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Belize Aggressor IV :


Log Date: Saturday, May 02, 2015
Entry By: Sun Dancer II Crew


Belize, Sun Dancer II
Captains Log May 2-9

Air Temp. 82 F
Water Temp: 81 – 83 F
Vis: 80-100 Ft

Captain Megan, First Mate John, Engineer Simon, Chef Carlos, Stewardess Elia, Assistant Chef Barbara, Divermaster William, Divemaster Abel and Onboard Assistant Conway!

George, Debbie, Liz, Mike, Edu, Eli, Maco, Sergia, Dan, Michelle, Richard, Fritz, Carolyn, Dave, Jen, Gena, Silvie, Wolfgang, Janis and Lana!

Dive Sites Visited:
Sunday: Julies Jungle and Long Caye Ridge
Monday: Site X and Long Caye Wall
Tuesday: Chain Wall and Painted Wall
Wednesday: The Blue Hole and Sand Box
Thursday: Half Moon Caye Wall and Silver Cave
Friday: Sandy Slope

Saturday: What an exciting start of the week getting to meet new friends joining us onboard for the first time and the joy of being reunited with friends from past charters that came back to see us. From the very beginning we decided and proclaimed this to be the Best Week Ever! And from the first night on it was perfect. The divers got set up on the dive deck and made themselves comfortable in their staterooms before joining the crew upstairs for a safety and accommodations briefing before enjoying a delicious dinner. Just after dessert the Sun Dancer II set off and made her way out to Lighthouse Reef to begin the week of diving at the beautiful Long Caye Island.
Sunday: The first day of diving was eventful in a wonderful way with friendly small black groupers, file fish, honey come cow fish and the delightful architecture of the reef at Julies Jungle. The wall has a jagged sharp cliff like drop off in some areas and other sea mount parts that you can swim over and enjoy. There are always fun small creatures to admire in the sandy shallows making it the perfect first dive site to establish the perfect weighting for the remainder of the week. Everyone enjoyed the second dive site as well called Long Caye Ridge that had a turtle eating a sponge and acting turtle cute as only turtles know how to. The Creole Wrasse were seen making their way all over the reef and the parrot and trunk fish were seen also having fun and enjoying themselves to the delight of the divers observing their behavior.
Monday: Site X is a incredible dive site that has a lot to offer in every way, from bigger creatures off the wall and over the reef to smaller critters in between the rocks and under ledges. The highlight of the dive for some was an eel that acted like a charmed snake and made its way all over the reef and up to the divers to stare face to face. In addition to a turtle and stingray the dive had a lot of action in the way of colorful fish and awesome structure of the reef and beautiful sand. At Long Caye Wall in the afternoon there was another green moray eel and some divers came back with tales of a ten minute turtle that literally let them keep it company for at least ten minutes while they befriended it and enjoyed, from a safe distance, its company. There was a big shark spotted off the wall and in addition to secretary blennies, a spade fish playing and a bunch of permits someone after stated that it was a ‘perfect dive’ and that it was their favorite.
Tuesday: was SHARK-Tastic! Thank you Debbie for making up this new description of the site Chain Wall that has a resident shark that loves to see and be seen by the divers. The beautiful green grass leads to white sand then to the reef and wall with the option to stop anywhere and enjoy the sights. Along the wall you can see the deep blue of the deep and up over the shallows it seems like the fish, groupers and triggers, are eager to be friends and very photogenic and cooperative. At the end of the dive there were a couple bonus sharks under the boat and at one point a diver on the hang bar had to choose between watching the shark action or turning to check out a turtle on the go for some air at the surface, a good problem to have we decided to have to choose between two very fun sea creatures to check out. The afternoon dive site called Painted Wall had many colorful fish as the name implies and some divers got to see more sharks, turtles, eels and blennies everywhere. Someone said they didn’t even know there were so many different kinds of blennies, what a nice surprise! There were chubs, angel fish (French, gray and Queen) green moray, tarpon, stop light parrots, spotted eagle rays and a HUGE channel cleaning crab seen by Janis and Lana!
Wednesday: The Great Blue Hole! As George likes to describe it that it’s blue and a hole, but what makes it so spectacular is that the stalactites are so massive you can spend a few minutes behind and around them. This geological wonder is very impressive and enjoyable to see in the dim blue light of the 130 feet maximum depth. Everyone enjoyed the dive and the couple that stayed around the edge also had a wonderful dive getting to see all the fish and wildlife that inhabits the world heritage site. Instead of a second dive the option to explore Half Moon Caye Island proved to be a great time and a perfect adventure for the divers getting their land legs back on. After seeing the beautifully light blue water contrasted by the island trees and animals the water taxi ride back to the boat was fun followed by an all American meal of burgers in paradise! The afternoon dives at Sand Box had wild eels, spotted drums, a little fish in a sponge, a giant trunk fish, a baby spotted drum and a hog fish. The night dive had plenty to offer as well with slipper lobsters, normal lobsters, more drum fish, devil fish, and one diver had the incredible experience of watching three lobsters in a hole then having one jump out at them, lunging forward toward the diver!
Thursday was absolutely incredible. The first dives at Half Moon Caye Wall proved to have everything (except whale sharks) in the way of splendid sea creatures to observe and appreciate. The sting rays in the sand were flying around and over turtle grass with their fish friends close by. There were Spotted Eagle Ray sightings off the wall as well as sharks and turtles, a HUGE turtle that came right up to one of the divers and they got to look at each other face to face for a brief moment. There was a friendly grouper and many other colorful fish friends to spend time with underwater. The afternoon dives at Silver Cave also proved to have many favorite sea creatures including a huge moray eel, more spotted eagle rays, in one instance an eagle ray was swimming one direction and a shark was heading towards it, fortunately there wasn’t a collision but from the perspective of the divers it seemed like an aquatic accident waiting to happen. There was also our resident sea horse who looked adorable as usual and more turtles, sharks, 2 more spotted eagle rays and a cool trunk fish. Someone said that it was the best all ever and that went with our theme for the week being the ‘Best Week Ever!’ so we were happy everyone enjoyed the dives. On the night dive there were two octopuses, lobsters, tarpons and another huge octopus ‘doing its thing!’
Friday: Sandy Slope was a wonderful surprise for the divers who enjoyed an early dawn dive and the later dive after breakfast. There is, as the name implies, a lot of sand under the boat and like a muck dive it has so many opportunities to find amazing creatures all over. On either side the reef slopes down and had plenty of friendly eels, trigger fish, pipe fish and other spectacular discoveries. The entire week had great dives and everyone enjoyed themselves onboard and underwater.
From the entire crew of the Sun Dancer II we would like to thank you for joining us this week:
Thank you and we Love YOU!