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Kona Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Jul 18, 2015
Entry By: Captain Karl


Captains Log: July 18th-25th
Entry: Captain Karl

Air Temp. 80-85f
Water Temp. 79-82f
Recommended Wetsuit 3mm-5mm

Crew: Captain Karl, Second Captain Chris, Chef Matt, Instructors Jesse, Danny, and Phil.
Guests: Katrin, Andreas, Lucas, Leah, Dave, Michelle, Allan, Jeff, Lynn, Richard, Erich and Todd.

Sunday: Kalokos Arches and Garden Eel Cove.

Monday: The Dome, Lions Den and the Hive.

Tuesday: Land of Oz, Stoney Mesa and Manuka Bay.

Wednesday: Peles Playground, Au Au Crater and Robs Reef.

Thursday: Paradise Pinnacle, Amphitheater and Manta ville.

Friday: Turtle Pinnacle.

Saturday July 18th
This week we welcomed aboard a group from Germany and USA on the Kona Aggressor ll. We picked everyone up from the Kona Pier saturday evening and headed out to the mooring for dinner and a briefing. We came up with a plan for the week and headed to bed so we could be bright eyed and bushy tailed in the morning.

Sunday July 19th
The Kona Aggressor ll headed north to Kalokos Arches for the first dives of the week. Everyone did great on the check out dive and saw a  Zebra  Moray, Dragon Wrasse, Octopus, Unicorn Fish, and a Blue Spotted Cornett. Next, We headed to Garden Eel Cove where we did our last three dives of the day. On the dives our guest saw Yellow Margin Moray, Giant Porcupine Puffer Fish, Lined ButterFly Fish, Hammer Head Shark, and Mantas! In between dives our guest were visited by a rare Monk Seal and some were even lucky to get a glimpse of her in the water! On the night dive we got an awesome show by the Mantas.

Monday July 20th
The Kona Aggressor ll headed south to the Dome for the first two dives. The group really enjoyed the Lava Cave. Some highlights of the dive were a Dragon Wrasse, Peacock Razor Wrasse, Octopus, Turtle,  Frog Fish, and a White Tip Reef Shark. While enjoying a delicious meal, we headed further south to Lions Den for dive number three. The chatter on the dive deck afterwards was of a Strawberry Nudibranch, Red Lion Fish, and a Green Lion Fish, Fried Egg Nudibranch and a Coral Croucher. Next, We headed to the Hive for the last two dives of the day. What our guests recalled seeing was a Undulated Moray, Conger Eel, Red Lion Fish. On the night dive the highlights were Spiny Lobster, Regal Slipper Lobster, Conger Eel hunting a Reticulated Butterfly Fish, and a Titan Scorpion Fish.

Tuesday July 21st
The Kona Aggressor ll continued south to Land of Oz and we were lucky enough to see a Psychedelic Wrasse, Flame Back Shrimp, Dragon Wrasse, Viper Moray and an Octopus. Next, We Headed to  Stoney Mesa for dive three where the group really enjoyed the underwater topography and seeing a Flame Angel Fish and an Octopus. The Kona Aggressor II headed back north  to Manuka Bay for the last three dives of the day. The talk on the dive deck afterwards was of seeing a Yellow Margin Moray,Yellow Headed Moray, Great Barracuda, Hellers Barracuda and a Dragon  Moray! On the night dive they saw a  Sculptured Slipper Lobster, Cusk Eel, and a Devil Scorpion Fish.

Wednesday July 22nd
During a beautiful sunrise, we began our way back north to Peles Playground for our first dive. Our guest really enjoyed all the Lava Formations underwater and the talk on the dive deck after was of seeing Ewa Fanged Blenny, Pyramid Butterfly Fish, Crowned Toby, and multiple Hammer Head Sharks!  Next, We headed to Au Au Crater and saw a Long Handed Lobster, Tom Smiths Nudibranch, White Margin Nudibranch, Strawberry Nudibranch, Gold Laced Nudibranch, Sphinx Nudibranch, Red Stripe Pipe Fish and a Red Lion Fish. The Kona Aggressor ll continued north to Robs Reef for the last dives of the day. The guests really enjoyed the cave where they saw a Undulated Moray, Flame Back Shrimp, Blue Finned Trevally, and a Viper Moray. On the night dive the highlights were a Low Fin Scorpion Fish, Decoy Scorpion Fish and a Conger Eel hunting,

Thursday July 23rd
The day started with a quick jog to the south to Paradise Pinnacle where they spotted some adult Peacock Razor wrasse, Long Nose Hawk Fish, Red Lion Fish, Turtle,  Mantis Shrimp and a Frog Fish!  Afterwards, the Kona Aggressor II moved north to dive at Amphitheater, where guests enjoyed the Lava Tubes and saw a Short Snout Scorpion Fish, Regal Slipper Lobster, Giant Porcupine Puffer Fish, Divided Flat Worm, Magenta Nudibranch, and an Octopus. As the afternoon progressed, we found our way to Manta Ville where our guest were treated to a nice intimate show.

Friday July 24th
The Kona Aggressor ll continued North to Turtle Pinnacle for the last two dives of the week. The highlights were  an Eagle Ray, White Tip Reef Shark, Red Stripe Pipefish, Stripe Belly Puffer Fish and a Tiger Shark!

Saturday July 25th
We headed back to the Kona Pier, and said goodbye to our new friends from Germany and USA as they headed home. Congratulation to our Iron Divers Richard, Jeff, Eric and Todd.  We really enjoyed diving with you and we hope youll be back for another trip with us again soon!

Captain Karl