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Thailand Aggressor :


Log Date: Friday, Jul 31, 2015
Entry By: Thailand Aggressor Crew


Thailand Aggressor Captain’s Log                     31 July 7 August 2015

Pulau Weh


*Air Temp. 30c

*Water Temp. 28c

* Visibility 25m



Captain: Toy

Cruise Director: Gabriel

Assistant Cruise Director: Clive

Dive master: Yusuf

Engineer: Bao

Deck hand: Rong

Deck hand: Degam

Chef: Phorn

Steward: Anny


Guests – Frank ,Audrey, Stan, Dana, Bill, Jeremy, Ellen, Alex.  


Saturday     -1st August 2015 Gapang Jetty, Overhang, Seulako west, Limbo Gapang,Gapang jetty

Sunday    – 2st August 2015 Batee Tokong, Arus Palae, Rubiah Sea garden, Pulau weh resort x2,

Monday – 3rd August 2015 Arus Palae, Thai Wreck, Batee Dua, .Volcano, Limbo Gapang.

Tuesday – 4th August 2015 Batee Tokong, Batee Gal , Pendendem, Loo Reef, Loo Reef.  

Wednesday – 5th August 2015 Thai Wreck, Batee Merurone, Batee gla x2 Rubia Sea Garden

Thursday – 6th August 2015 - Aow Maikow , Seulako, Limbo Gabang



Our new guests arrived around 17:30 so we got all equipment sorted out, 5 of our customers stayed from last week so no need to set up the gear, then the welcome briefing then everyone headed to bed.

Saturday 1st August 2015

We started back at the jetty and all of our macro photographers were very pleased as Audrey found 2 Ornate Ghost pipefish very dark red in color. We also found the usual Bent stick Pipefish, on our second dive we saw 2 adult Blue ribbon eels, On our return to the mother ship we saw a Sea Snake climb on to the dive platform, much to the amusement of the customers. During our third dive a very large school of jacks came along combing the reef hunting the many small Glass fish. Our fourth dive we were treated to 2 Octopus mating and giving off a great display. We headed back to the jetty for the night dive and saw many small shrimps and a couple of Nudibranch.


Sunday 2nd August 2015

We started off our day with 4 Black Tips they came very close and many of our customers captured it on video, we also observed a lot of trevally and also a school of midnight snapper. During our second dive we again saw the Palette Surgeon fish, Lots more small stuff today with harlequin Shrimps and also the Leaf scorpion fish. One of our customers found a spearing mantis shrimp burrowed in the sand. During the night dive we saw a large Barracuda and some Blue spotted Stingrays.


Monday 3rd August 2015

We are off back to Arus Palae today for our first dive hoping to catch up again with our black Tip reef sharks but we only saw one off in the distance, we had a couple of special finds including a Long Nosed Hawkfish, as always there were Gobies in abundance. On our second dive we found a beautiful   Cuttlefish it was trying to camouflage itself by changing many colors. Later in the day we headed for our Volcano dive and were treated to a huge bubble bath one of our divemasters put his computer in one of the many vents and recorded a temperature of 36degrees , it was like a bath. On the night dive we found a lobster and some mating Octopus.    


Tuesday 4th August 2015

What a great days diving there was a little bit of current and it bought in so many fish we had huge schools of banner fish and Big Eyed trevally also our videographer saw a few schooling Devil rays we saw a Silvertip shark way off in the distance, there were lots of small critters for our avid macro photographers one of our guides found a tiny Mantis shrimp also found were many crinoids and some shrimps inside. We had a very fast drift dive along the north of Pulau Weh and it was very fast current like flying thru water. On our night dive we found many shrimp


Wednesday 5th August 2015

Today we headed around the west part of Pulau Weh to dive one of our top dive sites called Canyon we were greeted by a huge school of Big Eyed Jacks and a smaller school of Barracudas some of our guest were entertained by a pair of mating cuttlefish and there were thousands of red fanged Trigger fish. The size of the waves increased by a little bit so we headed to the Eastern dive sites and dived many of the sloping reefs, our guests requested to Do the Jetty for the night dive and we saw a couple of stingrays and a bent stick Pipefish. After the dive we were all tired so headed to bed in preparation for our last days diving in this little gem of a location.


Thursday 6th August 2015

So our last days diving in Pulau Weh we again headed for the eastern dive sites we had some great macro finds including a very nice Nudibranch, there were lots of jacks feeding on glassfish, we saw a few different species of moray including a Clouded moray which was being cleaned by some cleaner shrimps. We had a great trip with these guests and also some nice macro finds, So after our last dive we headed back to the boat and got prepared for our big BBQ  that’s always a winner with the guests.


Friday 7th August 2015

Time to go everyone… We had a great week with some amazing guests and we hope to see you all soon again.