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Belize Aggressor IV :


Log Date: Saturday, Jun 06, 2015
Entry By: Sun Dancer II Crew


Sun Dancer II
June 6-13-2015
Water Temp: 82-84 F
Vis: 80-100 Ft
Weather: Sunny!
Crew: Captain Eddy, First Mate John, Dive Master William, Engineer Simon, Chef Carlos, Stewardess Elia, Assistant Chef Barbara and Onboard Assistant Conway & Mario!
Dive Sites Visited:
Sunday: Long Caye Ridge & Long Caye Wall
Monday: Half Moon Caye Wall & Julies Jungle
Tuesday: Dos Chichas & Painted Wall
Wednesday: Blue Hole, Island Tour, Dive site X
Thursday: East Cut, Silver Cave
Friday: Sandy Slope

This week we welcome aboard: Jeanine & Melvyn, Mike & Denise, Laura & Richard, Michael & Teresa , Sandra, Pamela, Douglas & Louise, Sara, Danielle & Dale, Jorge, Kristine, Monica, Daniel, a wonderful group of divers:

This was a special week in a sense because we had some long time friends back with us some who we see every year and some even as far back as five years ago on the Belize Aggressor, and of course our new friends who has never been here before, a very happy group of divers, after everyone was all set up in their state rooms and on the dive deck we then moved the party up to the Lido deck at the open bar and from there into the salon where we started our Crew Introduction, safety briefing & guest introduction as well, by the time it was over we all knew each other as if for years.
This was all followed by a tasty dinner prepared by Chef Carlos, by then it was six pm and most of our guest already had a long day, so right after dinner most of them headed strait to their cabins,
That same night we headed out to Light House Reef where we started our Diving adventure the next day.
Sunday morning the weather condition was great so we started at Long Caye Ridge then moved on to Long Caye Wall, our check out dive was great all our divers had over 200 dives under their belt making it all seem effortless as it should be.

There was much to see even on our first dive, the visibility was great even though there was a bit of current the dives were enjoyable, some of the highlights of the day were two Reef Sharks on the second site that made many passes back and forth on the wall and schools of five foot Tarpons that hang out right under the yacht that also were there during the night dive, there were also schools of Horse Eye Jacks to be admired from the ladders to the mooring line, over all it was a great day of diving.

Monday morning with the weather conditions on our side we started at Half Moon Caye Wall, this site is known for its unusual topography compared to the rest of the Reef at Light House Reef, The Vis was great to start and the beautiful Blue water was an invitation to go diving and so it was, the first dive was so good that there was a unanimous decision to spend the rest of the morning and part of the afternoon there, here we saw Reef Sharks, Spotted Eagle Rays, Southern Stingrays, a big very friendly Turtle, a few Barracudas, very friendly Groupers, Pipe Fish, a few big Midnight Parrotfish feeding in the sand and of course thousands of Garden Eels, on this site Kristine made her 400th dive and was celebrated with the rest of her team when two Gray Engel Fish decided to join in as well and then spend the rest of the dive slowly moving around them as we will say cara a cara.

Tuesday morning we routed down towards Hatt Caye and started the day diving at Dos Chichas and later to Painted Wall it was like being in a garden, so much soft coral and shallow Reef crevasses that you can stay right under the boat and have a great dive, after the first dive some of the divers made enquiries on how to find a Sea Horse, and so the Sea Horse hunt began for the week.

A large Green Moray Eel was seen on the wall and a few big Lion Fish, among all the other beautiful little creatures that was enjoyed we also had the opportunity to swim right next to a Turtle and a smaller Green Moray who decided to come out to play, as divers made their way back on the wall two Spotted Eagle Rays made their appearance and came face to face with a few divers  and then went straight up over them giving a great opportunity for video and photos, these two sites offer a variety of creatures including, Blue bell & Painted Tunicates big colonies of Jaw Fish and schools of Creole Wrasses on the wall.

Wednesday was a much exited day because we did the great blue hole; the great Blue Hole is one of those sites that is on the list of dives to do for many, so it’s always an accomplishment and enjoyed by all, after the dive we then moved on to the Island of Half Moon Caye for an Island tour, where the Iguanas, Hermit Crabs and all the local Birds await.

The diving on Thursday and Friday was just as successful, Thursday morning we dove at East cut and there was a few Reef Sharks that made passes on the wall and two Spotted Eagle Ray and a very big Turtle that came very close, and the highlight of the day and Octopus right under the boat swimming around, for the afternoon we move over to Silver Cave, where we saw our little friend, the cutes Sea Horse ever, everyone had the chance to admire this beautiful creature, and of course we give everybody a chance to dive at Turneffe Island, so we finish this wonderful week of diving at Sandy Slope, here we saw Reef Squids, Lobsters and some of the most unseen fish, a school of Ocean Trigger Fish!

And so another beautiful week of diving comes to an end with a bunch of happy divers.

On behalf of all the Crew of the Sun Dancer II we would like to thank you for so many wonderful memories and the Privilege to now call you all Friends.  We will always remember our fun onboard and underwater together and hope that you come back to visit us again.  Thank you!