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Log Date: Saturday, May 02, 2015
Entry By: Carib Crew


Carib Dancer Captain’s Log 2-12 May 2015

Air Temp.  77-82+ F
Water Temp. 79-81 F
Visibility 75-100+ft

Captain Dennis
2nd Captain David
Instructor Brent
Galley Assistant Matt   
Chef Patricia

Max, Boris, Natalia, Alina, Aleksei, Oxana, Dmitry, Julia and Elena

Sunday – Periwinkle Reef, Blue Hole
Monday – Barracuda Shoals, Pillar Wall, Flat Rock Reef
Tuesday – Jewfish
Wednesday – Austin Smith, Blacktip Wall, 3 Peaks Reef
Thursday – Amberjack Reef, Parrotfish Reef
Friday – Cut-N-Run, Split Coral Head
Saturday – Cobia Cage, Cut Thru City, Tunnel Rock
Sunday – Up Jump The Devil, Closemon, Plane Wreck
Monday – Blue Hole

Saturday May 2nd
This is was a Special Trip one of several 10-day charters we have planned for the Carib Dancer.  Due to some later arrivals the Carib Dancer and her guest enjoyed a wonderful dinner and a quite night onboard.  It was a very relaxing evening for our guest visiting from Russia with the lights of Nassau just off the vessel.

Sunday May 3rd
Our first dive of the 10-day adventure was on Periwinkle Reef.  Periwinkle reef is a shallow reef with hundreds of small tropical fish and colorful corals, one of the best places to start a dive check weights and camera equipment.  Next stop was the Blue Hole where we saw Several Schools of fish like Snappers, Grunts and Angelfish.  At one point I had over hundred what locals call Skip Jacks swim between the Carib Dancer and me.

Monday May 4th
After pending time near Nassau and Rose Island we travel during the night to the Exuma Islands and started the day at Barracuda Shoals.  Guest saw no less then five Nurse Sharks, Huge Caribbean Spiny Lobsters, Spotted Moray Eels and Hawksbill Turtle.  Nice way to start a Monday.  Next we headed out into the Exuma Sound for a dive on Pillar Wall.  We enjoyed Swim Thru’s, Canyons a Colorful Wall, Big Loggerhead Turtle and several Caribbean Reef Sharks.  Our guest ended the day on Flat Rock Reef.  Flat Rock Reef is an excellent dive especially at night.  Swimming over this shallow reef is like swimming over an underwater garden.  Add night Creatures, Eels, Huge Lobsters and a Sleeping Turtle, it was a fun night.

Tuesday May 5th
Even in the Islands sometimes the weather isn’t the best.  However it normally doesn’t last long.  Hat’s what happen on this Tuesday morning we had some strong winds and rain so we worked on pictures and video’s and made sure we were ready for the break in the weather.  Sure enough after lunch we made our way out to Jewfish Wall and enjoyed an Amazing time.  Like all the walls around the Northern Exuma Jewfish Wall is a very large dive site.  We did two dives and a night dive on the shallow part of the wall which happens to be located under the Carib Dancer.  While exploring this wonderful site we encountered Large Groupers, Schools of Horse-Eye Jack, Channel Clinging Crabs, Several Caribbean Reef Sharks and a school of Yellowfin Tuna just under the Vessel.

Wednesday May 6th
So far on his ten day journey we have encountered Sharks each day.  It was time to get a closer look to a lot of Sharks and the dive site for the experience is The Wreck of the Austin Smith.  Located just off the coast of Highborne Cay in about 40-70 feet of water is the Wreck of the Austin Smith covered with Marine Life.  We saw Groupers, Angelfish, Eels, Blennies, Atlantic Oysters but about 10 Caribbean Reef Sharks that swim as close as a few inches away from us while diving.  Next was the Swim Thru’s on Blacktip Wall.  Guest enjoyed those Swim Thru’s and Schools of Mackerel, Jacks, Yellowhead Jawfish and more Sharks.  After Blacktip Wall we headed south to the oldest land and Sea Park in the World.  I have a lot of wonderful memories diving and exploring the Exuma Land and Sea Park.  Our first stop was the dive site 3 Peaks.  As we pulled up to the site I saw a hawksbill Turtle on the surface.  And while diving he showed up for a little swim by, plus we saw Spotted Moray Eels and as one of the guest said the Biggest Lobster they have ever seen.

