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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Aug 08, 2015
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Water temp 84f+  Air Temp 80s

Vis 80-100f          Short and Rash guard!   Or Shortie Wetsuit

Saturday, Welcome to the Cayman Islands, this week 11 folks made their way to the Dock in Georgetown from around the globe, even as far as Zurich! Plenty of room on the dive deck to get everything sorted, a hearty BBQ Ribs and Jerk Chicken dinner on the sun deck while we waited for our late arrival. We gave the briefing and had a chilled out night, early to bed for some after a long day traveling.

Sunday, Wreck Day Madness. Our first dive of the week was on the wreck of the Doc Poulson, in 50’ of water. Everyone brushed off the cobwebs and had a great dive. An Eagle Ray feeding in the sand and a turtle added to a perfect first dive. A quick shift along the reef to the Wreck of the Kittiwake. Sunk almost 5 years ago, this wreck is truly a diver’s playground. Not too deep so everyone got plenty of time to really explore and discover each room, department, and chamber. Brad spotted the Aggressor Fleet Plaque – congratulations. We ended Wreck Day Madness with a late afternoon and night dive on the Wreck of the Oro Verde. A fun, fun dive, Brad was spotted trying to ride a Mountain Bike in the sand and Mantis Shrimp were scurrying about their business. There was a Yellow Jaw Fish with Eggs! A family of Lobster waved their antennae at us and a baby turtle was a delightful way to end the dive. The night dive let us see the largest Parrot Fish on the Planet! Yes Really! We also got to see the Giant Channel Crabs and always the elusive Octopus. Nice warm towels and hot chocolate, a great way to top off a brilliant first day of diving!

Monday. Get ready, get set, and Dive in at 8am on Big Tunnels. Perfect conditions, the ‘Spanish Lake’ really owned her name this morning. Divers were warned during the briefing that they really shouldn’t dive this morning, as it will ruin diving for the rest of their lives! What a dive it was, Pinnacles, archways, channels, touring in and out and all over and under. A large turtle just laying on top of a sponge, chewing away, no effort required even a Tarpon gliding all around, It was a magic place. All too soon our computers tell us it’s time to come up… “NO”. Our next stop was the world famous Sting Ray City. This is always a highlight. Bjorn and Sharon both got a lasting souvenir!   Beautiful Stingrays swim right up to us looking for some wonderful tasting squid. It’s an experience not to be missed. It seems we have a Stowaway in the shape of a Green Iguana! He has moved on to a sun lounger to soak up the afternoon sun! One more dive before sailing across to the other islands, Hammer Head Hill. The Perfect time of day to spot the namesake of the site, this wall is awe inspiring. Deep and knarly, covered in a strange array of sponge and coral life, lobsters, a couple eagle rays, or maybe it was the same one twice? No matter, all divers got back on board extremely hap py and ready for Bloody Bay Wall tomorrow.

Tuesday- We woke up with the Sunrise and flat calm seas at Randy’s Gazebo. This was our first splash on Little Cayman. Unlimited visibility with Chimneys, a huge Lobster walking over the Gazebo, super friendly Groupers a Nurse Shark and Turtles. What a welcome to Bloody Bay Wall. A little current meant we got a free ride along the reef back to the boat, yeehaa. Update on our Green Friend, still on the Sun lounger, he did move off to gobble up some Melon and Banana. The Meadows was next dive site of the day. At the Meadows we had close encounters with, Sharks, Schooling Jacks, Turtles and Barracuda. Following chutes under the reef we were helped along by very friendly Groupers, also a Large Spanish Hog Fish showed off for Pam and her camera.   Steak night aboard the CAIV and a cruise over to Cayman Brac for a Night Dive on the Wreck of the Capt. Keith Tibbetts, 356, Koni Class Russian Built Frigate!!! A current gave the Night divers a challenge, but as the mooring is attached directly to the wreck she is easy to find. All divers had a good exploration under the cover of darkness, flaming Scallop in the Gun, Barracuda’s hunting with our lights as we hunted for the resident octopus. A ten second drift back to the boat, and a successful Night Diver Course led by Mark, well done Sandra and Bjorn!

Wednesday- Eggs Benedict is the perfect start to any day! Followed by one dive on the Wreck – guests were amazed to see where they had been diving the night before. Mel gave them a tour inside and out!! Pam focused on the macro life, the Viz was outstanding and Oscar the Goliath Grouper was on the move looking for a place to spend his morning in peace!  Motoring back to Little Cayman between dives, everyone chilled out on the Sundeck taking in the Island view. The next two dive sites, Marilyn’s Cut and world famous 3 Fathom Wall/The Mixing Bowl.   Grover the friendliest Grouper was in great form, turtles feeding, and lettuce leaf sea slugs everywhere, Stingrays sleeping in the sand, unseen until the last minute! We spotted Yellow Headed, Jaw fish and Sail Fin Blennies. Plenty of schooling Mahogany Snappers, Bermuda Chubs, Grunts combined with sunshine and a depth of 18’, the colors and life just blow you away, but wait, there is more!   Two more dives before dinner and a cocktail or two. Lea Lea’s Lookout is where we enjoyed Crevices that run from 30ft and out to the wall at 100ft! We had incredible visibility with little or no current and were treated to Spotted Drums, more Turtles and cleaning stations where free manicures were the special of the day. Yellow Rays were seen on the reef, Giant Channel crabs and the dusk dive was alive with hunting, fighting and mating behaviors. No not the guests… very rare to see, but a pair of Hamlets mating, curling around each other repeatedly – very cool.

Thursday- Dawns’ Dive on Bus Stop is always one of the favorite dives of the week, Swim Thru’s down sandy chutes out on to the wall, Sharks to greet us, Sail fin Blennies and Yellow Headed Jaw Fish played up to the cameras. A large Grouper was soaking up all the attention, Stingrays feeding all around. This was A great way to wake up. The Second location for today is the Great Wall, world famous in Cayman. Freddy is our Big Daddy Grouper, he was there to check us all in and out of the water, the majestic wall plummeting off into the infinite blue, turtles, puffer fish, ocean trigger fish, file fish and Yellow Coneys were noted today. Today is going way too fast, its already time to say “see Ya later’ to Bloody Bay Wall, mix a cocktail and watch the world go by. Turkey dinner and a slideshow to top the day off, some folks stayed up watching the stars, while others dreamed of reef fish and underwater bliss.

Friday- After the late night crossing back to Grand Cayman our first dive of the morning was Trinity Caves. We started in only 50ft, winding through the ‘caves’ to a spectacular pinnacle on the edge of the blue. This was a great spot to practice ambient light photos, with the sunlight dancing on the cave floor. Devils Grotto was our last dive of the week and is always a favorite. Swimthroughs, Caves, Cracks and Crevices were there for the exploring. Along with small pockets Silver Sides and Lots of well-fed Tarpon – spectacular!!! It wasn’t a deep dive so everyone had lots of time underwater to end a great week of diving on the Cayman Aggressor IV, still the Best place for Eating, Sleeping and Diving.

Thanks for a great week. Congratulations on Sandra, Bjorn, Sharon and Tim for completing their PADI Nitrox, Sandra and Bjorn also did their Night Diver Specialty! Brad finally worked out that having air of some sort really does help with this Scuba thing we do. There is hope!   But thank you all once again, we hope to see you all again soon.

Dive Safe

Cayman Aggressor IV Crew