air Temp: 85 fahrenheit / 29 celsius

Water Temp: 81 fahrenheit / 27 celsius

Visibility: 60-100ft

Photos: © Jay Roberts



Captain: Jay

Instructor: Kenley

Instructor: Daniel

Divemaster: Max

Chef: Anna

Stewardess: Vanessa



…Anders, Harvey, Regina, Peggy, Julie, James, Carolyn, Amy, Vicki, Susan, Ross, Danielle, Patrick, Mary, Adam, Gary, Daniel, Shilpa


Dive Sites:

Sunday - Sandy Slope & Amberhead

Monday - Long Caye Ridge & Long Caye Wall

Tuesday - Blue Hole, & Painted Wall

Wednesday - Julie’s Jungle & Silver Caves

Thursday - Sand Box & Site X

Friday - Cathedral & Triple Anchors


Saturday Apr 18th

…18 guests from Sweden, United Kingdom, & the USA joined us for a fun filled week of diving aboard the beautiful Belize Aggressor III. Guests were greeted dock side around 3:00PM. Scuba equipment setup and each guest shown to their cabins. We had our welcome aboard briefing and champagne toast at 5:30PM.


Sunday Apr 19th

…Good Morning and let’s go diving!!! We started the week of diving on Turneffe Islands Atoll. Nice marine encounters with spotted eagle rays, hawks bill turtles, small yellow stingrays, the allusive spotted toadfish (endemic to Turneffe), squid, and octopus. Sounds like a lot for just the first day, but more to come. After the night dive we secured the vessel and traveled over to Lighthouse Reef Atoll.


Monday Apr 20th

…We spent the day on the West side of Long Caye diving the gorgeous walls, seeing plentiful marine life, and enjoying the hard coral gardens in the shallows beneath the BAIII. A nice logger head turtle was patrolling the wall accompanied by a couple reef sharks. The night dive was awesome with many nudibranch, crabs, squid, and octopus as is normal for a night dive in Belize.


Tuesday Apr 21st

…The weather just right, we motored to the Great Blue Hole for one dive into the depths. A couple of the divers having been to the Blue Hole before, decided to stay shallow and enjoy the reef next to the Blue Hole. For the afternoon and night dive we splashed in at Painted Wall. Always great diving with a few eagle rays, black tip reef sharks, another big logger head turtle, and hundreds of sergeant majors, bermuda chubs, and yellow tail snapper greeting the divers upon entry.


Wednesday Apr 22nd

…Another sweet day of diving. The divers enjoyed the swim throughs at Julie’s Jungle and the tunnels and passages at Silver Caves. 4 caribbean reef sharks made figure 8 patterns at the edge of the wall and then into the shallow reef. These swim patterns gave the divers plenty of opportunity to take pictures and video as they glided past.


Thursday Apr 23rd

…Weather conditions allowed us to dive further South on Lighthouse. Everyone enjoyed good visibility and more marine life encounters. Large green moray eels out for a swim, garden eels in the sand, decorator crabs hiding in the gorgonian corals, lobsters roaming the reef, a small harlequin pipe fish lounging near a brain coral and a small school of tarpon moving under the big Belize Aggressor.


Friday Apr 24th

…After a pre-breakfast dive, we motored to Turneffe to finish out our week of diving. Upon reaching dock, a few guests ventured out to the Mayan Ruins while others stayed aboard relaxing until our cocktail party at 6:00PM and a little award presentation for the following Aggressor Divers:


Iron Divers - James, Julie, Anders

Milestone Divers - Ross, Peggy, James, Julie

EAN40 - Shilpa


Saturday Apr 25th

…8:00AM the crew said their good byes as the guests departed the vessel. Most returning home, a couple staying in Belize to enjoy a jungle tour, take in the sites, or just relax.


…Well, that’s the week folks. On behalf of the crew - keep smiling and keep diving. And remember with Aggressor you always EAT, SLEEP, & DIVE!


Captain Jay Roberts