Thursday May 7th
As we pulled up to the mooring on Amberjack Reef we were greeted by a couple of Caribbean Reef Sharks.  Not only did we enjoy the Sharks but Hundreds of Garden Eels, Yellowhead Jawfish, Midnight Parrotfish that were almost 3 feet long and along side the Midnight Parrotfish was a Rainbow Parrotfish almost the same size.  It was time for some beach time.  Our guest this week really knows how to vacation mixing up it up with relaxing and diving and now some beach time!!!  After relaxing on the beach it was time to make some more bubbles so we headed for Parrotfish Reef, and yes we saw Parrotfish as well as Blue Tangs, Rock Beauty’s, Southern Stingrays and Hawksbill Turtle.  

Friday May 8th
After the night dive guest relaxed while the crew secured the Carib Dancer for travel and we made the smooth ride to the Island of Eleuthera.  As the sun was coming up we splashed on Cut-N-Run.  We always find a variety of Gorgonians when diving the wall at Cut-N-Run.  Gorgonians like Long Sea Whips, Orange Deep Water Fans, Bushy Sea Whip and Black Coral.  Split Coral Head was next for our guest where we encountered Caribbean Reef Sharks that swam as close as a few inches away.  After enjoying the Shark Encounter we enjoyed a Huge Colorful Coral Head that was Split down the center.  When swimming through the center our path took us through a school of Horse-Eye Jacks that circled around us as we passed.  

Saturday May 9th
This Saturday started by splashing on the dive site Cobia Cage.  A huge structure that use to hold hundreds of Cobia for the local school.  It was damage during Hurricane Sandy but has since been repaired by the students of the school and waiting to restock.  While diving the cage we saw Huge Black Grouper, Big Midnight Parrotfish, Roughtail Stingrays and even small Gobies.  One of my favorite places to dive was next a site called Cut Thru City.  I always enjoy the Swim Thru’s and Canyons this dive site has to offer.  Plus with the amount of Marine Life on Cut Thru City we could have stayed all day and night but it was time for another site.  Tunnel Rock is where we ended for the late afternoon and night dive.  Because I seem to find lots of small creatures on Tunnel Rock it’s one of my favorite late afternoon and night dives.  We saw bright colored Echinoderms like Sponge Brittle Stars and Reticulated Brittle Stars.  Also seen were Beaded Anemone, Orange Sieve Encrusting Sponges and lots of Feather Stars.  When we add Lobsters, Stingrays, Crabs and a few Greater Amberjack it was a wonderful afternoon and night underwater.

Sunday May 10th
After the night dive on Tunnel Rock we made our way back to the Exuma Islands.  Our first stop on this Sunday Morning was Up Jump The Devil.  Up Jump the Devil is one of those site were you can’t get enough.  We couldn’t get enough, Swim Thru’s, Canyons, Black Coral, Elephant Ear Sponges, Schools of Mackerel, Turtles and a few Sharks.  Awesome Morning!  Next was Closemon Reef where we spend over an hour exploring its Underwater Garden.  There are so many Colorful Gorgonians on this shallow reef that it’s impossible to see and shoot pictures of them all during the dive.  Just some of the Gorgonians we saw were Orange Spiny Sea Rods, Rough Sea Plumes, Common Sea Fans and Angular Sea Whips.  Several types of schooling fish like Grunts, Snappers and Creole Wrasses.  Last for the day was the crew’s favorite, The Plane Wreck just off Ship’s Channel.  The wreckage sits in about 20 feet of water.  We saw Rays, Crabs, Schools of Snapper, School Masters, Giant Anemone, Pikeblenny and Conical Spined Sea Star.  The Plane Wreck is always a fun place to spend 70 plus minutes underwater.

Monday May 11th
We finished the wonderful 10-Day charter with an early morning dive on the Blue Hole swimming with Schools of Snappers, Grunts, Angelfish, a Few Sharks and Turtles.  A Very Good Morning!!
The Crew would like to Thank Everyone For Joining Us On The Carib Dancer In The Bahamas!!!  

Hope To See Everyone Again Soon…

Best Fishes,

Carib Dancer Crew