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Log Date: Saturday, Jul 18, 2015
Entry By: Captain Dennis


Carib Dancer Captain’s Log 18-25 July 2015


Air Temp. 77-90+ F

Water Temp. 79-86 F

Visibility 75-100+ft



Captain Dennis

2nd Captain David P.

Instructor Celeste

Instructor David D.

Chef Brent



Ashley W., Cole, Terry, Donnie, Ashley B., Justin, Nicki, Doug, Beverly, David V., Dana, Wayne



Sunday – Periwinkle Reef, Pillar Wall, Flat Rock Reef

Monday – Crab Reef, Dog Rocks, Lobster No Lobster, Closemon

Tuesday – Austin Smith, Washing Machine, 3 Peaks Reef, Danger Reef

Wednesday – Swimming Pigs, Jeep Reef, Amberjack Reef, Parrotfish Reef

Thursday – Whales Tail Wall, Jewfish Wall, Austin Smith, Blacktip Wall

Friday – Blue Hole


Saturday July 18th

Our first charter back from diving the West End of Grand Bahama was a Special one with Owner Wayne Brown joining the Carib Dancer for a week of Exploring The Exuma islands. After Guest and Wayne boarded the Carib Dancer departed her homeport of Elizabeth On Bay and made way to anchor just off Rose Island near our first dive site Periwinkle Reef.


Sunday July 19th

After watching a wonderful sunrise we raised the anchor and moved over to a shallow reef called Periwinkle. Located just off Rose Island about 10 miles from Nassau, the three Colorful Large Coral Heads that make up Periwinkle Reef sits in 18-20 feet of water. This dive site is one of the best for checking equipment, working on buoyance and having new students do their first open water dive. When swimming around making sure camera’s work and bubbles go up we encountered a huge variety of small tropical fish, Porcupinefish and Stingrays. After enjoying Periwinkle Reef we made way to our first dive site the Exuma Islands, Pillar Wall. While diving Pillar Wall we swam near the Great Barracuda, Schooling Atlantic Spadefish, a couple of Caribbean Reef Sharks and a Beautiful Spotted Eagle Ray. We finished the day on Flat Rock Reef where guest enjoyed a night dive that was full Marine Life. During the over one hour dive we took pictures of Channel Clinging Crabs, Yellowline Arrow Crabs, more Sponge and Reticulated Brittle Stars then I could count and lets mot forget several Common Octopus.


Monday July 20th

Crab Reef was where the Carib Dancer and her guest started this Monday morning. Some of the Reef Coral that was seen while diving was Grooved Brain Coral, Lesser Starlet Coral, Sea Fans and a Variety of Sea Rods. Add some small Rainbow Wrasses, Blue Chromis, Schools of Snappers and Cero Mackerel made for an excellent way to start a Monday morning. Next stop is my personal favorite, Dog Rocks. There are a few things that I enjoy about diving Dog Rocks. To start, the amount of Hard and Soft Corals on the Reef, another is the Variety of Marine Life and all the Swim Thru’s and Canyons to swim in and out of. When our guest Donnie exited the water after he and I swam through several Swim Thru’s and Canyons said, “I believe that was my best dive ever”. After several hours on Dog Rocks we headed in to dive a couple of the shallow site on the Great Bahama Bank, the first stop was Lobster No Lobster. The dive site of Lobster No Lobster is so large of an area that we have three mooring throughout the reef system. The Corals are Colorful and Marine Life Plentiful. Today we saw Rays, Snappers, Squirrelfish, Blennies and Butterflyfish and of course several Caribbean Spiny Lobsters. Our night dive was on Closemon Reef. Closemon is a fringing that runs along one of many Rocks and Cays that make up the Bahamas. With all is Gorgonians and Marine Plants diving Closemon is like diving an underwater garden.


