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Turks & Caicos Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Jul 18, 2015
Entry By: Turks & Caicos Aggressor Crew


Turks & Caicos Aggressor II
Captains Log
July 18-25 2015

Air Temperature:  85 - 90 Degrees
Water Temperature:  79 - 84 Degrees
Visability: 60 - 100 Feet

Captain    Amanda Smith
2nd Captain    Marc Povey
Engineer    Robert Smith
Chef        Ailsa Kelly
Photo Pro    Shea Markwell

Eric Hearn & Charlie Tillman, Jim & Allison Tate, Perry & Belinda Phillips, Tim & Mary Lou Sutton, Ryan Hearn, Lauren Corbitt, Larkin & Karen Lee, Brent & Amanda Hutchison, Jackson Lee, Kaitlyn Gilbert, David & Emily Pollock

As we pull away from the docks, Chef Ailsa the weeks delicious dinner. While the Vessel makes its way around the Northwest side of the island The guest finish their dinner and proceed to enjoy themselves and the drinks as the sun sets. When we arrive at the first dive site, the crew and the guests slowly make their way to bed to prepare for the weeks of diving and relaxing. Aboard would be an interesting mix of divers and non divers. The non-divers would spend relaxing and partaking in all that the boat has to offer.

The next morning comes early as the guests slowly meander up to breakfast and fresh brewed coffee. After a hot breakfast the crew gives a quick briefing about the diving and dive deck and the weeks diving adventure begins. The first dive site would be Eel Garden, a beautiful wall, where the guests would do a quick equipment check and head off to explore. Along the way they would see many Eels, a couple sharks, lots of varieties of reef fish and a beautiful Anemone. There would be a second dive, but not before a move during lunch to West Caicos. Here, the island, a long thin island serving as a beautiful backdrop to the diving we would for the next day or so. The first dive we would do here, Whiteface, has a 200 year old spanish anchor hanging in the middle of a valley going out to the wall. It makes for great pictures and there are always cool critters around it.

The next dives would be at G-Spot, named for the deep water gorgonians and the shape of the wall. Here the divers would see a few sharks cruising by curiously. The wall here are also very dramatic making for a great background for the dives. A couple turtles cruised by and the group gazed at a group of Yellow Headed Jawfish looking for eggs. Next we would move to 1.2 mile so that the group could board the tender to go around French Cay to look for a group of Nurse sharks in shallow water that mate there during this time of the year. There were none to be found, but the group had a fun trip anyways. Hopefully they are seen in the near future. Then they dive the area, A few Tiny Drum fish were seen, another shark was seen to slowly meander past as before. Here there are also a few giant Barrel sponges that hold small nudibranch’s, and the occasional Mantis Shrimp.

After a long night of visiting over beer, the group woke up to be back at West Caicos at one of the crew’s favorite dive sites, Elephant Ear Canyon. Here, this time of year sees slowly maturing Sea Horses, and fields of different types of Nudibranch’s. The group saw a few of these creatures, but also got the pleasure of seeing A Turtle, a few sharks, and a group of southern stingrays. All before even making it to the wall. When they finally got there, they were greeted by all of the healthy coral, more sharks, a couple more turtles, and some lobsters. after two dives here, we would move to Brandy Wine. On this site the group would see lots of plate coral, and an awesome color changing anemone.

The next morning after a good nights sleep the group woke to a new site, Gullies. Here we always see sharks, as well as green morays, turtles, and lots of tower sponges. There is also a swim through that occasionally the group would be met by a reef shark checking out the action in the small valley. This always gives the divers a great shot to see them up close and get some great pictures. after Lunch the divers would jump in on a dive called Boat Cove. Here the divers would see neck crabs, lots of big coral structures, this is a site that has lots of juvenile fish growing before moving out into the great big blue ocean. There were also a lot of very aggressive lobsters sitting on the edge of the holes they hide in. A couple times during the week the group would be taken to a little cove where the non divers could sit in waist deep water, or snorkel around and look for little fish and even a very large fire worm crawling around on the wall.  That afternoon, we would move to the dome, where there is a structure that was part of an 80’s game show that put snorkelers in the finale, in an enclosed dome to gather pearls that were being shot out of stovepipe sponges. An odd game, but it now makes for an amazing site with tons of little fish, blennies, and other little things. The divers would get to dive the amphitheater where there’s a beautiful wall with a giant scoop out of the walls Here we would see arrow crabs, lobsters, sharks, and even an Eagle ray.

To end the week, the divers would get to do 2 more dives on Friday on a site called Sharks hotel. There are as you would think, always sharks here, but there were also a couple turtles, lots of barracuda, and at the end a yellowtail Tuna would go past in the distance. The week ended as fun as it was all week. The divers enjoyed the dives, and the non divers enjoyed the hot tun, the beach tours, the kayaks, and the beer. It was a great week and both the guests and crew alike had an amazing time.