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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Aug 01, 2015
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Water temp 82-86f Air Temp 80s

Vis 80-100f Wet suit 3mm or skin

Saturday, once everyone arrived we departed Georgetown dock with 15 guests from Ohio, Texas, Kentucky, Florida and even England!!   Welcome back to eight folks who have all cruised with us many times before, this is their home away from home, “even tho we have been on island for four days, it is only now that we really feel like we are on vacation” Allyson. A BBQ Ribs and Jerk Chicken dinner on the sun deck while we cruised along the coast of Grand Cayman as we headed for West Bay, Seven Mile Beach. A great start to what is going to be an awesome week of diving.

Sunday, First dive of the week was on the wreck of the Kittiwake. Everyone brushed off the cobwebs and had a great dive on this shallow shipwreck. The Kittiwake was sunk over four years ago, there are plenty of places to explore and everyone was able to get lots of bottom time. The deepest part of the Kittiwake is only 60 feet, where else can you dive and get yourself in the recompression chamber whilst still under water! Our next stop was the world famous Sting Ray City. This seems to be the highlight for most everyone on the trip. Beautiful Stingrays swim right up to us looking for some wonderful tasting squid. It’s an experience not to be missed. Babylon was our last dive site for day one, which featured lots of Black Coral between the pinnacle and wall, Streams of creole wrasse like a river along the edge of the wall, a couple of bold Channel Crabs out and about feeding during the day. Dinner and the best ever Key Lime Pie - thanks to Chef Kingsley from Jamaica. A few drink and chill out time as we crossed to Little Cayman over night.

Monday; Randy’s Gazebo was our first dive site. Calm seas and excellent visibility with Chimneys, an Archway, the Wall and ledges, super friendly Groupers and Turtles; it was a wonderful way to start our first day of diving, and first day in Little Cayman. The Meadows was scene of the crime for the afternoon. At the Meadows we had close encounters with, Sharks, Schooling Jacks, Turtles, Barracuda, Very Friendly Groupers even an inquisitive Green Moray Eel. The night dive, a first ever for Moira! Was a text book night dive. All the critters came to check out the new Night Diver including, Octopus, Huge Channel Crabs, a Sleeping Turtle, Lobsters, Octopus, and Squid! The perfect end to a great day of diving on Little Cayman a Hot Chocolate with a splash of Rum!

Tuesday; Our first site of the day was Lea Lea’s Lookout, with so many Reef fish here and a generous amount of turtles, always a favorite among our guests. We swam along the crevice that runs and out to the wall at 100ft! With Creole Wrasse, Fairy Basslet and Blue Chromis in abundance making this a world class dive. After a cruise to 3 Fathom Wall/The Mixing Bowl we enjoyed showing the divers the highlights of this interesting site and pointing out the small critters that are found here which include the Yellow Headed Jaw fish, a Mantis Shrimp and various Blennies. A surprise for many was a sleeping Hawksbill Turtle nestled in the reef allowing us to take photos and video without disturbing!! Goat fish, Schoolmasters, Grunts, and Bermuda Chub all enjoying the afternoon sun. Surf & turf night aboard the CAIV and a cruise over to Cayman Brac for a Night Dive on the Wreck of the Capt. Keith Tibbetts, sank in ‘96’ this Wreck makes an impressive artificial reef, two Octopus, Squid, Channel crabs, Lion Fish, Flaming Scallops and hot towels, hot chocolate and the Hot Tub. Just another day in the life of the CAIV!!


Wednesday. A fantastic sunrise as we had breakfast and prepared to explore the wreck from the night before, The Keith Tibbetts. A slight current meant we had to actually kick our way to the wreck, accompanied by a Hawkesbill Turtle who was also on his way to the wreck, stopping off at various sponges for a nibble along the way. Super clear water made for a phenomenal dive as divers checked out the entire wreck inside and out! I think Aiden will be able to rebuild the wreck from memory once he gets home! Just one dive on the wreck then start your engines as we are off.. back to Bloody Bay Wall and Donna’s Delight. A couple of great dives here on this impressive wall, turtles, squid, groupers and lots of fantastic photo opportunities along the sponge encrusted section of reef. Megan was snapping away, as were most photographers that dive. Bus Stop – a crew favourite was the location for late afternoon dive and dusk dive. Sharks keeping an eye on us as we invaded their world for a short time, super friendly groupers, fun swim throughs and the incredible Sailfin Blennies! Alfresco dining, watching the sky change to black and the constellations wink at us. Aiden delighted us all with his voice and guitar, as we sampled some cheese and crackers over a few wines… how very civilized, hard to believe we are on a boat. Wouldn’t have it any other way!

Thursday; Unfortunately Nancy’s Cup of Tea had a very strong current, so we hopped back over to Bus Stop for our early morning dive. Negotiating the swim throughs and wall as the reef woke up around us. A couple of turtles cruising about, sailfin blennies, garden eel worms and plenty of Grouper action. Joy’s Joy was next on the agenda. This section of Bloody Bay is a staggered wall, stepping out into the blue.   A large reef shark came to see what the fuss was about, a turtle looking for snacks, lots of file fish and deep ocean triggerfish caught our eye as we wound our way around the reef. Always a favourite, Great Wall was where we said our goodbyes to Little Cayman. A vertical wall with a plethora of colorful sponges hanging on for dear life. In the shallows Freddy the Nassau Grouper was in fine form, very affectionate, sorry Brad, I think Deanna has a new crush!   Back on board and it’s time to relax as we trek back to the big island.

Friday, Arriving in the small hours of the morning, to moor right on top of a Super Dive Site – Big Tunnels!! What a dive. Knarly sections of reef jutting out in the blue, teeming with life. Archways and swim throughs, a free swimming Moray Eel, a couple of turtles and a ferocious damsel fish as Aiden found out. Chocolate Brownies call us back on board, as we head to Devils Grotto. Our last dive of the week, Swimthroughs, Caves, Cracks and Crevices were there for the exploring. Along with a small pocket of Silver Sides and the Lone Tarpon. In only 40ft of water everyone had a great long dive before reluctantly finding their way back to the boat to wash down their gear and start the packing process. Congratulations to Moira and Megan for completing their Nitrox and Padi Photo specaialties, also a big Happy Birthday to Moira on the actual day, thanks for choosing us as the location behind the birthday excuse! Deanna clocked her 100th and Brad his 200th! Thanks to all for making this another fun and safe week of diving in paradise.   See you again soon.

Dive Safe

Cayman Aggressor IV Crew