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Log Date: Saturday, May 30, 2015
Entry By: Komodo Crew


Komodo Dancer Captains Log



Captain: Kasim

Cruise Director: Rob

Guides: Rob, Seno, Niko

Head Steward: Rizal

Chef: Totok



Air Temp: 32

Water Temp: 25-28



Lindy, Ian, Michael, Cat, David, Kevin, Jonathan, Paul, Rachelle


Dive Sites

Sunday: Lahsera, The Alley 1, The Alley 2, Phinisi Wreck

Monday: Cannibal Rock, Yellow Wall of Texas, Cannibal Rock, Torpedo Alley

Tuesday: Batu Balong, Makasaar, Wainilu

Wednesday: Castle Rock, Crystal Rock, Lighthouse Reef, Spanish Steps

Thursday: Shotgun, Big Nose, Star Wars, Circus

Friday: Hot Rocks, Bontoh Village, Pohon Merah

Saturday: Seno’s Reef, Reef Top, Satonda Resort

Sunday: Long Reef, Angel Reef, Angel Reef

Monday: Gili Tepekong


Monday 30th May

Today is arrival day on board the Komodo Dancer and with great excitement we welcomed our guests on board. We have guests from USA, Australia and Ireland. Due to later arrivals there was no diving today and we began our cruise heading to south Komodo.


Sunday 31st May

Our check dive was at Lahsera Bay a great slope with a variety of corals. Highlights included a white tip reef shark, Hawksbill turtle and plenty of life. Added to that the water temperature was warmer than expected, a pleasant 27 degrees.

We then moved slightly south to an area known as Langkoi. Where we did two dives at The Alley. Hoping for mantas nobody was disappointed as we had incredibly close encounters with too many mantas than we could count.

We then moved back to Lahsera for our night dive on the Phinisi Wreck. Highlights included scorpion fish, Big Fin Reef squid, upside down jellyfish, nudibranchs and a variety of crustaceans.


Monday 1st June

In the early hours of the morning we headed slightly east to Nusakode situated at the south of Rinja Island. Famous for the dragons that are always on the beach but also for an incredible dive site known as Cannibal Rock. A fabulous sea mount with incredible soft corals and littered with crinoids. Highlights included nudibranchs, coral cat shark, turtles, colemans shrimps and zebra crabs.

Our second dive was on Yellow Wall of Texas a spectacular wall dive where once again focus was on the macro.

After lunch we dived Cannibal rock once again and enjoyed another incredible dive together.

After tea and cakes we went to visit the dragons on the beach. An incredible photographic opportunity for our guests.

Our night dive was at Torpedo Alley a great muck site situated close to a river mouth. Highlights included frogfish, ornate ghostpipe fish, nudibranchs, carrier and decorator crabs.

Tuesday 2nd June

Last night we moved to the north of the park to an area known as Current City. We began our day diving Batu Balong. An absolutely incredible pinnacle full of life and wonderful corals, Highlights included Napoleon wrasse, Groupers, Mating Octopus, Bamboo Shark, Hawksbill Turtles, Pygmy seahorses, white tip reef sharks, orangutan crabs and many different nudibranchs.

We then dived Makasaar hoping to see mantas sadly we only saw one manta but we also found a spotted eagle ray feeding as well as a great barracuda and a black tip reef shark.

Instead of doing our usual third dive of the day we did the official dragon trekking at Wainilu on Rinja Island. We enjoyed a great hike through the jungle and spotted many dragons, monkeys and deer.

We then enjoyed a night dive at Wainilu an incredible night diving location. Highlights included juvenile black tip reef shark, spiny devil fish, strawberry nudibranchs.


Wednesday 3rd June

In the early hours of the morning we headed north to the island of Gili Lawa Darat the location of today’s diving. Our first dive of the day was at Castle Rock a spectacular pinnacle. Highlights were Grey Reef Sharks, white tip reef sharks, Napoleon wrasse and Giant trevally.

Our second dive of the day was at Crystal rock another fantastic pinnacle dive. Highlights included white tip reef sharks, leaf scorpion fish and pygmy seahorses.

We then dived Lighthouse reef a great reef slope full of life and amazing corals. Highlights included hawksbill turtles, leaf scorpion fish and nudibranchs.

We then climbed to the summit of Gili Lawa Durat and enjoyed a panoramic view of the park.

It was then time for our night dive on Spanish slope. Highlights included cuttlefish, mantis shrimp and a juvenile octopus.


Thursday 4th June

We began our day diving Shotgun usually a high paced drift dive but today we caught it on the slack tide so it was incredibly calm. Highlights included painted frogfish, white tip sharks, marble ray and giant Trevally.

We then headed west to Batumoncho the location of our second dive. An enjoyable dive with ribbon eels and turtles being highlights.

We then moved to Banta Island and dove Star Wars. Highlights were blue ringed octopus, large cuttlefish, ribbon eels and hawksbill turtles.

We then enjoyed a great night dive on a site known as Circus. Highlights included Stargazers, bobtail squid, octopus and morays.


Friday 5th June

Today is Paul (Australia) 29th Birthday so it’s a day of celebration onboard the Komodo Dancer. In the early hours we moved west to Sangeang Volcano the location of today’s diving. Our first dive was at Hot Rocks a truly unique site with sulphur bubbles coming out of the black sand. Magnificent corals with focus on the macro. Highlights included many different nudibranchs as well as a variety of crustaceans and pygmy seahorses.

Our second dive was at Pohon Merah a great site with outcrops of rocks creating an oasis of corals. A great dive focused on macro but also with sightings of Jenkins stingrays and cuttlefish.

We then dived at Bontoh Village a high speed drift made searching for macro difficult. However for those that enjoy a fast drift it was lots of fun.

We then visited the local village and inspected the boat they are building which is truly impressive. Also a humbling experience to visit people that live such a different way of life.

Our night dive was at Bontoh Village without the current this time. Highlights included ornate ghostpipe fish and Spanish dancers.


Saturday 6th June

We travelled all night arriving at Satonda Island at 06:40 am. We began our day diving on the north of the island on Seno Reef. A steep slope with a shallow reef top.. Highlights included leaf scorpion fish, cuttlefish and painted lobsters.

Our second dive at Reef Top with exquisite corals in the shallows which dropped off on a steep slope.

Our third dive was at Satonda Resort. Highlights included frogfish, nudibranchs, groupers and hawksbill turtles.

We then visited the salt water lake on Satonda Island before gearing up for our night dive highlights of the night dive included stargazers, Dragon sea moths and a variety of crustaceans.


Sunday 7th June

In the early hours we moved west to Moyo Island the location of today’s diving. We began our day diving Long Reef an incredible sea mount full of life with beautiful corals.

Our second and third dive of the day was on Angel Reef. A superb wall dive absolutely full of life. Highlights included Banded sea snake, Hawksbill turtles, black tip reef sharks and massive schools of a variety of fish.

Sadly no night dive today as we make the long crossing to Bali our final destination.


Monday 7th June

Today is our final day of diving and we reached Padang Bay just in time to dive. We were hoping to find a Mola Mola but sadly no luck this time. An enjoyable diving with some challenging current was enjoyed by all.

We then put up the sails and guests boarded the tenders to take final photos of the komodo dancer in all her glory.

We then headed for Benoa harbor our final destination. A festive cocktail party and dinner gave us a final chance to relive memories of an incredible trip together.