Tuesday July 21st

Over the last few days we enjoyed some the Reefs and Walls the Exuma Islands has to offer and during these dives we have seen some Sharks. But it was time to spent some underwater time with lots of Sharks and the Best Dive Site for that is The Wreck Of The Austin Smith. The top of the wreck sits in about 35 to 40 feet of water and while the wreck is fun on its on, we do see up to about 10-12 Caribbean Reef Sharks while diving the Austin Smith. A few of the guest enjoyed some up-close and personal encounters when the Caribbean Reef Shark would swim only a few inches away. After a Sharks Adventure it was time for an Adventure from Mother Ocean. The Washing Machine Dive is a Drift dive between Highborne Cay and Oyster Cay when the tide is rising. During this rising tide the deep waters of the Exuma Sounds makes its way to the shallow Great Bahama Bank. When that rising water is force through the small opening between the two islands it makes for a fun underwater current to ride. Riding this current along in enjoyable, but due to the contour of the bottom and a diver get spun around like being inside of a washing machine during the spin cycle. It was a busy morning and while guest enjoyed a wonderful lunch, they also enjoyed a smooth ride as the Carib Dancer made her way down to the Exuma Land & Sea Park. 3 Peaks was our first dive site in the Exuma Park. The Exuma Park is a no take park and because of this the Rays, Lobsters, Groupers and Reef Sharks are just a little bigger then other areas. Our last dive of the day was Danger Reef when as soon as we entered the water, Large Black Groupers, Schools of Horse-Eye Jacks and Snappers greeted us as well a few Caribbean Reef Sharks.


Wednesday July 22nd

One of the things I love about being in the Bahamas is the diversity of what it has to offer. For example when the guest of the Carib Dancer woke and after they enjoy breakfast, we made their way to a nice beach area just off Big Major Spot and Swam with Pigs. Yes, that’s right as guest entered the water near the beach pigs would swim out to greet them in waist deep water, which for the pig way over their head. It’s a Wonderful Encounter that only a few can enjoy. After swimming with a few pigs we made way to one of the crews favorite dive site in the Bahamas, Jeep Reef. The depth around Jeep Reef averages about 24 feet and. The reef is made up of scattered Colorful Coral Heads surrounded by an array of Tropical Fish and Creatures. I could stay here all day but it was time for more Sharks. Our destination for Sharks today was Amberjack Reef. Before the Exuma Park became a No Take, No Feeding Marine Park, Sharking feeding was allowed on this site. There’s no more Shark feeding however the Caribbean Reef Sharks still come around to give divers a chance for some close up pictures and video. Our last dive of the day was Parrotfish Reef, which was perfect for nighttime creatures.  


Thursday July 23rd

Most of the day today we explored the Exuma Walls and Swim Thru’s along the island of Highborne Cay. While exploring Whales Tail Wall and Blacktip Wall to the North of Highborne and Jewfish Wall on he Southern end, guest enjoyed Swim Thru’s, Canyons, Schools of Snappers, Horse-Eye Jacks, Cero and King Mackerel. Also during these dives we saw a couple of Sharks but the real fun came when we did another dive on the Wreck of the Austin Smith. We had Caribbean Reef Sharks again swim inches from guest, some of the smaller Sharks were very curious, coming Very Close. Just like the dive earlier this week the Shark Encounters were amazing!


Friday July 24th

Our last dive of the week was an early morning dive on the Blue Hole. I really enjoy the early morning dive on the Blue Hole; we always seem to have Schools of Fish, Large Stingrays and A Variety Of Creatures in the Grassy Areas. When you slowly descended inside The Blue Hole following the Colorful Wall down looking into some of the small cracks, holes and ledges we always find Small Clams, Atlantic Oysters and a variety of other Creatures. Lets not forget about some of the Sharks that make the Blue Hole their home.


The Crew would like to Thank Owner Wayne Brown for joining us in the Bahamas. Guest and Crew enjoyed diving with Wayne. Here’s An Invitation For You To Join One of The Dive With The Owner Weeks Or Come Join Us On The Carib Dancer In The Bahamas!!!


Hope To See Everyone Soon…


Best Fishes,


Carib Dancer Crew