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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Jul 25, 2015
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Water temp 82-86F Air Temp 85F

Vis 80ft+ 3mm shortie or boardies and rash guard

Saturday. A hot sunny day in Cayman as our 15 guests made their way to the boat. A cold drink and some cool Air Conditioning welcomed our divers. All were aboard by 5pm, even Josh who seemed very comfortable sleeping out on the dock under the gazebo for most of the afternoon. Great to see the familiar faces of Ursula and Steve welcome back! A welcome drink, start up the engines, untie the lines and we are off. Time to take in the sights and settle in before our BBQ dinner and orientation briefing.

Sunday.  Good morning to calm seas, a great sunrise over West Bay and right under the boat in 50ft of water, the Wreck of the USS Kittiwake! A former USA navy submarine support vessel that was intentionally sunk over 4 years ago. What a dive! Everyone had a great time exploring from the drive shaft, engine room, recompression chambers, galley and crew mess to the Pilot House. Great video and photos of folks goofing off and acting the part! Stingray City was next – what a busy day. Everyone had fun with the rays, lots of photos and video. This was organized chaos at its finest however everyone had a super experience with battle scares to prove it! Moving along the northside of Grand Cayman to Babylon. Beautiful wall, hanging gardens of sponges and corals. Divers spiraling up a great pinnacle, decorator crabs, snapper hunting lionfish, giant crabs and schooling chubbs to see us back to the boat.   What a first day! A little time for R & R, dinner and a good nights sleep as we trekked across the sea to Little Cayman.

Monday. Waking up on Bloody Bay Wall, a superb cooked breakfast thanks to Kingsley, and we are ready…Randy’s Gazebo was our first site and here we enjoyed descending into the blue, cruising the drop off, exploring the chimneys and swimming through the Gazebo. Turtles and friendly groupers guided the way, lobsters and schools of Chromis decorated the wall edge, and a 7ft green moray eel allowed us to get in close for a photo or two while he was hunting with three Nassau Groupers. Meadows was the afternoon site. What a show case of Cayman Diving. Down on the wall, our resident reef sharks came by to check us out, and to escort us along the wall. Swim thrus taking us under the main reef. Cosmo the friendly Nassau grouper came by so did several turtles and a nurse shark. The first night dive of the week, Katrin’s first night dive EVER. We saw almost everything you could want to see, all the usual suspects including channel crabs, sharks, lobsters, eels, feeding basket stars, baby squid and yes a very active Octopus! Phew.. back on board for some hot chocolate and baileys mmm.

Tuesday. After a delicious breakfast of Eggs Benedict, Lea Lea’s Lookout was our AM site. Here we get to enjoy the crevice that runs from the 20ft shallows out to the wall at 100ft. A slight current made for a fun drift, spotted drums, spotted file fish, a green eel, lobsters peering out at us, a nurse shark ledged under a coral head, and cleaning stations everywhere we looked.   3 Fathom wall was up next, this dive site is always a favourite. Where the shear Bloody Bay Wall meets the knarled wall of the Jackson Bight. Swim thrus, giant crabs, Yellow Headed Jawfish with eggs!! Relaxed turtles, southern stingrays sleeping all over the place, and schools of Grunts and Snapper on top of the Wall.   A Dinner Cruise to Cayman Brac and a Night Dive on the Wreck of the 356 Keith Tibbetts. Sweetlips our resident Goliath Grouper made herself known, Scorpion Fish, Stingrays and a couple of Octopus made for a great night dive! Divers had a blast under the almost full moon discovering the 300ft long Anti Submarine Vessel.

Wednesday already! Time to discover the Wreck by day… Sweetlips (Goliath Grouper) was chilling on the sand, you had to be quick if you wanted a photo, she was not in the mood today! Justin, Chris and JJ were seen tying themselves up in knots, using a line and reel, completing their Wreck Diver Specialty with instructor Mark. A beautiful turtle playing along and posed for a few photos, a great morning and an awesome couple of dives were had exploring this purpose sunk ship. Burgers in Paradise as we traveled back to Little Cayman for our next site- Donna’s Delight. Fantastic Bloody Bay Wall leading to a natural cut into the wall, a swim through and popping out on top of the wall. Meandering back along the edge of the shear drop off amongst soft corals, sponges, a constant array of fish life. Just incredible, a few guests had to pinch themselves to be sure they weren’t dreaming. The final stop for the day was Bus Stop. Can I just say WOW!   Swimming past an ancient anchor through a natural tunnel under the reef, emerging out at 100’ where we were met by three Reef Sharks. Very inquisitive, and giving all divers the ‘once over’ as they swam with us all along the wall, even following us back under the reef up into the shallows. Turtles were also thrown into the mix, along with our pet Groupers, we didn’t know where to look. But don’t forget about the Sailfin Blennies who were very brave coming out of their holes to show us who is boss!

Thursday. An awesome pre breakfast dive produced a few turtles, the old anchors and Fric, the head shark of our resident family of Reef Sharks at Nancy’s Cup Of Tea all before breakfast. A nice swim through leading up under the reef into the shallows, home to a giant Lionfish.. who was not hanging around to meet and greet us! The Great Wall was the next stop. Here we enjoyed lots of lobsters, flounders, feeding hawkesbill turtles, and puffer fish. This Shear Wall is truly breathtaking, from 20ft straight down, watch out for Suicidal Sponges! Freddie the original friendly grouper also came out to say goodbye to us all before we headed back over to Grand Cayman.

Friday. Back on Grand Cayman – slowly working our way back to civilization. West Bay Big Tunnels site was our first dive. A series of cuts, caves, crevices and tunnels make for a fun dive with tarpon in the caves, a beautiful eagle ray off the wall and Turtles feeding and cruising along. This site is incredible, deep and knarly, full of life! Back on deck everyone was buzzing with excitement. Devils Grotto was our final site! Always a favorite with the crowd. This week we enjoyed 1000’s of silversides inside the ‘caves’ with shafts of sunlight dancing down amongst them – amazing sight to see. Tarpon feeding and exploring the ins and outs of the Grotto.

All too soon it is time to wash down the dive gear, pack those bags, scrub down the boat. Cocktail Party and a few awards!! Congratulations to JJ for completing his Nitrox course, also to Justin, Chris and JJ again for doing an awesome job on their Wreck diving course! Thank you to everyone this week for an incredible week both above and below the water. Safe travels and safe diving. We look forward to seeing you all again for another week of Eating Sleeping and Diving aboard the Cayman Aggressor IV.

The CAIV Capt and Crew