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Log Date: Saturday, Jul 04, 2015
Entry By: Sun Dancer II Crew


Sun Dancer II Captains Log July 4-11

Air Temp. 82 F

Water Temp: 81 – 83 F

Vis: 80-100 Ft


Captain Eddy, Second Captain Megan, First Mate John, Engineer Simon , Chef Jerry, Stewardess Elia, Assistant Chef Jean and Michael! 


Doug, Donal, Carolyn, Walter, Lindsay, Doug, Lisa, Pat, Bob, Kim, Sylvia and Gordon Patricia and Susan!

Dive Sites Visited:

Sunday:  Long Caye Ridge and Long Caye Wall

Monday:  Painted Wall and Julie’s Jungle

Tuesday:  Half Moon Caye Wall and Dos Chichas

Wednesday:  The Blue Hole and Silver Cave

Thursday: Quebrada and Site X

Friday:  Sandy Slope


A wonderful week onboard and underwater!  We had the opportunity to welcome back friends from past charters including Patricia and Susan and group leaders Gordon and Sylvia who brought a bunch of new friends and fun people to join us this week.  On Saturday everyone was welcomed onboard and made themselves comfortable in their staterooms and found spots on the dive deck to set up.  Once upstairs drinks and appetizers were enjoyed and then the briefing and then dinner was served.  After dessert the Sun Dancer II made her way out to Lighthouse Reef to begin the fun filled week of diving at Long Caye Island.

The first day was amazing at Long Caye Wall and Long Caye Ridge, the sights had so much to offer.  There was a school of barracuda running around under the boat and along the reef and a big grouper making eyes at the divers as they passed.  The school of jacks under the boat also added a lot of ‘welcome’ to the first dive and on a soft fan there was discovered a cool fire worm.  The blennies, trumpet fish and other colorful friends were all over and fun to watch move and swim around.  One surprising discovery came when a baby flamingo tongue was seen and appreciated no bigger then a grain of wild rice the little creature had the distinct marking of a flamingo tongue but was only big enough to hold onto the fan and looked almost invisible unless you stared for a few seconds.  The afternoon site had two sharks and the first turtle of the week.  Tarpons all under the boat and numbering into the dozens were fun to watch as they barely moved and stood around waiting for the night dive to really pick up the pace for a hunt.  On the night dive a cool squid and crab were seen in addition to all the other fun night dive creatures that come out to feed and enjoy the nocturnal hours out and about on the reef.  

On Painted wall the next morning there was a spotted eagle ray and millions of Bermuda all around, the next dive there another couple of spotted eagle rays were seen one over the wall.  The biggest surprise was finding a day time octopus and turtles and eels made it all the more memorable.  For the afternoon dives at Julie’s Jungle the reef with its defining cracks and topography made the dive enjoyable and wonderful with fish of all sizes out and about including the barracuda that keeps an eye on everything going on and the friendly groupers that like to tag along for the journey along the reefs edge.  A flock of Creole wrasse swam past looking like a waterfall of birds coming over the side of the rocks and swimming past the divers only momentarily separating to allow the divers or reef into their steady stream of committed migration.   It was a very enjoyable day and also fun night dive for everyone that jumped in.

At Half Moon Caye Wall the next morning it was one of the most beautiful dive sites of the week and everyone appreciated getting to see the gloriousness of this underwater paradise.  There was a surprise juvenile angle fish and a little tiny sharp nose puffer that was so adorable it needed mentioning as well as a huge turtle and even a nice jelly fish was seen and appreciated.  The white sand made way for the garden eels to come out and along the reef you are welcomed to the wall side with a beautiful blue that opens up and you have the chance to see something big swimming past.  The afternoon dives at Dos Chichas were really fun with Susan snorkeling getting to see 4 baby reef sharks which was probably a fun visions because she said they looked playful with each other much like a pack of puppies running around and into each other.  There was a wild eel and on one dive a shark, turtle, HUGE eel, the biggest lobster known to man and beast and a really cool yellow line crab that looks like something from Tim Burton’s A Nightmare Before Christmas character cast. A wonderfully fun day was had by all.

The Blue Hole was the first dive of the day and it was memorable for those getting to do it for the first time and enjoyable to everyone that we got to make our way into the world famous dive site.  The stalactites were notable and remarkable for the divers to swim behind to get the view of the blue and back lit geology.  After the island adventure was offered and those who wanted to check out Half Moon Caye island did so with the chance to see birds and other land based creatures.  Once returning to the boat lunch was served and then we headed to one of our favorite dive sites called Silver Cave.  There was an octopus and crab there to greet the divers as well as 2 eels and a big lobster not to mention the amazingly huge sea horse we make it a point to try and find here each week!  It was a very memorable day because of all the enjoyable sights and adventures onboard and underwater including the island land excursion! 

Thursday and Friday had a lot of amazing dives with the morning at Quebrada and afternoon the mysterious Site X.  All the fish were out in full force swimming around and with the divers as they made their way along the reef’s wall and up and over into the shallows and top of the reef.  So much to see and appreciate that it felt like the trumpet fish and drum fish were playing in unison with the parrots watching the show and other creatures out and about amongst the divers all happy and the reef healthy.  At Sandy Slope on Turneffe Island on Friday morning there was so much to see on the two dives including 4 lobsters and a spotted eel, a spiny lobster and yellow line arrow crab, a big coral had everything mentioned above and really delivered a lot in a small area. There was a cool see anemone and a bunch of hilarious sand tile fish a REALLY friendly grouper that made a best friend with one of the divers and someone came back to report that they had discovered the coolest eel ever and who are we to argue this claim!

It was a truly wonderful week and we would like to Thank you all for joining us and having your vacation with us onboard the Sun Dancer II.  We appreciate you coming back to dive with us and snorkel with us and hope to see you all soon in the future.

On behalf of all the crew of the Sun Dancer II – Thank You!