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Log Date: Saturday, Jul 11, 2015
Entry By: Carib Crew


Carib Dancer Captain’s Log 11-17 2015


Air Temp. 77-90+ F

Water Temp. 84-86 F

Visibility 75-100+ft



Captain Dennis

2nd Captain David P.

Instructor Celeste

Instructor David D.

Chef Brent



Uif, Sheridan, Kristopher, Ted, Andrea, Martin, Julie, Cary, Thomas, Dariusz, Steven, Don, Debra and David B.



Sunday – Sugar Wreck, Tiger Beach

Monday – Eldorado, Mini Wall

Tuesday – Tiger Beach, Shark Paradise, Sugar Wreck

Wednesday – Drift Mini Wall, Hogfish Reef

Thursday – Shark Paradise


Saturday July 11th

After guest boarded we Carib Dancer departed Old Bahama Bay, our guest enjoyed clear skies and calm seas while making way to our night anchorage near Tiger Beach.  


Sunday July 12th

One of the best dive sites to check our equipment before a long week of diving in the Bahamas is the Sugar Wreck. In the early 1800’s a barge carrying Molasses sank in 18-20 feet of water on the Little Bahama Bank. It was long before fish and other Marine Life found a new home. Now on the Sugar Wreck while checking dive equipment you can also make sure that your cameras and video equipment is working correctly. That is just what our guest did on the first dive while swimming with a Variety of Schooling Fish, Spotted Moray Eels, Large Barracuda, and Huge Nurse Sharks, one of the Biggest Loggerhead Turtles. Then as we were exiting the water a Pod of 10 Atlantic Spotted Dolphins swam up to the back of the Carib Dancer. Some guest was still in the water; others jump right back in for some playtime. After an Amazing morning on the Sugar Wreck, the Carib Dancer made way to Tiger Beach. On this day we didn’t see Tiger Sharks, however we did have very close encounters with Barracudas, Spotted Moray Eels, Nurse Sharks and Many Lemon Sharks that swam only a few inches away from divers.



Monday July 13th

The dive site Eldorado with Spotted Drums, Moray Eels, Scorpionfish, Jawfish and Nurse Sharks is how we started Monday morning. Mini Wall was next where we enjoyed a colorful reef with a huge variety of Marine Life. But the fun part was having 4 Caribbean Reef Sharks and 6 Lemon Sharks, all well over 6 feet swim circles around us while we took some pictures and video.


Tuesday July 14th

We started the day at Tiger Beach where we enjoyed los of Lemon Sharks, a few Caribbean Reef Shark and a Big Nurse Shark. Our afternoon was on Shark Paradise and swam with Large Black Groupers, Nurse Sharks, Caribbean Reef Sharks and Lemon Sharks. Even with all he sharks swimming around we still enjoy the small stuff like Jawfish, Spotted Moray Eels and a Variety Wrasses. The night dive was on the Sugar Wreck and like before it was covered with Marine Life including one of the Largest Loggerhead Turtles I’ve ever seen.


Wednesday July 15th

Our first dive this morning was a Drift Dive on Mini Wall. Even slowly drifting along the reef we were able to get up-close and personal with Spotted Moray Eels, Triggerfish, Schools of Grunts and Snappers and a few Caribbean Reef Sharks. Hogfish Reef was next and we were able to enjoy Nudibranch, Large Stoplight Parrotfish, Nurse Sharks, Caribbean Reef Sharks and a couple of Lemon Sharks.


Thursday July 16th

Our last dive of the trip was on Shark Paradise where we enjoyed seeing more Sharks here then any other dive site. Swimming close to Nurse, Caribbean Reef and Lemon Sharks, all were at least 6 feet was an excellent way to finish the week of diving the West End of Grand Bahama.


The Crew would like to Thank Everyone For Joining Us On The Carib Dancer In The Bahamas!!!


Hope To See Everyone Again Soon…


Best Fishes,


Carib Dancer Crew