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Belize Aggressor III :


Log Date: Saturday, Apr 11, 2015
Entry By: Captain Jay Roberts


Belize Aggressor III - Captains Log Apr 11-18, 2015



Air Temp: 85 fahrenheit / 29 celsius

Water Temp: 81 fahrenheit / 27 celsius

Visibility: 60-100ft

Photos: © Jay Roberts



Captain: Jay

Engineer: Fermin

Instructor: Kenley

Deck Asst: JR

Chef: Anna

Stewardess: Vanessa



…Tim, Gordon, Barry, Ben, Christine, Irene, Nelson, Adam, Dave, Colette, Bill, Ulrike, Thomas, Vanessa, Tina, Dave, Cheryl


Dive Sites:

Sunday - Long Caye Ridge & Julie’s Jungle

Monday - X-Site & Long Caye Wall

Tuesday - Island Tour, Blue Hole, & Painted Wall

Wednesday - Cathedral & Silver Caves

Thursday - Half Moon Caye Wall, Dos Cocos, & Quebrada

Friday - Sand Box


Saturday Apr 11th

…17 guests from Germany, Switzerland, Canada, & the USA joined us for a fun filled week of diving aboard the beautiful Belize Aggressor III. Guests were greeted dock side around 3:00PM. Scuba equipment setup and each guest shown to their cabins. We had our welcome aboard briefing and champagne toast at 5:30PM.


Sunday Apr 12th

…The divers awoke to clear skies and a sunny day on Lighthouse Reef Atoll. Our check out dive was made with almost all the divers except for Nelson (operations) and Christine (reservations). Christine was on board this week to learn how to Scuba Dive as well as see how the Belize destination worked! Nelson was on board to train Christine to dive as well as conduct an annual vessel inspection (we hope he will be pleased)!


Monday Apr 13th

…Guest Tina began her Advanced Open Water certification. Making her first deep dive in preparation for the Blue Hole Dive scheduled for Tuesday. Some navigation during the afternoon, then onto a night dive to finish off the day. What a night dive it was. Spotted moray eels, caribbean reef squid, grass squid (less than 1 inch), decorator crabs, white speckled nudibranch, a hunting octopus, and then round it off with a large eye toadfish (extremely shy) I was able to coax out of his lair!


Tuesday Apr 14th

…With the summer heat coming on, we decided to take a walk around the Island of Half Moon Caye right after breakfast. Everyone took in the sites - red footed boobie birds, magnificent frigate birds, iguanas, a few termite mounds, and lots of coconut trees. Afterward we motored up to the Great Blue Hole. A beautifully choreographed dive into the depths to check out those 60,000 year old stalactite formations at 131FT/40M. Upon return the divers enjoyed some lunch, a nice surface interval, then back into the water for the afternoon and night dives.


Wednesday Apr 15th

…Beautiful dive sites were the words described by divers returning from the walls, swim-throughs, and shallow reefs today. Slender file fish camouflaged within the deep water gorgonians, hawks bill turtle chopping on a barrel sponge, an extremely close shark encounter with Nelson (caught on camera), and just the feeling of relaxing “lazy diving” Belizean style.


Thursday Apr 16th

…As the photos prove, this was an incredible marine encounter diving day. Beginning at Half Moon Caye with a friendly nassau groper and ending the day at Quebrada for a 10 minute logger head encounter. Of course we saw more than just these photogenic fish and animals, the divers also enjoyed the southern stingrays, sail-fin bennies “at the block”, caribbean reef sharks, a green turtle, and schools of goat fish stirring up the sand.


Friday Apr 17th

…One dive before breakfast, then another after finished out a great week of diving and a great week of weather. We arrived back in port around 2:30PM. After a few hours of lounging around the BAIII, our cocktail party began at 6:00PM. Before wrapping up the party and going to dinner, we celebrated the following divers with an awards presentation:

Iron Diver - Adam

Milestone Divers - Adam (100), Vanessa (100), Dave (800)

Open Water - Christine

Advanced Open Water - Tina

EAN40 Divers - Tina & Christine

Stan Waterman Award - Ben

Aggressor Addict - Irene

Saturday Apr 18th

…8:00AM the crew said their good byes as the guests departed the vessel. Most returning home, a couple staying in Belize to enjoy a jungle tour, take in the sites, or just relax.


…Well, that’s the week folks. On behalf of the crew - keep smiling and keep diving. And remember with Aggressor you always EAT, SLEEP, & DIVE!


Captain Jay Roberts