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Turks & Caicos Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, May 16, 2015
Entry By: Captain Amanda


Turks & Caicos Aggressor II Captains Log 16-23 May 2015

 Air Temperature: 80s

Water Temperature: 80- 83F

Visibility: 80 - 100ft




2nd Captain LOWEL O’ROURKE

Engineer ROB SMITH





GUESTS: William & Marina, Anne & Michael, Christine & Kirk, Hoyt, Charles, Augusto & Suzana, Lewis, Robert, David, Jeffrey, Dianne, Eileen, Joshua, John


LOCATION: Turks & Caicos, Northwest Point, West Caicos



Sunday – Eel Garden & Amphitheatre - Northwest Point, Providenciales

Monday – Driveway & Magic Mushroom - West Caicos

Tuesday – Gullies & Boat Cove - West Caicos

Wednesday –Half Mile, Rock-N-Roll, and G-Spot - French Cay

Thursday –Elephant Ear Canyon & Spanish Anchor - West Caicos

Friday – The Dome - Northwest Point


The Turks & Caicos Aggressor II shines in the tropical sun like a diamond in the sea as guest start to board. Their smiles radiate the excitement for the week to come. The vessel is filled with chit-chat and introductions as they unpack their gear and start to settle in for an aquatic adventure in the turquoise waters of our beautiful country.

We aimed the vessel towards Northwest Point and decided to stop at Eel Garden to start our adventure. After fueling up on a scrumptious breakfast prepared by Chef Shae; divers slipped into the turquoise and were immediately greeted by one of our residents in the gray suits and a seadbed of garden eels.   Stingrays glided over the pearly white sand and the most photographed anemone in the Turks and Caicos was displaying all its glory for the paparazzi. The Amphitheater was next on the journey and the show was spectacular! Opening were numerous Yellowhead Jawfish holding their babies in their mouths; protecting them from the dangers that lurk above! One; in a daring move, aerated them in a flash and down he went into safety. On the wall two caribbean lobsters dueled for prime realestate under a plate coral.

In the early hours of Monday Captain Amanda navigated over to West Caicos and parked us at Driveway. Cruising the fast lane there were several reef sharks and a beautiful hawksbill turtle hanging out at a rest stop with our guests. The morning sun streamed down through crystal clear water shimmering like a like show at a concert…but our show is much more spectacular! After naps and food, guests enjoyed Magic Mushroom in the afternoon. Apparently this was the place to be because there were reef sharks and nurse sharks and squid and juvenile blue tang…which are fluorescent yellow; and believe it or not; a very fast moving milk conch!! Yes; its true! I saw it racing across the sand with my own eyes! Maybe it was fleeing from all the little hermit crabs scurrying about…you know they are very dangerous. Divers surfaced without harm though and lived to dive another dive!

As the burning planet in the sky started to rise over West Caicos a small flock of flamingos flew past displaying their pink in a manner that would make Victorias Secret jealous. Gullies was the perfect place to start the day as there is always a welcoming committee of our gray suits led by Sully. A hawksbill was sighted but apparently was not in the mood for guests so he moved on. The surprise of the dive was a seven gill shark…supposedly seen by one of our instructors…but I think he was narcd on his deep dive…just saying.   Boat Cove was our next spot to drop into the blue. This site has so much to see…but today was an over-the-top day…we found a Shortness Batfish!! Though it was not our beloved Victor (whom went off to college last year); he was just as beautiful. We; Anne and I, shall call him Walter :)

Mother Nature smiled upon us and we headed toward French Cay for a day of diving the most coveted spots of the charter. We hit all three starting with Half Mile. The diving at French is always spectacular because of the huge barrel sponges, giant sea fans, and stunning wall dropping off to over 6.000 feet. Guests were treated to quite a show by an octopus trying make a feast of a conch…breakfast on the half shell, and a spotted eagle ray doing a fly-by off the wall. Next we slid over to Rock-N-Roll for a concert of Hawksbill turtles, more guys and girls in the gray suits, spotted morays, and a finale by a cryptic teardrop crab. No trip to French Cay would be complete with stopping at G-Spot; the signature dive here. Before divers even stepped off the deck the welcoming committee was circling under the boat. As they dropped in one by one, the sight of the sea fans and soft corals swaying to and fro mesmerized them and kept rhythm as they glided over the wall. Bluestripe & French Grunts blanket the reef and stingrays floated above the sand looking for their next meal. The night dive here is THE ONE not to miss as nurse sharks clamber for position under divers, using their lights to hunt. Octopus move like a lava lamp, displaying colours like a kaleidoscope; they are a beautiful sight to behold.

As the guests settle in for the night with some special hot chocolate we head the ship back towards West Caicos to be ready for the morning dive. As the sun rises over the island; pink flamingos fly low over the land in the glow of the morning sky. Elephant Ear Canyon is one of the crews favorite dives for macro life. No disappointment was felt on this dive for sure. Anytime a seahorse makes an appearance it is a grand day! We have a resident bobtail stingray and she was escorting us for most of the dives here. A couple conch were lined up ready for the races…but we ran out of air waiting for them to get a move on it. Leech & Normans Aglaja decorated the sand like confetti on New Years Day! The last dive at West Caicos would be Spanish Anchor; which holds tails of old with pirates and treasure galore! And treasures were found, in the form of a beautiful green moray, dinner plate size gray angels, 2 tiny dancing juvenile drums, and a waterfall of creole wrasse! Nighttime held more treasures with octopus and rarely seen Unicorn Filefish who betrayed normal behavior and swam towards divers instead of away. Love the Anchor!

Friday morning found us back at Northwest Point on The Dome. As divers slipped into the azure waters for the final dives of the charter, they dropped onto the remnants of the failed game shoe Pago Pago. The structure has become a beautiful man-made reef that houses so much life. Bluestripe and French Grunts school inside the main structure and Sergeant Majors and Damselfish keep watch like fierce guard dogs. Its a good thing they are not as big as they think they are or it would be carnage. The divers ascended the ladders and boarded the vessel to start the dreaded packing of gear; signifying the impending end of the week…but more importantly it means planning their next Aggressor Fleet vacation! What a great week it has been.

From the Ocean to You…