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Red Sea Aggressor :


Log Date: Thursday, Jul 02, 2015
Entry By: Red Sea Aggressor Crew


Air Temp: 28C min – 44C max

Water Temp: 28C min – 31C max

Visibility: 15 – 35 m

Weather: Partly cloudy/ sometimes overcast skies, cool, strong gusts of wind with occasional periods of humidity & dry air

Itinerary: St.John’s (Deep south)





Captain: Abdullah     

1st Officer: Sayed

Instructors/Guides: Nasty & Peter & Mahmoud

Chef(s): Khaled & Abdo               

Steward(s): Mido*

Seamen: Emad & Ayoub & Islam & Mustafa*


GUESTS: Mary, Kat, Darryl, Joanna, Jonas, Peter, Heather, Subhi, Basil, Micky, Emily, Shane, Jenn, Jesse, Sarah, Annick, Sean, Frederick, Simon, Joanne




Sunday – Marsa Shuna, Abu dabab 2-3

Monday – Shaab maksour, Malahi, Satayah, Caludia    

Tuesday – Habili Ali, Small Gotaa, El Hemera

Wednesday – El Hemera, Paradise, Umm khararim, Sernaka

Thursday – Shaab sharm, Shaab marsa alam

Friday – Elphinstone, Marsa Shuna


                            Welcome Aboard!

Upon our new friends & family members for the week boarding Red Sea Aggressor we the crew were all delighted to see such cheery vibrant people. After a welcome drink & a briefing we helped our jet-lagged friends set up their gear and got them ready for dinner. After dinner everyone mingled for a while & we went to the petrol station to refill from our last trip. It was then off to bed to see what the rest of the week across the south of the Red sea had to offer.


Sunday July 2nd (Day 1)

The smell of freshly brewed coffee crept through our boat and on to the marina the first morning as our guests woke up to a beautiful early morning sky over the Red Sea. Tantalizing smells and sizzling sounds greeted everyone as they walked into the dining area to have breakfast. We got clearance from the coast guard unusually a bit late and off we were to start our one-week journey. Some tacking was required by our great Captain to get to our first dive spot and probably would be needed throughout the rest of the week as some strong winds were expected during this week’s trip. Our first destination was Marsa Shuna where we would be doing our check dive. Once everyone made sure they were weighted properly we descended and began our first dive. Right away we spotted a scorpion fish and then another and another after that one. It was a nice easy dive with the morning sunlight beaming through the surface of the water lighting up the pretty reef. A nudi-branch was also spotted, and of course the usual suspects like the red sea banner fish, butterfly fish and blue spotted stingray were all there to welcome our new friends to the red sea. Classic! Dives two and three & the night dive were done at our famous offshore reefs Abu Dabab 2 & 3. There we encountered schools of goatfish, jack-fish, and snappers. Juvenile yellow-fined barracuda were also on the move. The beautiful underwater canyons glowed wherever the color of the setting sun painted their walls.


Monday July 3rd (Day 2)

Day two started at Shaab maksour. Perfect dive for an early morning in the Red Sea! Our next stop was Malahi or “The playground”! This dive really does set the tone for the rest of the day and usually gets people wanting more of it or excited about what the rest of the Deep South has to offer. Full of twists, turns, holes, swim- thrus, tunnels, coral gardens, and canyons it is one you don’t want to miss! We then moved once again to Satayah or “Dolphin house”. The dolphins this week very illusive as they came right under and all around our boat but once we got in to snorkel with them they set off and would not come back. It was great to see them though, and let’s not forget that this is the Red Sea & not your average aquarium & that makes every experience and encounter very special. We would then head to Claudia reef for our last day dive and night dive. Always a pleasure to visit this extraordinary dive spot over and over again with new people to let them witness such beauty. This over and over again has been called “the meditation dive” & we agree 100%!


Tuesday July 4th (Day 3)

Day three the excitement began as we started our day nice and early at Habili Ali. One of the top dive sites you will visit here in the St.John’s area! We took the speedboats out there, I checked the current of course first & in we dove! At around thirty meters we spotted one Grey reef shark about ten meters below us pass by rather quickly. A few minutes’ later THREE Grey reef sharks along with a young Hammerhead passed directly below us and repeatedly circled around near the reef wall before heading off again into the cool current. Great dive! Second dive we went to Small Gotaa. Another top-notch dive site out here. There we saw countless white-tip reef sharks all over the reef and one good-sized male passed right next to me even making eye contact. He was gorgeous. Our third and final dive location for the day would take us back to El Hemera since it was so amazing and successful two weeks ago when we were there.

Wednesday July 5th (Day 4)

We woke up bright and early for one last dive at the magical Hemera reef. And boy was it a dive! Our mysterious friend from two weeks ago was spotted again! The bump-head parrotfish gave us another glimpse of himself this time he appeared to have made friends with a resident napoleon there. It was something rare to see! Our next dive site would be Paradise reef. The name basically speaks for itself. Everyone was asking if they could stay for another dive there they liked it so much. Of course as great as that is to here we had an even more special spot just across they ways. St. John’s caves!!! We travelled for a couple of hours to get to our next and final site of the day “Sernaka Island”. The visibility was horrible for the fourth dive, but when we jumped in for the night dive it was a bit better & it actually was an interesting night dive.

Thursday July 6th (day 5)

The fifth day we started at Shaab Sharm after a long way travelling up north from Sernaka Island through the night after our night dive the day before. There was very minimal current for our first dive & a beautiful turtle was spotted in the blue, probably going up for air. Second dive we took the speed boats out to the western tip of the reef where we saw the young Tiger Shark two weeks ago. No shark was seen this time but it was an amazing really chill dive and we made it all the way back to the boat feeling more than satisfied. After that the wind really picked up & we had to head up north to Shaab Marsa Alam. The captain did a fantastic job at giving us easy sailing but normally this journey would take two hours in calm weather. It took us about 3 hours and 20 minutes with the conditions we had, but we got there safely & made our third and “sunset/night” dives successfully visiting the well known wreck and cave that we have at this famous dive site.

Friday July 7th (Day 6)

 Our last diving day started out in Elphinstone or as it’s known by it’s local name “Shaab Shagra”. This is one of our personal favorites. Only two dives to be made here, but man were they something! First dive was made down over the second plateau on the north end of this gorgeous reef where we spotted a huge scalloped hammerhead shark below us on the west side of the reef, and of course as usual the magic that the plateau had to offer us with all the antheas, jacks, tuna, fusiliers, snappers, soft coral, and a great barracuda that got a little too close for comfort were all doing their thing as we glided through the clear blue water. A few guests said they spotted more than one Grey reef shark in the blue, and even if we hadn’t seen any sharks it wouldn’t have been any less magical. Great dive & great job to everyone considering the strong winds and heavy waves. Our last dive we had to head to a more protected area to moor the boat, so we went to our famous Marsa Shuna. This is a natural bay with beautiful patches of sea grass. Green-turtles, Batfish, hawksbill sea-turtles, Moray-eels, Scorpion fish, & Nudi-branches.





Iron Divers (12): Micheal, Basil, Joanna D., Darryl, Jesse, Shane, Sean, Sarah, Jennifer, Jonas, Heather, and Peter.


200th Dive: Jesse J !!!


100th Dive: Sarah J !!!


50th Dive: Mary J !!!


150th Dive: Mike J !!!


# Of dives done this trip