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Log Date: Saturday, May 30, 2015
Entry By: Sun Dancer II Crew


Sun Dancer II Captains Log May 30 – June 6
Air Temp. 82 F
Water Temp: 81 – 83 F
Vis: 80-100 Ft

Captain Megan, First Mate John, Engineer Simon , Chef Jerry, Stewardess Elia, Assistant Chef Jean, Divemaster William and Onboard Assistant Conway!

Craig, Paula, Pennie, Wayne, William, Connie, Bob, Debbie, Karl, Mike, Billy, Barb, Robert, Jeanne, Larry, Jeannette, Joel, Carol, Philip and Lisa

Dive Sites Visited:
Sunday:  Long Caye Ridge and Julie’s Jungle
Monday:  Half Moon Caye Wall and Long Caye Wall
Tuesday:  Chain Wall and Dos Chicas
Wednesday:  East Cute and Long Caye Wall
Thursday: Blue Hole and Silver Cave
Friday:  Sandy Slope

Another wonderful week started on Saturday when our new friends joined us onboard and made themselves at home in their staterooms and on the dive deck.  The crew had snacks and drinks ready to welcome them as well and a bit later the official introductions and briefings were completed before a delicious dinner was served.  After dessert the Sun Dancer II made her way out to Lighthouse Reef to begin the week of diving at the beautiful Long Caye Ridge.

Sunday: The first day of diving was beautiful with the sea creatures welcoming the divers with their colorful fins and happy fish faces.  The Creole Wrasse charging along the reef parted their stream of purple fluttering fins to allow the divers past and the barracuda continually checked out their new friends as the divers went along their way along the reef and wall.  Off the wall the potential to see Spotted Eagle Rays and sharks increases as they are usually seen gliding and passing back and forth off the wall, there were a few sightings and a turtle was discovered the first day as well.  

Monday: At Half Moon Caye Wall you are almost guaranteed to see something spectacular and today was the same with a SHARK making its way along the reef and giving the divers a chance to check it out.  Over the sand the sting rays were congregating with their fish friends and the shells each had a magical wonder inside sometimes a conch and other times a crab.  The mooring block is home to many different creatures including the sail fin blennies that inhabit the area.  Over the reef you can see the beautiful white sand on one side and the dark blue off the wall on the other, it is the perfect area to leave you options open to see the larger creatures swimming past in the deep and also taking glances over to the sand to check out what might be going on in the turtle grass.  Garden eels are always a favorite and the large angel fish that like to swim around are always photogenic and love to pair up to increase the beauty of the shot as well.  In the afternoon at Long Caye Wall some banded coral shrimp, arrow crabs, arrow blennies, tunicates, wire coral shrimp, file fish and lobsters were all identified as the favorite sights at this beautiful dive site, the entire day was enjoyable and everyone was so happy with their adventures under sea.  On the night dive at least two octopus were seen and they varied in size with one being very big and the other very small, a nice contrast to see both.

Tuesday:  Chain Wall offered an ‘Awesome’ dive according to Craig who we promised to quote regarding the dive.  The sand makes way to the reef and over the edge a shark showed up and made for many remarkable photo opportunities.  The afternoon dives at Dos Chichas also had plenty of splendid sightings with the fish gathered up under the boat and along the reef the topography leading the divers in and out of rocky areas that were home to eels and other surprise creatures you sometimes have to adjust your eyes to see in the shadows.  The whole day was super fun and lived up to its ‘Awesome’ review.  

Wednesday: The dives at East Cut and Long Caye wall today had plenty of amazing sea creatures to check out and enjoy.  The tiny baby drum fish was one of the highlights along with the Spotted Eagle Rays seen soaring along the deep.  Hog fish and grouper are also very friendly and it is a wonderful area of the world to make fish friends.  The smaller less cooperative fish are still photogenic with a little bit of patience and some photo zooming you are able to get really beautiful shots of the Indigo Hamlets and butterfly fish, also the triggers and rainbows are fun to photograph as well.  In the fans and a little more difficult to find are the little file fish and a distant relative of the sea horse can been revealed to you every dive if you train your eye to look out for the trumpet fish that is always fun to watch go from horizontal to vertical so slow you can be sure you are watching a master disguiser.  Another wonderful day under water and the divers were having a lot of fun top side as well.  

Thursday: THE Great Blue Hole happened on a Thursday this week which worked out perfectly with the weather and then followed by the island adventure it made for the perfect morning.  In the afternoon at the site called Silver Cave there was so much amazing stuff to check out starting with our favorite Sea Horse of all times who is impossible to find sometimes but other times we get lucky enough to spot his huge (three and a half inch) self hiding in on the reef.  There was a trunk fish gathering that was so big one of the divers felt the urge to show his dive buddies but just as it sometimes happens once he got their attention the trunk fish show was gone and they were only left with the memory and his dive buddy asking what?  The crabs were seen doing cool crabby stuff and the parrot fish as well living up to their reputation of munching on the reef and having a generally enjoyable time running around the divers.  The spotted eagle ray was amazing off the wall and someone was very happy to have been pointed to an orangutan crab and the dive leader of the group Wayne had a wonderful  time with a shark that was very curious of him and for him the feeling was mutual.

Friday: At Sandy Slope the week had to end with two wonderful morning dives that offered a myriad of different creatures ranging from larger to very small.  The entire week was so enjoyable and we would like to thank each and every one of you for joining us on the Sun Dancer II.

On Behalf of all the Crew we thank you and hope to see you again with us sometime in the future!!!