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Log Date: Saturday, Aug 08, 2015
Entry By: Carib Crew


Carib Dancer Captains Log  - August 8 - August 15, 2015



Air Temp: 90F +

Water Temp: 87F +

Visibility: 50-70 FT



Capt. Ernie

2nd Capt. David P

Chef Shea

Instructor David D

Instructor Brent


GUESTS: Gary, Heather, Kristin, Thomas, Julio, Tracy, Don, Susan, William, Randall, Jonathan, Kim, Toni & Rick.  



Sunday: barracuda shoals, jew fish, north house reef

Monday: jewfish wall , hammerhead gulch, crab mountain east, madison avenue

Tuesday: dog rocks wall, austin smith

Wednesday: pillar wall, whales tail, airplane 

Thursday: up jumped the devil, lobster no lobster, flat rock reef, washing machine, lobster no lobster

Friday: blue hole


Saturday, August 8th

Get ready for another week of scuba, Carib Dancer style. This week we hosted a group of 14 divers, all the way from Nevada. Welcome aboard!  Everyone was onboard, settled and set up by 4 PM, so we had our safety briefing, came up with a dive plan for the week and enjoyed a delicious gourmet dinner prepared by chef Shea. Start the engines, off we go to begin another surely fabulous week of Aggressor/Dancer style eating, sleeping and diving! 


Sunday, August 9th 

We awoke to flat seas and bright blue skies. What a day to be on the water! Our group splashed at barracuda shoals for their checkout dive, and were immediately greeted by schools of yellowtail. We saw glass goby, Spanish lobsters,clinging crabs and one of my favorites, the yellow headed jawfish (always so entertaining, watching them appear and disappear from their tiny holes.) Next, we cruised over to jewfish, a gorgeous wall dive.  We enjoyed good visibility and the company of reef sharks, an eagle ray and atlantic grey rays. Our late afternoon & evening dives were spent at north house reef, a shallow reef with rocks, rubble and general excellent bottom topography. We enjoyed finding octopus, hermit crabs and anemones, among other marine critters. 


Monday, August 10th 

We started another full day of diving in near perfect conditions in the Exumas. Good morning from jewfish wall. This site features a colorful wall chock full of cracks and crevices that are home to, well, almost every sea dwelling creature imaginable. Our group loved it. Next, we cruised over to hammerhead gulch, a shallow reef with ample marine corals like wide mesh sea fans, sea rods and brain corals. We saw a couple of turtles, some sting rays and reef sharks. After lunch, we dove crab mountain east, a fabulous place for exploring the wall, and finding awesome swim thrus that bring you thru to the other side of the wall. You can swim thru again, or swim over the top. So much fun! Next up, madison avenue. Who needs shopping with diving this good? More swim thrus, schools of Jacks, Yellowtail, nurse sharks, lobster, crabs, angelfish, a lettuce leaf sea slug and colorful schools of blue chromis. Wow! Now, some hot chocolate and Baileys awaits our group…then we start all over again in the morning!


Tuesday, August 11th

Good morning from the Exumas. We splashed at dog rocks wall, a reef that starts shallow, and gradually drops down into the abyss. Our crew and guest love the vast array of different fish. We enjoyed swimming thru the cavernous cathedral, all the while swimming with a school of silversides. Those that venture deeper can have a look at the black coral that thrives at this site. We saw a spotted eel, lobster, many tropical fish and sharks. SHARKS? Did someone say sharks? We must be at the austin smith…next we explored the wreck and were enthralled by many reef sharks that frequent this site, enticed by our scent triangle. Occasionally, pelagics swim by. We  saw a couple of good sized grouper, including the almost ever present, resident black grouper! Our night dive produced all the usual critters - lobsters, eels, crabs and sleeping parrotfish. Wow, what a day!


Wednesday, August 12th 

After enjoying a spectacular sunrise, we began our day at pillar wall, a site with fun swim thrus that lead out to the wall and beyond. Next, it was dive time at whales tale, another very nice site with a long, deep swim thru that opens up into blue water - a pretty great place to see eagle rays! We could stay here all day. Our evening and night dives brought us to airplane, where we explored a wrecked plane for a change. This wreckage was purposely placed in shallow, clear water

as a snorkel and dive destination for island visitors. There are always colorful schools of fish, and seahorses and squid are known to frequent the sea grass fringing the site. 


Thursday, August 13th

Another action packed day, starting at up jumped the devil, where our guests explored deep canyons, crevices and swim thrus. We saw bennies, turtles, eels, and reef sharks.  From there we splashed at lobster no lobster, where we swam with porcupine fish, rays, and a plethora of colorful, tropical fish. A short cruise over to flat rock reef, a shallow, sandy site with a smattering of coral heads and patches of eel grass. Be on the lookout for nurse sharks and rays taking shelter in the coral heads. Ok, time for some action at washing machine, where we tumble head over fins and go spinning thru the narrow split in the reef. Just like the spin cycle on the Maytag, only with fish. After dinner, we head back to lobster no lobster, for the night dive. Weve splashed here this afternoon, so it will be interesting to note the difference in marine critters. What a fun night dive - we saw TWO octopus! WOW!  Definitely time to celebrate with a cuppa hot chocolate and some Baileys. 


Friday, August 14th

Really? Friday already? Thank goodness we still have a dive at blue hole! Yes, Bahamas has a blue hole too. Everyone enjoyed checking out the shallow perimeter of the hole for turtles, eels and rays. We dropped down into the hole and explored the sides for lobster and critters. Ascending up toward the rays of sunlight was surreal. We had a fantastic time with our group this week. A big thanks to group leader Gary! We would like to congratulate Kristin for logging her 100th dive, and Thomas & Kimberly for making their first night dive ever! Congratulations divers! Our iron divers this week are Heather, Gary, Thomas, William, Randy, Kim, Jonathan, Toni, Rick & Kristin. You guys are fantastic. You made ALL the dives offered this week. Lets rinse our gear and get ready to celebrate a great week of live aboard diving, Aggressor/Dancer style, at our cocktail party on our sundeck! 

Thank you all for a safe, fun week of scuba diving aboard the Carib Dancer.