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Log Date: Saturday, Aug 01, 2015
Entry By: Carib Dancer Team


Carib Dancer Captain’s Log  - August 1 - August 8, 2015

Air Temp: 88F +
Water Temp: 87F +
Visibility: 50-70FT

Capt. Ernie
2nd Capt. David P
Chef Pat
Instructor David D
Instructor Brent

Flore, Andrew, Bryan, Christian, William, Beth, John, Karen, Dannette, Amanda & Bridget.

Sunday: barracuda shoals, flat rock, airplane
Monday: crab mountain east, hammerhead gulch, blacktip wall, pillar wall
Tuesday: austin smith, lobster no lobster, airplane
Wednesday: dog rocks, church wall, up jumped the devil, madison avenue
Thursday: cracked coral head, shroud wall, aquarium
Friday: blue hole, periwinkle

Saturday, August 1st
This week we welcomed 11 divers from the USA, Canada & the UK!
With everyone aboard by 4 PM, our guests set up their gear and settled into their cabins. Shortly thereafter, we had our Captain’s safety briefing, followed by a delicious dinner and dessert prepared by chef Pat. Everyone headed to bed shortly after dinner, eager to start their week of scuba diving and adventure, CARIB DANCER style.

Sunday, August 2nd
It’s perfect out here! We started our week at barracuda shoals, a shallow, healthy, vibrant reef. We saw schools of rays, yellowtail, spotted eels and the interesting, albeit always busy little jawfish. We moved over to flat rock for a couple of afternoon dives. We had fun exploring the rock formations that characterise this dive site. Our guests saw abundant schools of tropical fish and a turtle. We hung around for one dusk dive here, and we saw an octopus! We cruised over to the airplane wreck for a night dive. We watched hermit crabs and conch on the move and checked out large, Atlantic rays having a meal. This site is so much fun at night. Many fish that are active during the daytime come here at night to sleep, and the nocturnal creatures come alive to hunt.

Monday, August 3rd
Coffee? Check. Breakfast? Yes. OK - Let’s go diving! Good morning from crab mountain east. We explored crevices, deep gullies, large coral heads and loved the long, cavernous swim thru’s.  We swam with reef sharks. That was fun! Next, we splashed at hammerhead gulch. Guests photographed schools of yellowtail and jacks. After lunch and siesta, we made our way to blacktip wall in the Exumas. We like the diversity of this site. There’s the wall, and the reef. Choose one, or enjoy both. Plenty of macro and micro photo opportunities here. Our night dive was spent exploring pillar wall. We saw the usual suspects here, plus an octopus. Now it’s time for some hot chocolate and then a good night’s sleep. We get to do this all over again tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 4th
We began our adventures in the Exumas, at the wreck of the austin smith, a 90 foot ship, that via a series of mishaps, came to rest on the flat ocean bottom in approximately 60 feet of water. The wreck is abundant with fish, sharks and marine life. It’s the crew’s favorite site to see sharks, nassau and the large black grouper. Next up, lobster no lobster, a fun patch reef teeming with schools of fish and marine critters - and yes, we saw lobster.  It was back to the airplane for our night dives. Tonight we saw box crabs, hermit crabs, southern stingrays, squid, banded coral shrimp and cleaner shrimp.

Wednesday, August 5th
We awoke refreshed and ready to begin another fabulous day of exploring and scuba. We splashed at dog rocks, and were treated to a loggerhead turtle making his rounds, a huge black grouper and nurse sharks.  
Next stop, church wall, a part of the dog rocks reef. This site features a pretty large swim thru that is often home to massive schools of silversides, which in turn will attract schools of jacks and grouper. Keep your eyes open guys, black coral is seen here! After lunch, we checked out up jumped the devil for more swim thru’s. There were so many schools of fish here today, everywhere I looked I saw bright colors and interesting shapes. Atlantic spadefish, anyone? After dinner we cruised over to madison avenue for the night dives. We saw lobster, crabs and turtles. Oh, we even had a token night swim thru to keep pace with the ones we did all day. So much fun!

Thursday, August 6th
Our day started at cracked coral head, where we saw turtles and reef sharks. This site features a massive coral head that majestically rises from the bottom. The gaping swim thru’s give the appearance that the reef is cracked. Shroud wall was our next stop. Our guests had plenty of photo ops with the reef sharks and eagle rays! We ended our day at aquarium, where we watched puffer fish and found slipper lobster. This is a beautiful dive site, day and night.

Friday, August 7th
Friday already? Aww, the week went by too fast…. A pre-breakfast dive on blue hole, which is a shallow dive with a 100 foot wide natural opening in the ocean floor that drops down to over 200 feet! So much exploring in and around the hole. We saw nurse sharks, loggerhead turtles and a friendly Atlantic grey ray that wanted to be our BFF. What a sweetie it was! Our last dive site of the week was periwinkle, the colorful patch reef that boasts schools of sergeant majors and angelfish that don’t shy away from an up close and personal  photo opportunity. All that’s left to do is rinse our gear and celebrate the week with our captain and crew at our afternoon cocktail party on the sundeck.  

Thank you all for a safe, enjoyable and exciting week of diving!