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Log Date: Saturday, Jul 25, 2015
Entry By: Carib Crew


Carib Dancer Captain’s Log  - July 25 - August 1, 2015

Air Temp: 88F +
Water Temp: 87F +
Visibility: 50-70FT

Capt. Ernie
2nd Capt. David P
Instructor David D
Instructor Brent
Chef Pat

Justine, Anthony, Philbert, William, Sarah, Renee, Fred, Kathleen, Danny, Larry, Allen, Elizabeth & Richard.

Sunday: lobster no lobster, crab mountain east, madison avenue
Monday: up jump the devil, austin smith
Tuesday: hammerhead gulch, whales tail, black tip
Wednesday: pillar wall, dog rock, airplane
Thursday: aquarium, flat rock, barracuda shoals, pillar wall
Friday: blue hole. periwinkle

Saturday, July 25th
We welcomed 13 guests aboard the Carib Dancer for a fun filled week of world famous, Aggressor/Dancer style diving and hospitality. After a delicious dinner and safety briefings, guests were off to their cabins to prepare for their upcoming week of paradise in the Bahamas.

Sunday, July 26th
This week we made our check out dive at lobster no lobster. After everyone was set up and ready to explore, we enjoyed a fun morning dive. We saw lobsters and more lobsters, reef sharks, clinging crabs and colorful sea urchins.
Our afternoon dives were spent at crab mountain east, where macro subjects can be found. After dinner it was time for a dive at my favorite site, madison avenue. Always swim thru’s and cool channels, this time an octopus as well, not to mention the reef shark or three that cruised by to check us out.

Monday, July 27th
What a way to start a Monday! Breakfast made to order and then scuba. We checked out up jump the devil first. We saw Nassau groupers, porcupine fish and we even spotted an elusive scorpion fish. After lunch it’s time to make our way to austin smith, a wreck and shark dive in one. We saw plenty of reef sharks and some pretty big grouper. We had so much fun all decided to stay here for our night dive, and I’m glad we did - we saw an octopus on the night dive. WOW!
Congratulations go out to Kathleen & Larry - they both made dive 100 today!

Tuesday, July 28th
On Tuesday, our first dive site was hammerhead gulch, where we were treated to a colorful plethora of sponges, soft corals and bright, tropical fish! After a very yummy buffet lunch, off we went to whales tail, and then the always enjoyable black tip, where we spotted lobsters, sharks, friendly remora looking for something or someone to hang out with, and of course, more sharks.

Wednesday, July 29th
Good morning from pillar wall, a favorite wall dive here in the Exumas. What starts out very shallow begins to slope and gradually drops 5,000 feet to the bottom! So many caves and crevices to explore here.  Today we saw an eagle ray. We cruised over to dog rock for our afternoon dives, and finished up our fun in the sun at airplane, a shallow airplane wreck that is home to many creatures. Seahorses can sometimes be found in the seagrass fringing the wreck.

Thursday, July 30th
We started our morning with dives at aquarium, named after our beloved fish tank because it seems as though we are diving inside an actual aquarium.  This shallow site is teeming with colorful corals and sponges, and many bright, tropical fish. We cruised over to flat rock next, and were treated to eagle rays, spanish lobsters and the always entertaining yellow headed jaw fish!  Barracuda shoals was up this time, a fine, fun, shallow site to explore. The three reefs that encompass this site are home to a vast array of marine creatures. We saw spotted eel, healthy schools of yellowtail and permit and reef sharks. After a fabulous turkey dinner with all the trimmings, it was time for our night dive at pillar wall, a perfect place for nighttime diving, in part because of all the crevices and rubble to investigate inside the reefs, not to mention the close proximity of the wall.

Friday, July 31st
The end of the week just seems to come around too soon.
Our guests enjoyed a Friday morning dive at the blue hole, a 100 foot wide, 187 foot deep hole sited in 35’ feet of water. We saw an ancient loggerhead turtle, nurse sharks, eels and banded shrimp here this morning. We splashed at periwinkle next, a shallow patch reef teeming with sergeant majors and friendly fish that seem to love a photo op. All that’s left to do now is wash our gear and enjoy a refreshing cocktail or two at our afternoon party on the sundeck. A very warm thank you to all of our amazing guests this week. Thank you for joining us aboard the Carib Dancer.