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Red Sea Aggressor :


Log Date: Sunday, Aug 09, 2015
Entry By: Red Sea Aggressor Crew



Air Temp: 28C min – 44C max

Water Temp: 28C min – 31C max

Visibility: 15 – 35 m

Weather: Partly cloudy/ Clear skies,Very strong gusts of wind with occasional periods of humidity & dry air

Itinerary: Brothers, Deadalus, Elphinstone (Deep south)





Captain: Abdullah     

1st Officer: Sayed

Instructors/Guides: Nasty & Peter & Tosson

Chef(s): Khaled & Abdo               

Steward(s): Mido & Zizo

Seamen: Emad & Ayoub & Mustafa


GUESTS: Tim, Brian, Randy, Steven, Miyoko, George, Alena, James, Hatem, Yukio, Jade, Renee, Farid, Susan, Andrew, and Ikuo




Sunday – Ras Trombi

Monday – Big Brother

Tuesday – Small Brother

Wednesday – Deadalus

Thursday – Deadalus

Friday – Elphinstone


                            Welcome Aboard!

This week our beautiful new guests & family members for the week arrive very jet-lagged and tired, so we were determined to cheer them up & get them well rested and taken care of. Our talented chefs put out their heavenly mini pizzas as a snack, and we made sure everyone got their welcome drink as we took care of some post-week paperwork and procedures. Immediately following all of this our new friends were shown to their cabins & once everyone was aboard we introduced the whole crew and the guests introduced themselves just to break the ice & get the family vibe going. After we served dinner and then anyone that wanted to step off board to discover the magic that the gorgeous Port Ghaleb had to offer at night over the marina was allowed to do so.


Sunday August 9th (Day 1)

The smell of freshly brewed coffee crept through our boat and on to the marina the first morning as our guests woke up to a beautiful early morning sky over the Red Sea. Tantalizing smells and sizzling sounds greeted everyone as they walked into the dining area to have breakfast. We got clearance from the coast guard unusually a bit late and off we were to start our one-week journey. This week would be a windy one & that meant big waves ahead, so some tacking was required by our great Captain to get to our first dive spot and probably would be needed throughout the rest of the week as some strong winds were expected for the rest of this week’s trip. As we got clearance from the coast guard to untie our lines and head out of the harbor there was a feeling of excitement & freedom in the air. By the time we got to Ras Trombi our safety briefing was over and we jumped right into the dive briefing and split the group up into two then got started right away. The first dive (check dive) was exciting to say the least. A moray eel, bearded scorpion fish, crocodile fish, and octopus were all spotted during this brilliant dive. The visibility wasn’t the best, but that was expected from the type of sea conditions we had. After the last dive we set sail to the infamous Brothers Islands.  


Monday August 10th (Day 2)

Day two started at “Big brother”. Very choppy sea conditions greeted us with the sun. After the briefing we geared up & jumped into our “pool” for the day. This was the perfect way to start the day! We spotted a big female hammerhead directly below us on the west wall & she wasn’t shy approaching the reef only 8,9 meters under us. Everyone was ecstatic! Off in the depths a big shark was spotted by SOME of divers. Some said it was a black tip reef shark on steroids & some said it was just to big and it was probably a grey reef. A few juvenile napoleon wrasses also drifted along with us until big momma came to say hi. She was beautiful (Female napoleon). Our second dive big brother did not disappoint. One Manta right behind the boat over the south plateau hung around for about ten twelve minutes & then once we got back to the main wall a Thresher shark came by & it was gorgeous. The third & fourth dives were both done by speedboat at the north side of the island where the Numidia & Aida wrecks are. First of all the Numidia is very commonly known here on our side of this mystical and beautiful sea as “ The most beautiful wreck in the Red Sea “. It also doesn’t hurt that a big black tip reef shark was spotted on dive #3 along with Yellow-fin tuna & a Grey reef shark actually competing with each other over who can hunt and eat the most sardines! Dive #4 was magical as we dropped down over the wreck for a second and final time where we saw some blue-fined tuna chasing down a big school of sardines, and two Grey reef sharks later on. As we finished our safety stop and came out the sun was just falling out of the sky as if it were melting into the sea & horizon. It also helped that the wind and current had died down significantly. All around exciting upbeat day!


Tuesday August 11th (Day 3)

Day three the excitement began as we started our day nice and early at Little Brother. The whole day was just incredible. Super chill and relaxed but at the same time filled with adrenaline & action! We had beautiful reef dives, blue dives where we spent over half the dive with hammerheads and grey reef sharks, and of course our two resident Thresher sharks, black-tip & white-tip reef sharks! Little brother never fails to push, please, and teach. Always a pleasure to share this places beauty with our guests.


Wednesday August 12th (Day 4)

Day five we were once again at in our opinion the best dive site on our side of the Red Sea, Deadalus reef. All the dives made were very pretty and exciting; not a lot of action, but some of our guests did see a small school of hammerheads & a couple of grey reef sharks. Other than that it was all pretty chill drift diving action checking out what Deadalus had to offer along its main reef walls.


Thursday August 13th (day 5)

Our second day at Deadalus the current really picked up and it brought along with it the “big guys” that decided to come by to remind us that Deadalus is not to be taken lightly. It was great! Schools of Tuna, Jacks, Sardines, Pods of big black bottlenose dolphins, and of course schools of hammerheads & a few Grey reefs here and there.


Friday August 14th (Day 6)

 Our last diving day started out in Elphinstone or as it’s known by it’s local name “Shaab Shagra”. This is one of our personal favorites. Only two dives to be made here, but man were they something! First dive was made down over the second plateau on the north end of this gorgeous reef where we spotted a Grey reef shark below us on the west side of the reef, and of course as usual the magic that the plateau had to offer us with all the antheas, jacks, tuna, fusiliers, snappers, soft coral, and a great barracuda that got a little too close for comfort were all doing their thing as we glided through the clear blue water. Second & final dive of the trip was off the south plateau where the magic was still happening, but no shark. One Oceanic white-tip was spotted on the surface once we were back on the mother ship. We can’t always be so lucky, but all in all great week guys! Thank you for another amazing journey across the Deep South.





Iron Divers (6): Andrew, Susan, George, Steven, Randy, Tim,


50th Dive: Tim J !!!

600th Dive: Susan J !!!

500th Dive: Steven J !!!




# Of dives done this trip