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Log Date: Saturday, Jul 11, 2015
Entry By: Sun Dancer II Crew


Sun Dancer II Captains Log for July 11-18,  2015

Water Temp: 82-84 F
Visa: 100 feet
Weather: Sunny

Crew: Captain Megan, First Mate John, Engineer Simon, Divemaster William, Chef Jerry,  Assistant Chef Jean, Stewardess Elia, Onboard Assistant Conway and Michael

Dive Sites Visited:

Sunday - Julies Jungle and Long Caye Ridge
Monday - Chain Wall and Site X
Tuesday - Half Moon Caye Wall and Dos Chichas
Wednesday - Blue Hole and Long Caye Wall
Thursday - Painted Wall and Silver Cave
Friday - Silver Cave

Divers: Dave, Kris, Gale, Michele, Bob, Becky, Jerry, Tricia, Anne, Raylana, Gweneth, Bill, Scott, Diann, Pat, Lynn, Jackie and Steve AND our sun bathing beauty Emily!

Captains Log:
A beautiful and delightful week onboard the Sun Dancer II this week.  On Saturday we welcomed onboard our friends from the past and new friends of the future.  Everyone was looking forward to this week and at 3 pm in the afternoon we were happy to have the divers step onboard and find their dive deck spots and to make themselves at home in their staterooms. Upstairs in the salon the appetizers and drinks were waiting to be enjoyed and once everyone was onboard the safety and welcome briefing took place before a delicious dinner was served.  Shortly after dinner the Sun Dancer II departed for Lighthouse Reef and in the morning the wonderful diving started.
Sunday we started the day of diving at Julies Jungle and the divers were happy to see a turtle on the first dive and other beautifully colored fish.  The creole wrasse made their way along the reef and the other fun sea creatures were all out and about to welcome the divers to their underwater world.  At Long Caye Ridge before the first afternoon dive a pod of dolphins were swimming past the boat just after a majority of the divers had already jumped in, the few still on board got to see the happy dolphins swimming past.  On this dive a spotted eagle ray was seen and enjoyed as well as a drum fish, lobster and someone even got to see a hermit crab fighting with another hermit crab!  The night dive had many nice sightings including 3 enormous and intricate basket stars, arrow and hermits crabs, lobsters, conch on the move, tarpons and the exciting sightings of octopus and squid!
Monday welcomed us with best weather we could expect. Water was very calm and turquoise color. After tasty breakfast we had our first dive at Chain Wall. All divers were very happy to see two reef sharks, eagle rays and big barracuda hanging around just below Sun Dancer. One of the reef sharks went up to the surface to greet our divers after their dive. 2nd dive at Chain Wall was so good that everyone wanted to stay for a 3rd dive here. Clear water and a lot of marine creatures made all divers very satisfied.  Next we moved to Site X, where a spotted eagle ray, arrow crab, drum fish and many other reef fish were accompanying our divers. Night dive our divers spotted 2 big lobsters, moray eel cleaned by shrimps and hunting tarpons.
Tuesday morning we started our morning dive at Half Moon Cay wall. Great visibility and warm water enhanced all divers to do a long relaxing dive. Our divers saw eagle rays, big bump-head parrotfish and many beautiful colorful reef fish. Second dive at Half Moon Cay our divers saw eagle ray, tarpon, jack fish and garden eels hiding in the sandy bottom. On the way back we spotted a grouper which let divers approach very closely and we could take some great pictures. We moved Sun Dancer to Dos Chichas, were we did our afternoon dives. From big fish our divers spotted: barracudas and groupers, big moray eel and eagle rays were also seen. After tasty and entertaining dinner we had a night dive. We saw barracuda and hunting tarpons, baby scorpion fish, octopus, shrimps and crabs.
Wednesdays great weather conditions allowed us to relocate our boat to Blue Hole. Our divers went for a deep morning dive and swim between stalactites. Instead of doing second dive and putting on fins we had a tour to Half Moon Cay Island. After 5 days of full diving trip our guests finally could put on flip flops and feel a warm white sand below theirs feet. Afterwards we did 2 afternoon dives at Long Cay Wall and a night dive.
Thursday morning we moved Sun Dancer to Painted Wall, which is one of the shallow dives. Our divers saw mantis shrimp and a lot of colorful fish, one of divers described this dive as being in an aquarium. Second dive at Painted Wall was even better as some of our divers saw a hammerhead shark. On our afternoon dives we moved to Silver Caves. Dives with colorful coral gardens and a deep walls. During our dusk dive we saw a sea horse and moved Sun Dancer to Sandy Slopes.
Friday morning we did 2 dives at Sandy Slopes where our divers saw a huge Turtle among other amazing aquatic surprises. On behalf of all the crew of the Sun Dancer II we would like to thank you for joining us this week and hope to see you again soon!!!