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Log Date: Saturday, Jul 04, 2015
Entry By: Captain Dennis


Carib Dancer Captain’s Log 4-11 July 2015


Air Temp. 77-83+ F

Water Temp. 79-84 F

Visibility 75-100+ft



Captain Dennis

Instructor Celeste

Instructor David D

Chef Brent

Dolphin Specialist Gene

Dolphin Specialist Jeff



Mike, Debbie, Steven, Caryn, Bruno, Samia and Georges



Saturday July 4th

This is our third and final week of Unique Charters with Conscious Breath Adventures, enjoying encounters with the Atlantic Bottlenose and Spotted Dolphins.     Guest board the Carib Dancer on the USA Independence Day and enjoyed a BBQ Dinner while we made our way to the first anchorage of the week Great Isaac Islands. The Carib Dancer dropped her anchor only a few hundred feet from the lighthouse on Great Isaac Island located on the Northwest Part Of The Great Bahama Bank.


Sunday July 5th

It was just after breakfast near the lighthouse where we came across our first pod of Spotted Dolphins for the week. Before this day was done we had encountered and swam with around 40 Spotted Dolphins and a few Bottlenose.


Monday July 6th

Our Monday started with a dive on Bimini Road also known as The Road to Atlantis. A shallow dive site where we came up close to Schools of Fish, Rays, Eels and a couple of Nurse Sharks. During the midday we spent some time with Bottlenose Dolphins. After we made our way to snorkel an Old Wooden Boat Wreck just off Hen & Chickens. The area was covered with Soft Corals, Schools of Fish, Barracuda’s and a variety of Marine Life. On our way to the night anchorage we came across some Bottlenose Dolphins that entertained the guest and crew of the Carib Dancer. It was a Relaxing Fun Filled Day around The Bimini Islands.


Tuesday July 7th

It was a very relaxing morning diving the Hesperus a small wreck just North of Bimini in 20 feet of water. The wreck was covered with Schooling Fish, Turtles, Nurse Sharks and Lots of Stingrays.  Our afternoon was filled with being in and out of the water with Spotted and Bottlenose Dolphins. While in the water many of the Spotted Dolphins coming in some cases within inches of divers. At one point we had over 15 Dolphins swimming around us so fast it was hard to keep up what Dolphin was next to you while swimming.


Wednesday July 8th

This was our last day in the Bimini Islands, but before heading to the Little Bahama Bank off the West End of Grand Bahama we enjoying swimming with around 20 Spotted Dolphins with the Great Isaac Lighthouse in the background. It was a wonderful way to end the last day in Bimini and Great Isaac.


Thursday July 9th

We started our Thursday with a dive on Shark Paradise where we enjoyed swimming with a Variety of Marine Life including Nurse Sharks, Caribbean Reef Sharks and Lemon Sharks. After we cruised the White Sand Ridges for Dolphins.   Throughout the day we had Dolphins bow riding the Carib Dancers bow, crater feeding and being up close and personal with guest in the water.


Friday July 10th

We ended our last day and final week of Unique Charters with Conscious Breath Adventures and the Atlantic Bottlenose & Spotted Dolphins of The Bahamas but watch Big Bottlenose Dolphins Bow Ride The Carib Dancer.   While making our way back to the dock we stopped at the Sugar Wreck and enjoyed some scuba diving and snorkeling. We had close encounters with a huge Variety Of Marine life. Several Species of Fish, Eels, Small Hawksbill Turtle, Stingrays and Nurse Shark was just some of the Fish and Creatures we enjoyed up close and personal.



The Crew would like to Thank Everyone For Joining Us On The Carib Dancer In The Bahamas!!! A Special Thank You goes out to Gene Flipse of Conscious Breath Adventures that arranged this Special Charter and shows us the Awesome World of the Bottlenose and Spotted Dolphins of the Bahamas. Assisting Gene was Jeff Pantukhoff of The Whaleman Foundation. Gene and Jeff shared a wealth of information about these wonderful animals with the Guest and Crew of The Carib Dancer. I personally can’t wait until next year!


Come And Join Us In The Bahamas For A Holiday Full Of Fun, Excitement, Exploring and Relaxation! Hope To See Everyone Soon…


Best Fishes,


Carib Dancer Crew