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Red Sea Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Jul 25, 2015
Entry By: Red Sea Aggressor Crew


Red Sea Aggressor
Captains Log July 25 - August 1

Air Temp: 29C min – 38C max
Water Temp: 26C min – 31C max
Visibility: 15 – 35 m
Weather: Clear skies, cool breezes of wind with occasional periods of humidity
Itinerary: Brothers, Deadalus, Elphinstone(Deep south)

Captain: Abdullah
1st Officer: Sayed
Instructors/Guides: Nasty & Peter & Mahmoud
Chef(s): Khaled & Abdo
Steward(s): Mido & Zizo
Seamen: Emad & Ayoub & Islam

GUESTS: Tim, Lisa, Kendra, Amanda, Heather, Brandee, Rob, John, Zach, Lacie, Ashley, Dacotah, Jameel, Laura, Adam, Josi, Anne, and Ben

Sunday – Marsa Shuna, Ras Trombie
Monday – Little brother
Tuesday – Big brother
Wednesday – Deadalus
Thursday – Deadalus
Friday – Elphinstone

Welcome Aboard!
Upon boarding Red Sea Aggressor guests & crew alike could tell that this was going to be a fun week! Good vibes just drifted through the marina in Port Ghalib & throughout the whole boat thanks to our young excited beautiful new family members for the week.

Sunday July 25th (Day 1)
The smell of freshly brewed coffee crept through our boat and on to the marina the first morning as our guests woke up to a beautiful early morning sky over the Red Sea. Tantalizing smells and sizzling sounds greeted everyone as they walked into the dining area to have breakfast. We got clearance from the coast guard right away and off we were to start our one-week journey. Some tacking was required by our great Captain to get to our first dive spot for the check dive as we had some wavy conditions, but nothing severe, more exciting than anything else. Our first destination was Marsa Shuna where we would be doing our check dive. Once everyone made sure they were weighted properly we descended and began our first dive. Not even two minutes into the dive we spotted a scorpion fish. It was a nice easy dive with the morning sunlight beaming through the surface of the water lighting up the pretty reef. A nudi-branch was also spotted, and of course the usual suspects like the red sea banner fish, butterfly fish and blue spotted stingray were all there to welcome our new friends to the red sea. Classic! Dives two and three & the night dive were done at our famous Ras Trombie. There we encountered big feather-tailed stingray, schools of goatfish, jack-fish, and snappers. Juvenile yellow-fined barracuda were also on the move.

Monday July 26th (Day 2)
Day two started and ended at little brother with a total number of 4 dives. Each one was filled with of course the usual suspects like, antheas, red sea banner fish, angelfish, snappers, and trevallies. We also did encounter the gorgeous Thresher shark, Hammerhead shark, huge schools of tuna, and countless Grey reef sharks throughout the whole day. It was like a welcome party from one of our top three dive sites in the Red Sea to our guests.

Tuesday July 27th (Day 3)
Our third day we had moved to big brother where conditions were a bit rough in the morning, but soon settled down later on throughout the day. Again we completed 4 dives & it was magical. We dove both wrecks, Numidia & Aida. We also spotted another thresher, hammerhead, and plenty of grey reefs. The last dive was one to remember as we dropped down over the Numidia and had a bunch of big napoleons there to greet us along with big hunting tunas and jacks. We ended the dive out in the blue with about four Grey reef sharks that came really close by & as soon as we were done with our safety stop and had surfaced we came out with the sun quickly falling into the sea’s horizon with a pretty sky all painted with oranges, pinks, and blues. Magnificent!
Wednesday July 28th (Day 4)
After sailing through the night we reached Deadalus reef! Four dives were the plan again & we successfully completed each one of them. This day was the most special of all!!! Every dive was full of action, beauty, and good vibes. So not to make you jealous or anything, but we had schools of hammerheads, a whale shark, one manta, plenty of grey reefs, and just the overall beauty of each dive surpassed expectations! Some extra focus and playing around with the current was needed here, but thanks to our safe and very experienced guides everyone was in good hands & all the dives worked out according to plan. Great job to everyone!

Thursday July 29th (day 5)
The fifth day was still at Deadalus & we couldn’t be happier. More “chill” dives were made to keep our guests going as they still had another day ahead of them. We visited “anenomy city” & said hi to “Nemo” & just enjoyed the beauty that this magnificent reef had to offer. We also went up to the lighthouse, and it couldnt have been better. Sure it was a bit hot, but this is Egypt in July folks. Super great and relaxed day overall and everyone had a smile on their face at the end of it.
Friday July 30th (Day 6)
Our last diving day started out in Elphinstoneor as it’s known by it’s local name “ShaabShagra”. This is one of our personal favorites. Only two dives to be made here, but man were they something! First dive was made down over the second plateau on the north end of this gorgeous reef where we spotted a huge scalloped hammerhead shark below us on the west side of the reef, and of course as usual the magic that the plateau had to offer us with all the antheas, jacks, tuna, fusiliers, snappers, soft coral, and a great barracuda that got a little too close for comfort were all doing their thing as we glided through the clear blue water. The second dive everyone was a bit sad, but man was it a way to go! We decided together that we would change things up and drop down on the south plateau after checking the current of course, and only a few minutes in we spotted a manta! She was gorgeous. She danced around us for a good ten to fifteen minutes and then flew off into the blue and we drifted along 300 meters of gorgeous reef, finished our safety stop and came out of the water, into the speed boat, and back to the mother ship.

Special Thanks to:
All of our amazing guests this week. You guys were all very fun, kind, beautiful people & it was a great week that we will never forget & will be waiting to see you all again aboard Red Sea Aggressor. You guys were more than great guests, you became great friends! J

Iron Divers (10): Ashley,Jameel,Josi,Adam,Rob,Tim,Kendra(special K),Brandee,John and Dakotah.

1000th Dive: Tim J !!!

First night dive: Lisa J !!!

First wreck dive: John J !!!

100th dive: Amanda J !!!

AOW completed by: Lisa J !!!