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Belize Aggressor IV :


Log Date: Saturday, Aug 01, 2015
Entry By: Sun Dancer II Crew


Sun Dancer II

Aug 1 - 8


Water Temp: 82 F

Visa: 100 + feet

Weather: Sunny 


Crew: Captain Eddy, 2nd Captain Megan, First Mate John, Engineer Simon, Chef Jerry, Assistant Chef Carlos, Stewardess Barbara and Onboard Assistant Conway


Dive Sites Visited:

Sunday - Julie’s Jungle & Eagle Ray Wall

Monday - Half Moon Caye & Dos Chichas

Tuesday - East Cut & Dive Site X

Wednesday - Silver Cave & Long Caye Ridge

Thursday - The Blue Hole & Long Caye Wall

Friday - Sandy Slope


Aqua Trek divers joining us this week:  Bill, Cathleen, Randy, David, Bart, Tyler, Lisa, Joe, Chick, Debbie, Steve, Claudia, Kellie, Bobby, Caige, John, Rob, Jessica, Duane and Jacque

First we have to say WHAT An Incredible WEEK!  We had the wonderful opportunity to welcome back on board our friends Bill, Cathleen, Randy, David, Bart, Chick, Debbie, Steve, Claudia, Kellie, Bobby, Rob, Jessica Duane and Jacque!!!  AND We got to meet our lovely new friends Tyler, Caige, John, Joe and Lisa!  

After everyone re-united with the crew and their comfortable staterooms they got dive gear set up and then went upstairs for drinks and appetizers.  Once the delicious dinner was served we set out for Lighthouse reef to begin an truly perfect week of diving.


The first dives started at Julie’s Jungle and had plenty to offer the divers in the way of textured reef structures and a variety of friendly colorful fish.  The huge lobster someone discovered was a highlight and along with the big groupers and schools of creole wrasse there was a lot going on and plenty to take pictures of.  At the afternoon dive site Eagle Ray Wall the tarpon, moray, 2 sharks, spotted eagle ray and turtle were highlights including an ‘angry shrimp’ and a really fun yellow headed jaw fish.  The later afternoon dive had a ‘friendly’ ramora that tried to befriend a few of the divers, in addition to the barracudas the entire reef had fish and joyful colors from the coral and fans.  On the night dive there was a nurse shark, plenty of squid and other surprises that made it a wonderful aquatic adventure.

Half Moon Caye Wall was a favorite site for these divers their last time onboard and underwater with us so we were very happy to take them back to the tropical underwater paradise.  Over the sand and up to the reef the divers were able to check out sting rays, garden eels and crab and conch on the move along the sand.  There was a turtle, pipe horse, spotted eagle ray that came face to face with a couple of divers.  Sharks that came close to the divers, friendly groupers that came up even closer and at the surface after one of the dives a huge school of squids were swimming around.  One of the most curious creatures discovered was a mantis shrimp that was very cool to take pictures of and marvel at.  The afternoon dives were wonderful as well but it is always hard to compare to the morning site that we were able to stay past lunch time enjoying.  

Tuesday was amazing as well over in the Half Moon Caye area on a site called East Cut.  It was David’s birthday and he came back from the first dive saying it was ‘the best dive ever’ so that made us all very happy.  There was a comment made that the site felt like an aquarium and that any minute the diver felt they were going to run into glass it all looked so perfect.  There was a turtle, sharks, groupers a big green moray a giant crab three spotted eagle rays and a very photogenic barracuda all under the boat and along the reef.  You didn’t have to go far to see everything and one diver even discovered a sleeping nurse shark that was enjoying a little day dream on the reef bed.  The afternoon dives at Site X were also wonderful with another green moray, spotted drum fish, puffer fish, a juvenile trunk fish and barracuda.  What a wonderful day and extra special for one diver who had all his shark dreams come true and the footage to prove it!  Happy Birthday David!

Silver Cave is one of our favorite dive sites and we were happy to check out the beauty of this site and enjoy the local sea creatures we always try and find here every week.  It was awesome to see our friend the huge sea horse that we like to try and photograph each week, the previous year the divers remember seeing a sea horse as well but of course it wasn’t as big.  Also there were three different eels, spotted eagle rays, lobsters in sponges and other really beautiful small fish playing all over the reef making it a magical dive.  The later afternoon dives were at Long Caye Ridge and had a lot to offer as well.  There was an eel seen eating a lion fish a shark that was so big someone said they could have put a saddle on it and Chick suggested changing the name of this site to Barracuda Convention Center because he was able to count 22 in one area, very impressive so we will consider changing the name for you Chick!

Thursday was the GREAT Blue Hole and as always it was a memorable dive into the depths to check out the topography and structure.  After the adventure over half the divers chose to do an additional adventure on land which included a water taxi ride and walk around the beautiful Half Moon Caye Island.  There was a chance to drink and eat coconuts and of course check out the local wildlife.  After lunch more diving continued and a lot of AMAZING sea life was admired and photographed at Long Caye Wall one of our favorite dive sites.  The next morning at Sandy Slope there were so many cool fish and macro amazements to check out that it was the type of dive you never knew where to look.  In the sand there were huge garden eels, small shrimp, friendly and photogenic grouper swimming around, a shark eagle rays and of course the wonderful atmosphere of being underwater appreciating the entire scene.

On behalf of ALL the crew of the Sun Dancer II we would like to thank each and every one of you for joining us this week and for all the times you have visited us in the past.  We love you all very much and look forward to the next time we get to spend time together on board and underwater.