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Belize Aggressor III :


Log Date: Saturday, Jul 11, 2015
Entry By: Belize Crew


Belize Aggressor III Captain’s Log

July 11-18, 2015




Avg. Sea State: flat to choppy

Avg. Winds:

Avg. Water Temp: 80F

Avg. Air Temp: 88F

Avg. Visibility: 70ft



Capt. Jay

Capt. Chris

Chef Anna

Stewardess – Vanessa

Instructor – Ken

Divemaster – Max


This week our old friends, Mike & Mike from the Jim Church School of Underwater Photography, came back to the Belize Aggressor III, along with several of their regular entourage as well as some new faces. Welcome Aboard Mike, Mike, and another Mike, Stoo, Joey, Julia, Meaghan, Laura, Stephen, Jen, Chris, Dan, Doug, Sue, John, Thomas, and Dave.


Saturday July 11, 2015

As our guests boarded after 3:00pm, we said hello to old friends and were introduced to new ones. The charters with Mike & Mike are always a fun time, and this week started out no differently with a lot of joking around as everyone got settled in, some relaxing, some setting up cameras, and checking out their home for the week.


Sunday July 12, 2015

Sandy Slope & Zip line

The diving started over on the West side of Turneffe Atoll at Sandy Slope in the morning and then Zip line in the afternoon. We had a little bit of everything on this dive, with sightings of a batfish, a seahorse, free swimming moray eel, an Eagle ray, a Southern stingray, several neck crabs, tons of garden eels and razor fish, lots of lobster, a hawksbill turtle, and an very large shark sucker remora swimming around as we did the safety stop.


Monday July 13, 2015

Black Beauty & Front Porch

Monday we motored down to the Southern end of Turneffe and spent the morning at Black Beauty and afternoon at Front Porch. There was a lot to see today…a couple free swimming morays, pair of Eagle rays and then another Eagle ray flying solo, friendly hawksbill turtles that let us swim alongside them, rainbow parrotfish, schools of creole wrass, lots of crabs, spotted moray, scorpionfish, and a rather aggressive damselfish that I am glad is doesn’t grow any larger than a few inches.


Tuesday July 14, 2015

Blue Hole & Long Caye Wall

Though typically we don’t see much marine life in the Blue Hole, we did see a juvenile Caribbean Reef Shark circling the unique stalactite formations. As the day went on, we saw more sharks, a huge Eagle Ray swimming across the reef in the shallows, a friendly hawksbill, a school of 2 dozen tarpon, and lots of horse-eye jacks.


Wednesday July 15, 2015

Chain Wall & Silver caves

Wednesday was definitely the day of the sharks. We had some cool encounters over at chain wall with 4 Caribbean Reef sharks, and then had 2 swimming amongst the guests over at Silver Caves. We also found a very elegant lined seahorse, found spotted and green morays, and had fun looking for different species of blennies that inhabit the reef.


Thursday July 16, 2015

Long Caye Ridge & Painted Wall

The shark encounters continued, as 3 different Caribbean Reef sharks came to check out the divers as they took photos of macro subjects on the wall. On top of the reef we saw blennies, white nose pipefish, slender filefish, neck crabs, and in the sand we found a Southern Stingray and an octopus.


Friday July 17, 2015

The week ended on a high note with sightings of Sharks, turtles, and a free swimming moray. And the macro photographers got the last pics of the week of neck crabs, wire coral shrimp, skeleton shrimp, flamingo tongues, arrow blennies, sail fin blennies, jawfish and lots of other macro life.


We do want to congratulate Stoo on becoming an IRON DIVER! And thank you Stoo for choosing the Belize Aggressor III to do this achievement after being on over 50 Aggressor/Dancer charters!


Also, Happy Birthday to Stephen and Stoo!


Congrats to Meaghan on completing the SSI Nitrox course.


Congrats to Doug on his 1000th Dive!


Thank you Mike & Mike for hosting such a great week! And thank you to all our guests who visited us on the BA3 and made it such a fun week.


Hope to see you again soon.