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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Jun 06, 2015
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Water temp 28c/82f+

Air Temp 80s

Vis 80-100ft+

Wet suit 3mm or skin

The sun was shining when we departed Georgetown dock for another week of fun in the sun! 18 excited guests from all over the US, Colorado, Texas, Maryland… it appears that everyone this week is related somehow, nieces and nephews, sons, daughters, inlaws and even outlaws! All were ready for a week of diving, eating and sleeping Cayman style and there was no better way to start the week than with a short cruise up Seven Mile Beach a lovely BBQ dinner and an awesome sunset to go with a Happy Birthday Christopher!

Sunday, The wreck of the Doc Poulson was up first a perfect site to start our week. The wreck is in 50ft, always plenty of critters. Easy to explore, lots of photo opportunities and time to get all these Go Pro’s up and running. A great welcome dive! Now that we are warmed up and cobwebs washed off the gear it’s off to the wreck of the Kittiwake. Here we find plenty of places to explore with plenty of bottom time with the deepest point of the wreck being only 60ft. Swarms of Silver Sides inside the wreck, lots of ‘selfies’ and the hunt for the Aggressor Fleet Plaque! A cruise around to the north side of the island and Rum Point. A magnificent wall dive! Reasonably deep, but full of life. Keeping one eye out in the blue for large creatures as we drifted down the numerous cracks and chutes. A turtle feeding on a sponge, lots of Lobsters, and an Angelfish convention! A great dive.   Sit back and relax as we make our way overnight, to Little Cayman, dinner and a few drinks on the way.

Monday, In the wee hours of the morning we tied up on Bloody Bay Wall, Little Cayman. Time for breakfast, a briefing, then splash on Randy’s Gazebo. Crystal clear water, a little current, two chimneys, the archway, shear wall and super friendly groupers escorted everyone around the site. On the way back to the boat two Hawkesbill Turtles meandering about snacking on the reef. A great way to start our morning. “insert the sound of screeching brakes” hold up, we have a problem. One of our Divers had a medical issue, so it’s a quick trip off to Cayman Brac and the hospital. Meanwhile everyone else had the rest of the day to dive on the Wreck of the Keith Tibbetts, a Russian built Koni Class Frigate sunk back in 1996. Oscar the Goliath Grouper made an appearance as divers traversed the wreck. Lots of time to check out the wheel house, Havana Alley Corridor, the engine section, pose with big guns. You name it we did it. Also a tour of the surrounding reef and wall made for a great dive. The night dive rewarded divers with two Octopus!   A busy busy day.

Tuesday, Motoring back to Little Cayman as the sun came up, Lea Lea’s Lookout was first on the list today. Looking for the elusive seahorse in a crevice, leading us to the wall.   Lo and Behold, Skip proposed to Pamela…. Luckily she said yes (otherwise the rest of the week would’ve been awkward!) We had incredible visibility, a couple of large Lobsters, a huge Channel Crab, cleaning stations galore and a gigantic school of squid! Woohoo.   Later in the morning Henry had a ‘spot of bother’ and we decided that he should go and visit Christopher in the hospital… so back to the Brac we go. After lunch there was a mixture of snorkeling and diving, those who dived had a fantastic time exploring the outer reef, deep wall and scattered coral heads. Turtles, Groupers, and Stingrays. With Christopher and Henry and Lisa checking out the sites on the Brac the rest of us headed back once again to Little Cayman for an Epic late afternoon dive on the Meadows. WOW, Wicked, Awesome!!!! Shark action out on the wall. Reef sharks coming in close to check us out and see what we were up to, escorting us all along the reef, and up in to the shallows too. Our pet groupers also came along for the ride, swimming shoulder to shoulder with divers through swim thrus and touring the shallows. A quick dinner then the night divers were back in the water. What a day!

Wednesday. An iconic Little Cayman site was the morning playground. The Mixing Bowl/3 Fathom Wall. Schooling fish, lobsters, Yellow Headed Jawfish, Pipehorses, a nurse shark and you can’t forget Grover the Super Duper Friendly Grouper. Maria had a great snorkel on the shallow coral heads closer to the island, a nursery of juvenile damsels, angel fish, groupers, flounders. Amazing. Bus Stop was the afternoon and dusk dive site. Believed to be one of the best dive sites in the Caribbean! Golden Coney’s. Queen Angel fish, sleeping stingrays, lobsters, Nassau groupers, plenty more reef sharks, tunnels right under the entire reef, and very special to see the Sail Fin Blennie jumping out of his hole and showing off. An action packed dusk dive, very active sharks with a few close encounters and more squid! We think that Nicole is a squid magnet!    

Thursday. Once again we had a great turn out for the pre breakfast dive, the only way to wake up! Who needs coffee! Nancy’s Cup of Tea. The reef was waking up as were the divers and it was a great way to start the day, more sharks, black corals, wrasse and file fish waking up and a cool turtle cruising along with us. Smiling faces back on board and breakfast always tastes sooo much better after a dive. The world famous Great Wall was our final site in LC loved the immense shear drop off, the Eel, Tiger Groupers, more Lobsters, drum fish and meeting Freddy and his band of friendly groupers! A great way so say goodbye to Little Cayman, until next time….

Friday. A smooth crossing back to Grand Cayman put us back on the West BayJ and just 2 dives sites left to enjoy! For the 6am surprise splash Big Tunnels was awesome. Turtles cruising along, zig zaging our way through the myriad of tunnels and archways. Schooling reef fish feeding in the current. A great dive, a deepish site so not a long dive, but that’s ok as we will do it again after breakfast! Devils Grotto was our last dive of the week and is always a favorite. Swim thru’s, caves, cracks and crevices were there for the exploring. A super surprise awaited our guests who did this last dive… Silversides!!!!   1000’s of them, and the Tarpon and Jacks having a ball! What a great way to end an awesome week of diving, awesome weather, awesome guests. Well done to Pamela for completing her Nitrox and Hannah is now ‘re certified’. All that’s left to do is wash our gear and get ready for a cold drink or two at the farewell party. Congrats go out to all for making this another wonderful week of Aggressor diving in the Cayman Islands

Until next time…… Keep safe and Dive Safer!

Cayman Aggressor IV crew.