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Log Date: Saturday, Jun 06, 2015
Entry By: Carib Crew


Carib Dancer Captain’s Log 6-13 June 2015

Air Temp.  75-80+ F
Water Temp. 80-83 F
Visibility 75-100+ft

Captain Dennis
2nd Captain David P
Instructor Celeste
Instructor David D
Steward Matt
Chef Brent

John, Bruce, Bill, Grant, Ronald, Mark, Ainhoa, Duchiron, Stella, Stephen, Cat, Rose and Gabrielle

Sunday – Sugar Wreck, Hogfish Reef
Monday – Tiger Beach, Mini Wall
Tuesday – Mt. Olympus, Shark Paradise
Wednesday – El Dorado, Hogfish Reef
Thursday – El Captaain, Tiger Beach, Sugar Wreck
Friday – Shark Paradise

Saturday June 6th
After guest boarded, the Carib Dancer depart Old Bahama Bay for a week of diving on the West End of Grand Bahama.

Sunday June 7th
Our first stop this week was the Sugar Wreck.  The Sugar Wreck sits in 20-25 feet of water and is covered with Marine Life, which made for an excellent dive site to check weight, camera and equipment.  While diving the Sugar Wreck we saw Rays, Nurse Sharks, Eels, Clams and a Huge Variety of Schooling Fish.  After enjoying the Sugar Wreck we cruised to Hogfish Reef and swam with Mackerel, Nassau, Black and Tiger Groupers, Angelfish, Several Lemon Sharks and a rare find for the Bahamas a Broadanded Moray Eel.

Monday June 8th
The guest of the Carib Dancer made their first visit to Tiger Beach and enjoyed several big Lemon Sharks and one guest Steven did watch a Tiger Shark swim into the area but kept its distances.  After spending the morning at Tiger Beach we headed to the dive site call Mini Wall.  The dive site Mini Wall is made up of two large Coral Mounds that start around 30 feet and slope down to about 70 feet, each side where it slopes looks like Mini Walls, between these two mound is a strip of white sand.  We enjoyed seeing Rays, Mackerel, Lobsters, and Eels and were visited by Nurse, Caribbean Reef and Lemon Sharks.

Tuesday June 9th
Mt. Olympus is where we started exploring the underwater reef for this Tuesday.  The reef system of Mt. Olympus starts about 40 feet, one side slopes to about 100 feet while the other side slopes to about 1000 plus feet.  It is a Huge Very Colorful Reef and we could dive all day here and never see it all.  While diving Mt. Olympus we saw Spotted Eels, Ocean Triggerfish, Roughtail Stingrays, Queen Angelfish, Mackerel, Nurse, Caribbean Reef and Lemon Sharks.  To finish the day we made way to Shark Paradise.  This site had it all today.  We encountered schools of Mackerel, Snappers, a Hawksbill Turtle, Nurse Sharks, Caribbean Reef Sharks and a couple of Tiger Sharks.  Both of the afternoon dives we enjoyed here the guest and crew of the Carib Dancer saw a couple of Tiger Sharks.

Wednesday June10th
While guest were enjoying a wonderful breakfast the Carib Dancer made her way to El Dorado for a couple of morning dives.  I’m not sure if I have ever seen so many Snappers in one area.  Just off to right of the mooring pin was a canyon that was covered with Hundreds and Hundreds of Snappers.  As I swam through them they would just close in behind me, leaving me stuck in the middle.  Also while diving El Dorado we encountered Goldentail Moray, Sharpnose Puffers, Giant Slit-Pore Sea Rods, Caribbean Reef Sharks, Lemon Sharks, Spotted Eagle Rays, Hawksbill Turtle and a Huge Loggerhead Turtle.  Due to some weather issue we couldn’t make the afternoon Tiger Beach so we headed to Hogfish Reef where we swam with Huge Midnight Parrotfish, Greater Amberjacks, Hundreds of Tropical Fish and Several Nurse and Big Lemon Sharks.

Thursday June 11th
On our last full day of diving we started the morning at El Captaain.  This huge coral mound is covered with Marine Life, Canyons to swim through and even a few Caribbean Reef and Lemon Sharks.  Wait let’s not forget about another Eagle Ray.  Next we spend a few hours over at Tiger Beach.  We didn’t see any Tiger Sharks but we did have a couple of Big Lemon Sharks come up close and personal.  We finished the day with a late afternoon and night dive on the Sugar Wreck.  During the day the Sugar Wreck s an Awesome dive but in the late afternoon and night, WOW!  Not only did we encounter a variety of schooling fish, but also Green and Spotted Moray Eels, Nurse and Caribbean Reef Sharks, Hawksbill and one of the Largest Loggerhead Turtles I have even seen.  The Loggerhead spook me a little, well a lot when during the night dive it came up from behind me and as I turn he was only a couple feet away.

Friday June 12th
We finished a Great week of diving the West End of Grand Bahama diving Shark Paradise.  This dive site has earned its name, we encounter lots of Sharks again, plus it’s a beautiful reef.
The Crew would like to Thank Everyone For Joining Us On The Carib Dancer In The Bahamas!!!  

Hope To See Everyone Again Soon…

Best Fishes,

Carib Dancer Crew