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Palau Aggressor II :


Log Date: Sunday, Jun 07, 2015
Entry By: Palau Aggressor Crew


Palau Aggressor Charter June 7th – 14th, 2015
Water Temp: 79-84 deg F
Air Temp: 78-86 deg F

Crew:  Zach, Scott, Hector, Christy, Conor, Ripon, Edith and Herence

With the crew dressed in our uniform whites we welcomed aboard 18 guest from the US and China.  After being assigned their cabins the guests set up their gear and checked that all was in good working order.  Shortly after we set up everyone met in the salon for the Captains Briefing.  Guests were informed of what we would be doing this week, where we would be going and most importantly the vessel safety procedures.  Once this was complete a welcome dinner was presented by Chef Christy.  The guests stayed up chatting for just a bit but turned in early as Monday would be the start of a long week of diving.   

Early Monday morning dives had breakfast and listen to the dive briefing presented by Conor. Then by request our first dive of the trip was at Jakes Seaplane, a wreck from WWII missing half its tail and having its front propeller split in half. Dive two was on the much larger wreck of the Iro Maru. Close to five hundred feet in length this massive ship is home to many cool creatures; mandarin fish, octopus, tomato anemones, squid and much more. During lunch the Palau Aggressor motored on down towards the German Channel area to prepare for our next dives on Ferns Wall. The last dive of our first day was on Barnums Wall although visibility wasn’t at its best the dive was action back with divers finding both a cuttlefish and a leopard shark. After dinner divers listened to Zach give the reef hook briefing to prepare them for their first hook in dives the next morning.

Tuesday morning we began our day with the world famous Blue Corner. We started the dive with an incoming current but it quickly changed to outgoing while underwater so we made our way across to the other side of the plateau along the way we found octopus, sharks and were joined by our friendly napoleon wrasse. For the dive two we set out for Virgin Blue Hole for a beautiful dive, on the way back we ran across a pod of pilot whales were guest were able to jump in and snorkel with. After lunch divers went to New Drop Off for another hook in dive with lots of schooling fish and about ten baby gray reef sharks hanging out on the edge of the wall. Dive four was off of Big Drop Off for a nice easy drift dive. Our first night dive was awesome with divers finding cuttlefish, lionspaw sea cucumbers and a thorny ray.     
On Wednesday we moved the big boat down to Peleliu Island and pulled into Camp Beck for the day. Our first dive on was at Peleliu Corner, “The Cut”. Once again the current was playing tricks staring out as outgoing then switched right at the beginning of the dive so we just cursed along the wall without hooking in. After breakfast three guests went on the Peleliu land tour to learn about and see sites of one of the bloodiest battles of WWII. The remaining divers went for a dive on West Wall were they came across a large marble ray. Everyone met back up on the Palau Aggressor for lunch and then went for our third dive at Orange Beach, the main beach the US Marines stormed during WWII. Amongst the beautiful hard corals divers for relics left over from the war such as bullets, mortar shells and a large anchor. Afterwards the big boat pulled out of Camp Beck to head back north dropping the skiff off at Brecks Point for the fourth dive. This is probably one of the healthiest reefs in the world filled with both fish and coral life of all different kinds at the end of the diver we got an extra treat with a pod of spinner dolphins playing in the water.

Thursday morning it was back of Blue Corner for another great dive, playing with our napoleon wrasses and multiple sharks. Then it was out to New Drop Off or the miniature Blue Corner for another hook in dive. Dive three was on Ngemelis Wall, then Barnum’s Wall for the fourth dive. Both were great wall dives with lots of macro life including multiple species of nudis, flat worms and scorpion fish. For the night dive we went out to German Coral Garden with the highlight of the dive being a small cuttlefish with a sandy cooler.  

Friday morning the Palau Aggressor moved out to the world famous Ulong Island. The first dive of the day was Ulong Coral Garden that was back full of groupers as well as giant clams, nudis, anemones and schooling jacks. Our second dive was at Siaes Corner for an excellent hook-in diver with a few sharks and a small baby spotted eagle ray passing back and forth. Then for the third dive we were off for Sandy Paradise along with seeing several leaf scorpion fish divers had a cuttlefish. Our last dive of the day was through Ulong Channel flying through with a strong current checking out giant clams, grouper and a patch of lettuce coral as big as the Palau Aggressor its self. After an amazing final dinner by Dan, we gathered in the saloon to watch the video Conor had shot of the week’s highlights.

On Saturday morning we went to Jellyfish Lake where we swam with the millions of mesmerizing stingless jellies plus checked out the predacious anemones along the shoreline. After a relaxing hour in the tranquil lake, we boarded the skiff and did a spectacular tour of the Rock Island courtesy of Hector. We then went for our last dive at Chandelier Cave, a must do as it is so different from anything else we dived throughout the week. With a patient eye you can find Mandarin fish, two large nudi’s and razor fish amongst the rubble at the cave entrance. A slide show was prepared by Hector and included all of the sights from this week’s trip which we watched at the cocktail party that evening, after which the guests enjoyed dinner in one of the restaurants in Koror.

Sunday morning and we helped the guests load the luggage onto the bus and said our goodbyes as they left for their hotels. It’s been a fun week and we hope to see you all again soon aboard the Palau Aggressor II.