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Belize Aggressor IV :


Log Date: Saturday, Aug 15, 2015
Entry By: Sun Dancer II Crew


Sun Dancer II Captains Log Aug 15/22/2015

Air Temp. 82 F

Water Temp: 80 – 82 F

Vis: 100 Ft


Captain Eddy, First Mate John, , Chef Jerry, Stewardess Elia, Assistant Chef Jean, Dive Ins/DM William and Engineer Simon!

Guests for the week:

Micha & Jenny, Phyllis & Fred, Connie & David, Jon, Nathan, Rita & Don, Mark, Ashlee, Deana, Janet, Shelly & Howard, Andy, Kenneth, Kim and Doug:

Dive Sites Visited:,

Sunday: Julies Jungle & Eagle Ray Wall

Monday: Half moon Caye Wall, Long Caye Ridge & Dos Chichas

Tuesday: Dive site East Cut & Long Cay Wall

Wednesday: The great Blue Hole, Tour on the Island of Half Moon Caye & Site X  

Thursday:Painted Wall & Silver Caves

Friday: Sandy Slope

This week we have three of our guest that are staying for two weeks and two from the Belize Aggressor that decided to stay for another week with us here on the Sun Dancer II, so we welcome aboard a total of fifteen new divers and six of them had already been with us before.

The week started off really good it’s always good to meet up with friends again, and meet new friends as well, after all was said and done, our guest were happy to be here and we were happy to have them, so at seven thirty pm, we departed to Light house Reef where we will be diving the next day.

Sunday morning happen to be as beautiful as we expected, by seven thirty everybody was ready to go diving, so we proceed to our Deck /Safety dive briefing at dive site Julies Jungle follow by site Eagle Ray Wall, it was a great day of diving a bit of everything was seen, there was quite a bit of action on the wall,    

A few Barracudas, Schooling Horse Eye Jacks and hundreds if not thousands of Creole Wrasses on the wall and really good visibility, this of course set everyone on and ready for the second site, where we saw a few lobsters, a big Green Moray Eel who actually came out and greet a few on the wall making close passes. Right after dinner we did a quick slide show and our night dive briefing followed by the night dive which was truly enjoy by all.

Monday we move over to The Island of Half Moon Caye diving the site Half Moon Wall, again this site is always enjoyed by all, here some saw a few Spotted Eagle Ray on the wall, a Reef Shark, Southern Stingray and a few very friendly Groupers on the wall, later we move to Long Caye Island, site Long Caye Ridge, the colonies of Jaw fish, the friendly Reef Shark and the great visibility and all the Fish action that was encounter here was amazing but there was a bit of current so we all decided to move on, our next stop was at Dos Chichas, making everybody happy is what we do best, and so it was, on this dive we saw two Bearded fire worm, sea slog, Peterson Shrimp and Cork Screw anemones, Flamingo Tong, Pipe Blenny, big school of blue Tangs and a confuse Trumpet Fish in the mid of them, over all it was a great of diving, The night dive was cancel do a strong current that pick up later on that night.

Tuesday morning we dove at East cut, the highlight of the dive was three Reef Sharks cruising back and forth on the wall and in between the divers, a Turtle and a few Spotted Eagle Ray was also seen, we finish the day diving at Long Caye wall a very shallow Reef, this site is known for such beautiful coral and big schools of Tarpons, Horse Eye Jacks and Chubs, we also saw a Turtle sleeping in a crevasse on our night dive and a few Caribbean Reef Squids, Banded Coral Shrimp, and a Giant Spiny Lobster.

Wednesday Morning we cruise up to the great Blue Hole and dove down into the abyss where we saw forty foot stalactites hanging on the overhang on the wall, a spectacular view that only last for a few minutes but was well worth it for all who did. For the rest of the morning we did the tour on the Island of Half Moon having the opportunity to encounter a few Iguanas, Hermit Crabs, Frigates, Blue footed Bobbies and of course a walk along the beautiful beach and some exotic photos. We then move on to site X, this provides a variety for divers, those who like the wall can enjoy the beautiful deep water sea fans, Elephant Sponges, Barrel Sponges, Vase Sponge, Black Coral and just a little of everything on this wall that makes great photography or video. We did our night at 6:00pm in order to celebrate a great of diving at dinner time and it was awesome, the highlight of the dive was an Octopus in search for dinner and almost had a Lobster meal.  

Thursday we dove at Painted wall and Silver Caves, Two Sites that we consider very special, painted wall is probably one of the shallowest site on these atoll and with so much to se at fifteen to twenty feet, but it is mostly known for the painted and Blue Bell Tunicates that you can see on the wall among all the other fish action on the Reef, Schools of Sergeant Major and Bermuda Chubs. At Silver Caves we saw our favorite creature of the week, a beautiful Sea Horse that usually provide great opportunity for photographers, with all the Encrusting Sponge of all different colors, a Lettuce Slug, Neck Crab, Arrow Crab, Urchin Pea Crab and lot more.

On Thursday Night we made our crossing over to Turneffe Island where we will be doing our last two dives for the week.

So Friday morning we dove at Sandy Slope, a very special site, and the only site that we know of where you can see a Sargassum Trigger Fish, the most beautiful of all the trigger fish, among all the Feather Dusters and the beautiful Reef.

We want to say thank you to all who came and spend such an awesome week with us, we love you and would love to see you in near future. And to all our readers out there we want you to know that you are invited to join us as soon as you can.

Safe Diving!!