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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, May 30, 2015
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Saturday, A stunning day in the Cayman Islands, flat calm water, brilliant sunshine as the Cayman Aggressor awaited her 16guests. 10 of which are from Brazil, and only 6 from the US, even Alaska. Everyone was on board by dinner time, so let loose the lines and let’s get outa here! A short sunset cruise up to the Wreck of the Kittiwake – first dive site tomorrow. Meet and greet with the crew and a safety briefing before retiring after a long day of traveling for most.

Sunday, A busy day ahead, as we kick started things off with a scrumptious breakfast thanks to Kingsley. Jumping in on the Kittiwake, a purpose sunk ex submarine support vessel. Lots of easy entrances and exits, places to explore, all in only 60ft/20m water.   A great first dive, now all our weights are sorted out and all the equipment quirks, it’s off to Big Tunnels.   A personal favorite. Deep pinnacles and archways to start the dive, working our way up through more swim thrus in the reef. Tarpon, a turtle, beautiful sponge and coral formations.. so much to see just watch your air! Before we head for Little Cayman we stop in to see Sting Ray City. The most fun 12ft dive ever. A selection of large and small rays glided all around the group, rewarded with tasty morsels. Everyone had a great experience and some came back to the boat with a lasting souvenir! Tidy the deck and let’s head to the other islands.

Monday, This morning we woke up to a wonderful sunrise on Little Cayman, the crossing last night went without peril, and everyone looks well rested for the upcoming day of diving on Bloody Bay Wall. After breakfast we all jumped in the water on a site called Randy’s Gazebo where all came back with reports of turtle, and some friendly grouper that you could pet under the chin. Just before we exited the water Marti and Heather spotted a school of squid, WOW!! . After completing 2 dives on Randy’s we moved a little bit further down the reef to a site called the Meadows for or remaining 3 dives of the day. After lunch we all jumped in and immediately were greeted by several friendly grouper, even a goliath grouper was patient enough to have his photo taken, out over the wall one of the three resident sharks came by to say hi to us all. To complete this wonderful day of diving Six of us jumped in after dinner for a night dive filled with Crabs, Turtle, Octopus, and a little baby squid just at the end.

Tuesday; First job this morning for the crew was to move the boat to the dive site known as Nancy’s Cup of Tea. The first job this morning for the guests was to get through the breakfast that was on offer. Just about all the divers made the first dive here and as they swam out towards the pinnacle a Reef Shark was seen swimming out into the deep blue. Capt. Lauren led the divers along the wall until they reached the turnaround point at the next mooring “Paul’s Anchor”. On the swim back she pointed out all the old anchors that are to be found, half of them unrecognizable as anchors but looking more like lumps of coral. The divers also saw a nice Hawksbill turtle with his buddy Angel fish chowing down on a sponge. Then they saw a Stingray searching around for his breakfast in the sand. Time to move the boat again off to Lea Lea’s Lookout this time. Several large lobsters were seen, more turtles, a Green Moray and thousands of Creole Wrasse and Blue Chromes are to be found here schooling around on the edge of the wall. Bad news…during the second dive it started to rain, it doesn’t matter, and we are wet anyway! The weather did not dampen anyone’s spirits. A quick hop along the wall to the Great Wall. A pretty spectacular place to end the days diving. The most incredible wall, Greg would stay there forever if he had gills. 20ft dropping straight down the wall, Freddy the Grouper was there to see us off but all to soon we have to stow and secure the boat ready for the trek back to Grand Cayman. Some weather coming in and we have to leave this little oasis, dinner and a movie on the way!

Wednesday, after arriving back to Grand Cayman in the wee hours of the morning we had a relaxed breakfast and splashed in on Hammerhead Hill. This wall starts at 55ft then drops away into the blue. Outcroppings and formations buzzing with reef fish and life, always keeping one eye out in to the blue. Another dive and lunch then it’s on to Babylon. Arguably one of the best dives in Cayman. We spent the whole afternoon exploring up and down the wall, the winding around the pinnacle multiple times, turtles, schooling fish, a few lionfish, both green and spotted eels. Inspecting the black corals for macro life. A great afternoon and dusk dive with fresh Lion Fish to taste with dinner.

Thursday. The sun was shining as we filled up on a scrumptious breakfast of bacon and eggs before jumping in the water to explore the wall off Rum Point. The first dive on this beautiful site was spent watching a hawksbill turtle leisurely heading along the wall completely unfazed by the group of divers around him. Later in the morning, we focused on searching for interesting macro life living on the shallower part of the reef. We spotted a pair of decorator crabs clinging to a delicate black coral hanging on the edge of the reef wall, yellow headed jaw fish tending their burrows in the sand and a tiny shy juvenile slender file fish hiding behind the soft coral. A delicious Asian inspired lunch was served on the sun deck as we cruised to Neptune’s Wall. After passing through the unique natural coral formation teeming with colorful fish, the divers were lucky enough to encounter a huge 4.5ft loggerhead turtle! Next up, a dive at Angel Fish reef where Michael successfully completed his Navigation dive and achieved his Advanced Diver certification. Meanwhile Greg followed a Green Moray eel off into the sunset… resulting in a very entertaining surface swim back to the boat.

Friday. Already?! So for the last day we splashed in for an early morning dive on the Wreck of the Oro Verde.   What a dive! Fin the friendly Nurse Shark came by very curious to see what all the fuss was about so early in the morning. A yellow headed jaw fish with eggs, a horde of lobster and an aquarium of chubbs and jacks.   Last but not least Devil’s Grotto. A labyrinth of swim thrus full of tarpon just waiting for the silverside season. A fun dive full of twists and turns, all too soon it’s time to head back to the boat, wash down our dive gear and get ready for lunch.

Some time to explore Georgetown and hook back on to Wi-Fi! A Cocktail party and then a group dinner in town.   Thank you to all for making this a fun week of diving. Also for putting up with all the rain this week!   Congratulations to Ansel and Mike for completing their nitrox, Mike also completed his Padi Advanced.

Hope to see you again soon to Eat, Sleep and Dive, Cayman Aggressor Style.

Safe diving and travels

Cayman Aggressor IV Capt and Crew.