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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Aug 15, 2015
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Water Temp 30C/85F
Visibility 80-120’
Exposure Suit – Shorts, Skins, 3mm suits

Saturday:   This week we had 15 Guests all flying from the United States with Nicki, Pam, Rick & Jan, all returning Guests. Once we cruised up to West Bay we had our Spectacular BQQ dinner, served up by our Chef Kingsley. After a Safety Briefing and introductions all of us were ready for a good night sleep before the adventure begins.

Sunday: Waking up to the calmest seas we have seen all year we were ready to dive the Wreck of the Kittiwake. Sank in 2011, a Submarine Rescue vessel with schooling fish, and resident Tiger groupers.  This makes a wonderful artificial reef. On the dive we noticed a lot of Creole Wrasse and territorial Sargent Majors, warning divers not to get too close!!  Off in the sand someone spotted a feeding Stingray!  Everyone was delighted with such an amazing check out dive.  Next up was Round rock/ Trinity caves, this is the site that put Cayman on the Map, beautiful natural cuts in the reef leading out on the wall, lots of Blue Hamlets, Blue Chromis Schoolmasters and Mutton Snapper all making the reef feel alive.  Lunch on the way north to  Stingray City. Today was exceptional with at least 20 rays and conditions that were picture perfect ,  we were enjoying feeding these graceful animals and getting to know Stingrays up close and personal, so much so that our Stingray Hickey winner this week was Michelle. Dinner on the sundeck?!  On a crossing night.. this never happens, but with completely calm conditions it was magic.   Our Journey to Little Cayman was like motoring across a lake!!   

Monday:  A special report today written by one of our guests NICK!    A day of anticipation, exhilaration, and celebration.  Would Pam’s lost baggage with gear and her silly hood purchased specially for the occasion arrive in time for the second dive of the day – her 1,000th! It did and oh what a dive it was. Placid seas, Emerald green and azure blue seas, cobalt sky with tufts of clouds, and then the action started. Sharks, more sharks, barracuda, more barracuda with sharks trying to outdo each other playing with divers. As one diver exclaimed: “___”,  “___”, and “___”! (Words fail.)  “Randy’s Gazebo” for Pam’s big dive, leaving our guests clamoring for celebratory cake. Which the crew proceeded to bake, on Pam’s head:   First flour, then eggs (fresh with egg yolk), followed with chocolate sauce, and whipped cream.  Not quite what they expected.  Fortunately, Brandon was on board to celebrate his 22nd birthday so our guests finally did enjoy cake (edible) and finished the day with three dives on “Dive Meadows”. Pristine site, 100+ visibility. A fiery setting sun completed a perfect day.  Thanks Nick!

Tuesday: Back on Bloody Bay Wall,  Lea Lea’s Lookout for our two morning dives. Mark took Ron and Rick for their Deep Dive  of their advanced class.  Meanwhile the rest of the gang had the Alan tour.  This place was a hit with all divers.  The normal suspects were seen such as Turtle, Lobsters, the hundreds of Creole Wrasse that hang around,  several Flamingo Tongues and even some Finger Print Cyphomas, not easy to spell and even harder to find.   The two dives for the afternoon were made at Mixing Bowl, A.K.A Three Fathom Wall and nobody was disappointed. All the normal schooling fish were there to greet the divers along with a collection of Stingrays having their afternoon nap buried in the sand.  Lobsters and Yellow headed Jaw fish were also out in abundance. During our  Surf and Turf Dinner on the sundeck as the sun slowly worked her way lower in the sky, we cruised over to Cayman Brac to dive on the Russian Frigate.  Unfortunately upon arrival we discovered  there was  a strong current. A little risky for a night dive, no problem as everyone was keen for an early happy hour which went on to the wee hours.  A good way to end a great day.

Wednesday: Now we get to dive our favorite wreck  in Cayman Brac.  Once we descended onto the wreck conditions were good and visibility was exceptional.  Off the sand we spotted two Turtles feeding oblivious to us.  Inside the wreck the sun was lighting her up nicely, the engine room tour was enjoyed by all, many divers poised for the classic stern gun photo!  Our return voyage to Little Cayman, Cheese Burgers, and Veggie Burgers in Paradise, YUM.    Back on Bloody Bay we were ready for some reef and wall diving at our next site Donna’s Delight, which was a simply delightful, the top of the wall is so healthy, cleaning stations everywhere.  A  nurse shark did a lap of honor around our divers! Next dive site was Bus Stop, with the company of two inquisitive reef sharks for entire time, our resident grouper bonded with Michelle, Cat and Michelle were accompanied by a turtle on their navigation course which they did very well in and succeeded in finding Jose!  The Sail Fin Blennies, Yellow Headed Jaw Fish and Pistol Shrimp were also out for a show.   

Thursday: Our first site of the day at dawn was Sarah’s Set,  the seas were calm and the visibility over 100ft. The reef was just waking up as we slowly made our way out onto the wall. Blue and Brown Chromis we out in abundance as were the Harlequin bass and sand Perch, all lapping up the morning sun, two drum fish, lobsters and giant channel crabs played along for cameras.  Two Reef  Squid dancing along the reef, dazzling us with their display of different colors. Perfect.  Next up was the Wall dive that defines Bloody Bay, the Great wall.  Home to Freddy the Original Friendly Grouper.  Once divers drop over the wall and are awed by the sheer vastness, life and color, their make their way up and meander through a rainbow reef fish, purple sea fans, turtles feeding, and yellow rays blending in, to finish up with a personal meet and greet with Freddy.

Friday:  A superb crossing to Grand Cayman overnight, to wake up on the North West Point of the Island.  Big Tunnels is the first splash today.  Unbelievable!  Tunnels, archways, turtles heading out for breakfast, a stunning array of sea fans and corals smothering the outer edges of the reef.  Watch your depth as it is very enticing!  Well done to Rosemary for clocking her 200th dive and George for his 100th!  Happy smiley faces making their way back on deck, but alas we cannot stay here all day.  We have one dive left… Devil’s Grotto!  Shallow, full of tarpon and sunlight filtering down through the ceilings of the Grotto, fantastic dive.   Everyone had a great long long dive, farewell to the Blue Waters of Cayman for now.  It’s time for lunch, wash down, and a cool drink at the dock.

Thank you all for a great week of diving, until next time…

Dive safe

The Cayman Aggressor Capt. And Crew