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Belize Aggressor IV :


Log Date: Saturday, Jun 13, 2015
Entry By: Belize Crew


Sun Dancer II
June 13-20 ,  2015

Water Temp: 82-84 F
Visa: 80-100 feet
Weather: Sunny with breeze

Crew: Captain Eddy, Second Captain Megan, Engineer Simon, Dive master William Chef Carlos,  Assistant Chef Barbara, Stewardess Elia, Onboard Assistant Conway

Dive Sites Visited:

Sunday - Long Caye Ridge and Long Caye Wall
Monday - Site X and Julie’s Jungle
Tuesday -Dos Chichas and Uno Coco
Wednesday - The Blue Hole and Painted Wall
Thursday - Quebrada and Silver Cave
Friday - Sandy Slope

Divers: Walt, Angie, Jack, Mary, Gary, Rob, Barb, Clarissa, Robert, RJ, Vicky, Brian, Pat, Dick, Frank, Rex, Karen, Lynda, Ralph and Suzy

Captains Log:

What a FINS-tastic week!  We were so happy to welcome onboard a wonderful group that was ready to have fun and enjoy their time onboard and underwater with us.  After making themselves at home and comfortable in their staterooms and on the dive deck the divers were treated to a very informative introduction to the boat, the crew and then enjoyed a delicious meal before heading out to Lighthouse Reef in the evening.

The first morning started with incredible diving and schools of chubs and jacks welcoming the divers to the reef all congregated under the boat.  There was a turtle sighting and a tarpon hanging out and looking stoic in the water column.  The first shark was seen at this first dive site and it started the week of great to have at the afternoon site friendly trigger fish and the appearance of dolphins!  The dives at Long Caye Wall were all magical but it is difficult to beat dolphins and octopus which were both seen and admired at this afternoon aquatic wonderland.

Monday morning at Site X had a lot of really fun macro and fun creatures to discover.  there were pederson shrimp doing their cute dance and arrow crabs and ruff neck blennies.  A really small and adorable file fish was discovered disguising itself in the reef fans and the divers that had the patience to linger around and hover above for a few seconds were delighted with it and happy they got to see the tiny file fish, so sweet.  There was a turtle seen feeding on a sponge and it had every kind of angle fish around feeding on the left overs that were floating around in the water next to the turtle and its meal.  At Julie’s Jungle in the afternoon there was a really cool lobster out walking around and a spectacular spotted eel that was happy and fun to check out.  The night dive offered many wonders including two octopus and a squid!  

Dos Chichas had a lot to offer with big HUGE barrel sponges with plenty of marine life living in the nooks and crannies all around.  There was a turtle with an angle fish, a high hat, arrow blennies and a really cool green moray all around and fun to check out.  There was a very photogenic moray as well that liked to pose for pictures and was not shy in the least.  The shark was another highlight of this dive and a golden tailed eel was seen next to ANOTHER moray eel, maybe they were friends.  In the evening at Uno Coco a million beautiful colorful fish were seen all over the reef including the creole wrasse that were out in a commuter train heading from one direction to the other all in a hurry fluttering their fish wings in unison, so fun to watch and try to get in the middle of them, instead of a traffic jam however these fish just break and change directions creating new passages to their destinations down reef, always on the go!

The Blue Hole is always a magical place that divers love to experience and appreciate.  The dive takes you down to the maximum recreational limit and then opens up to give you wide angle views you will never forget.  After this memorable world class dive site the option to head to the beautiful Half Moon Caye Island is available and the chance to see such a tropical paradise was appreciated by all the divers that set foot onto the white sand and those that took a enjoyable walk thru the trees to see the top side wildlife.  After lunch Painted Wall offered a beautiful dive that when one birthday girl headed over the wall she got to see a spotted eagle ray that had a big banner trailing behind it that said Happy Birthday Barb and Angie!  *no wildlife was harmed in the writing of this Captains Log = )  There was a little shark and a turtle, spotted eel and glass shrimp also seen and appreciated on this first dive.  For the afternoon the tarpons off the wall were really cool to check out including scorpion fish, flamingo tongues, baby golden tailed eels, beautiful queen triggers, puffer fish, crabs and a really lovely yellow tailed damsel fish.  What a WONDERFUL day and extra special birthday to Barb and Angie!!!  The night dive also offered some spectacular wonders including a big hawksbill, shark and 2 lobsters!

Thursday at Quebrada has a lot to offer the divers including a spotted baby drum fish, burr fish, lobsters and a scrawled file fish, THREE SHARKS and a bunch of cool nudibranchs and tunicates.  The afternoon at Silver Cave had so much to offer including a giant Seahorse, the biggest turtle ever, sharks that did a few circles around the divers and a really cool free swimming eel. On the night dive the wild sting ray swim right at the divers and a bunch of cute squirrel fish were seen and appreciated along with trunk fish and lobsters everywhere!  Friday was another incredible day at Turneffe island with a friendly Ramora fish that was with the divers making sure they had an entertaining dive, banded shrimp, arrow crabs, morays sting rays and hog fish were all some of the divers favorite sightings.

On behalf of all of the crew of the Sun Dancer II we would like to thank you for joining us this week, we enjoyed having you on board and underwater with us and hope to see you again!!!  We LOVE YOU FINS!!!!!

Thank YOU