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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Jul 18, 2015
Entry By: Captain Lauren


Cayman Aggressor IV Captains Log July 18 - 25, 2015.

Water temp 82F/28C
Air Temp 80s
Vis 80-100Ft

Skin, shorts and rash guard or shortie suit.

Saturday,  a great day in Cayman with 17 guests arriving from the, United States, Portugal and even Germany via Spain!  Time to head into town and purchase some liquor, then settle in for a BBQ Ribs and Jerk Chicken dinner on the sun deck while we awaited the arrival of Lauren and Mitch.  After a few delays they made it to the dock. Yay.  After the briefing and Boat Orientation most folks hit the hay, to catch some much needed zzzzs and dream about tomorrows diving. 

Sunday, First dive of the week was on the wreck of the Kittiwake.  Sunk four years ago in 55ft of water, an Ex Submarine support vessel.  Everyone brushed off the cobwebs and had a great dive exploring the ins and outs, engine room, galley, recompression chambers and helm.  The hunt was on for the Plaque, well done Javon!  With everyone ready to go, gills now wet we motored around to the north side, Sting Ray City.  This seems to be the highlight for most everyone on the trip.   got an impressive lasting souvenir!   Beautiful Stingrays swim right up to us looking for some wonderful tasting squid.  There was some quality stingray wrangling and a near perfect circle!  Its an experience not to be missed.  Deli style lunch on the top deck while we cruise to the East North Side, Babylon.  Fabulous dive, large pinnacle looming up from the deep that we corkscrewed our way up and around.  A Leopard Flat Worm and a large decorator crab were spotted, along with a few lionfish, a moray eel and hundreds of wrasse and chromis running over the reef.  A couple of giant snapper counted us back on board, and we are off… Little Cayman here we come.  A near perfect crossing!   Dinner and Kingsleys awesome Key lime Pie for dessert, I know what Im having.

Monday; Randys Gazebo was our first dive site on Little Cayman.  Calm seas and excellent visibility with Chimneys, an Archway, the Wall and ledges and super friendly Groupers.  A large Green Moray was tucked up under a ledge and right under the boat a Turtle was busy chowing down on a sponge with a feisty French Angel Fish for company.  This was a great welcome site to start our first day of diving in Little Cayman.  The Meadows was next stop for the day.  At the Meadows we negotiated swim throughs taking us under the main wall, to emerge and be inspected by Reef Sharks.  Trevor was adopted by a Large Nassau Grouper, who stuck with him the whole dive!   The shallow coral heads were buzzing with life, snappers, chubs, wrasse, a couple of very bold Barracuda and a school of squid – right under the dinghy! A successful night dive with Octopus, Massive Crabs, various anemones, coral feeding and Javon and Trevor taking a course… in the dark!

Tuesday,  Lea Leas lookout was our first morning dive, with flat calm seas and 100+ viz, it was a treat for all, the wall here has so much growth, sponges, sea whips,  sea fans and of course our resident grouper cruising with us. After a delicious lunch we moved to the Mixing Bowl, where two worlds meet, Bloody Bay and Jackson Wall, this has got it all, from the pristine wall, the schooling life on top of the wall with Schoolmasters, Chubs Yellow tails, and Blue striped Grunts and the macro critters hiding in the sand. Several divers returned with tales of the elusive Jaw fish with eggs!! Then it was a sunset dinner cruise all the way to Cayman Brac. Our dive site for the night dive was the Russian Destroyer, lots to see on here at night, and with happy divers returning talking of numerous Octopus, Just another day in the life of the Cayman Aggressor IV.

 Wednesday; The day started with a couple of dives on the Wreck – guests were amazed to see where they had been diving the night before.  This wreck was completely explored, inside and out, our ex military divers relived memories! Burgers on the Sundeck and a cruise back to Little Cayman. We returned to Bloody Bay Wall, Donnas Delight. Most of the divers headed East along the wall and made it down to Marilyns Cut and the excellent swim-thru to be found there. On the swim back to the boat a large Green Moray was seen in hunting mode along with his partner in crime, a large Nassau Grouper. Right under the boat several of us spotted a Nurse Shark swimming around and in no hurry to go anywhere. Next up was Bus Stop. Always a favorite.   Swim-thrus down sandy chutes leading out to the wall, resident Groupers cruised with the divers and several Reef Sharks made an appearance on both dives, one cheeky young shark followed us right back to the boat policing divers making sure we did our safety stop!   The shallow mini wall rewarded divers with a haven of juvenile critters, macro life including Sailfin Blennies.  Finishing up the day with a Dusk Dive, dinner a drink and early to bed, as tomorrow we start at 6am! 

Thursday;  Nancys Cup of Tea was our early morning dive.  This is an absolutely superb dive site.  The wall is vertical with huge colorful sponges.  Some local Sharks were also up early to meet us on the wall, to keep us company the entire dive!  The largest nurse shark I have ever seen joined us on our tour of ancient anchors embedded in the reef and a Goliath Grouper made an appearance later in the morning. Last but not by any means least, the Great Wall of Bloody Bay!  The perfect dive to say farewell to Little Cayman.  This immense expanse of wall and never ending blue water in truly a site to behold.   Placid turtles transiting along the wall, great photos, and of course the Godfather of the reef – Freddy the Nassau Grouper.  Everyone had the chance to meet and greet with Freddy.  Happy hour and off back to Grand Cayman, Turkey Dinner on the way.

Friday, After the late night crossing back to Grand Cayman our first dive of the morning was Big Tunnels.  A maze of tunnels, swim throughs and archways ranging from 100ft to 50 feet, Turtle feeding zone, angelfish and Deep Ocean Trigger Fish everywhere!  Devils Grotto was our last dive of the week and is always a favorite.  Swimthroughs, Caves, Cracks and Crevices were there for the exploring.  Along with Tarpon, a nurse shark and turtle action – spectacular!!!  It wasnt a deep dive so everyone had lots of time underwater to end a great week of diving on the Cayman Aggressor IV, still the best place for Eating, Sleeping and Diving.   Thanks for a great week, and congratulations Trevor for completing his Nitrox and Advanced, John for completing his Nitrox and Javon on his Night Diver Specialty!   Happy Birthday Rosemary, also Brandon and Javon clocked the magic 100 dives this week.  It has been great to get to know you all. safe travels to all and safe diving.   See you all again soon.

Dive Safe
Cayman Aggressor IV Crew